Dream Dictionary Giving Birth

Dream Dictionary Giving Birth

When you are flipping through a dream dictionary looking for the definition of your dream about giving birth, you might come across many definitions that tell you that you may be pregnant.

Dream Giving Birth
Dream Dictionary Giving Birth. Giving Birth in Your Dreams: What it Means about Your Life When You Experience Birth in Your Dreams

This can scare some women (or men) that are in committed relationships, into thinking that their protection did not work. This is not necessarily true. While the meaning of dream about birth can be an indication that you are pregnant, this is far from the case in practice. Sometimes dreaming about birth means that you may be giving birth to a new idea or project. Have you started a serious undertaking recently, perhaps began a novel, or started a painting? Maybe it has something to do with work, and you have just taken on a new responsibility or promotion, this could be one dream interpretation for a dream about birth.

Another possible dream meaning for a dream about birth is more general, it could merely represent a new attitude, or the start of a large event. Sometimes a dream symbol may have dream meanings that are vaguer than others. Because we as humans naturally associate children with changes in responsibility and changes in lifestyle, it is only natural for the human subconscious to give us a strong symbol of that when we change our ideas in a big way. Simply figuring out a new line of thought on an important subject may trigger you to have dreams about birthing babies.

To dream about giving birth to a baby does not necessarily always imply a new life, but some dream interpretations suggest that it can also be a way of calling attention to your inner child. Perhaps you have turned over a new leaf, or felt especially connected to your inner child recently. This could be your subconscious response to doing something that overwhelmingly reminded you of your childhood. Did you perhaps attend a concert recently, go to an amusement park, ride a roller coaster, or maybe revisit some old favorite childhood cartoons? These nostalgic moments may have been just enough to remind you of how important your childhood is to you, and may have helped to recall in you, a passion for childhood that you had forgotten recently. This is just one reason you may be dreaming about birth.

Alternatively, a dream about birth can be just as direct as it seems, and you may be anxious about having a new baby, or thinking about becoming pregnant. If you dream that you are giving birth to a creature that is anything other than human, this could mean that you are apprehensive about the health of your baby on the way, and that you are scared something bad will happen to your child. Of course, this kind of interpretation only applies to you if you are actually pregnant, otherwise it is difficult to tell. There are many different ways to interpret dreams about birth, but not all of them imply that you are pregnant, or going to become pregnant, so relax and breathe easy.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Giving Birth

Olusola Adebesin 2017-09-18 14:03:57
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It may mean that you have been impregnated by your spiritual husband and actually have children in the spirit realm.
niki 2016-10-02 21:38:11
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my mum told me that it meant that the person im closest with would die. what do u think?
nne 2017-02-05 08:01:17
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Not true dear... Just like a life birth brings happiness it's just a beginning of something new in your life
jenny 2013-04-08 11:05:10
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