Dream Miscarriage

Dream interpretation Miscarriage


These dreams are normal to come if you are expecting right now and you will get these sorts of dreams in second trimester of pregnancy. This does not indicate anything just the fact that you are concerned over the current situation. It particularly happens if you have suffered from similar condition earlier in your life so to get such dreams does not mean same will happen now. Rather that suggestion it is the representation of your psychological state of mind.

If above is not the situation then miscarriage dreams indicate lots of things related to your life. They many times also enclose a warning signal for you to change your path of actions. These dreams are more disturbing compared to other symbols as they are considered bad omen by public. It is true that, similar to the sickened dream they do implicate negative meanings but are not bad all the time.

Miscarriage dreams indication

Women who are not expecting can also regularly get miscarriage dreams which make them confused and worried. These dreams reflect anxious emotions in such ladies and they also foretell the fears of waking life. Opposite to pregnancy dreams these dreams are symbolic of loss of opportunity, loss of important person (in context of relationship) or loss of trust. Such dreams also indicate loss of most precious project or achievement that you have been looking up to. It also holds important in your romantic life where it indicates break up in allies. Another strong significance of miscarriage dreams is the lost like feelings which is indicating that you are experiencing situations where you feel nothing is left for you. It also denotes your frustration over injustice carried on you by someone very close to your heart. On positive note it can denote that your hardship is coming to an end as per the belief that new life will start after the misery.

Connection of your life and miscarriage dreams

Each and every dream holds connection with your waking life and so is true with miscarriage dreams as they indicate loss of something important. These dreams may represent your fears regarding the most desired object but most of the time it reflects actual defeat in achieving that goal. These dreams are actually preparing you to think of the other side and do not consider yourself as the ultimate winner. Just remember that you have done your best and rest everything to destiny that's what your dreams are trying to suggest which you should implicate in real life.

A customary miscarriage dream with its significance

Consider a dream where you are sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for someone and the waitress brings a cup of coffee meanwhile. After finishing the coffee you start to wander in the lobby when suddenly you notice bleeding despite of the fact that you are not pregnant. This dream involves three symbols which are hotel, coffee and miscarriage. Hotel represents luxury or happiness where coffee represents anxiety. The actual meaning of this miscarriage dream is that you were handling a project or were expecting good news surrounding your goals but the end result is going to be futile. It represents that you were confident to get that position or object where it all turned other way.

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k 2018-09-25 00:32:42
I had a dream last night, the before going to sleep we had been talking about me taking a pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant or not and when I fell asleep I woke up scared, confused and worried because I dreamt about having a miscarriage. And up till right now I am still worried. ( I'm not pregnant though).
Channie 2018-04-19 12:01:30
I had a dream that I was sitting on a toilet and the baby came out and I was holding it in my hand
Jessica 2017-11-17 14:26:46
I had a dream that i miscarried while in the shower. Blood gushing down my legs then u hear a big thump. As water & blood go down the drain i see a big bloody clot. I pick it up since its to big to go down the drain, & its twins fully formed. They were the size of my whole hand. I got out of shower & was holding each baby in each hand while i cried on the floor. Then i woke up scared. Im 34yrs old. I have 4 kids, 16, 12, 9, 3. I tied my tubes so this dream really has to have a meaning to me somehow?
Nine 2017-10-31 22:47:12
Hi ive dream that i have a miscarriage but in my dream i know that im pregnant but suddenly i saw a blood clot i thought that i have a period but i forgot that i am pregnant at all then suddenly i saw my bf which in my dream he's already my husband then suddenly i remember that i already pregnant then i saw a lots of blood running into my legs then my family and my bf which in my dreams he is my husband get me into the hospital then the doctor said that i have a miscarriage then the whole family is so sad and my husband is sad and crying. Can you tell me what is the exact meaning of my dreams? Thankyou for your respond 🙂
Giselle 2017-09-23 04:25:11
It’s always the best not to tell the dream to anyone specially good ones as well as bad ones
Pema 2017-09-19 10:07:56
I just had a dream and its afternoon 2:30pm I had a dream about miscarriage which is very scary and I woke up with fear since I am pregnant with four month please can u tell me is this a sign of any bad??
fighting mom 2017-09-07 19:55:46
Hi. Im 20 weeks pregnant. 1week ago I dream that I had miscarriage,I cant really remember the details but it was frightening I even shared it with my officemate,then last Monday I exprienced cramps then bleeding. Then feeling that u wanted to poop. I was rushed to ER then OB told me that I'm on active labor and already 10cm. I was transferred to delivery room and I delivered my baby boy, he's so tiny, around 280 grams and still breathing as if he wanted to live. Doctors cannot save him, we even try to put him on incubator but eventually he still died. His name was Christian Emmanuelle and i miss him so much.Im sorry my baby angel
Magz 2017-08-27 22:02:22
I am 12 weeks 2 days pregnant pregnant with a single baby. I dreamed lastnight that i was applying for a job at pizzahut, had my interview then they did a medical test to see if i was fit for the job. Some reason i had to do a wee in the cup and they took it to the lab to get it tested for drug test, when the lady checked my heart rate it was beating too fast. The machine then sent a message "PULSE RATE IS TOO FAST DEACTIVATING SEPTEMBER 2nd" the lady asked me what would that mean? I then said im pregnant and i hope that i dont have a misscarriage on that date! Soon after that my urine test came in and booom i had 2 eggs+blood in that jar, i then screamed and cried and new ive lost my babies. Glad to wake up and know it wasnt real. Coz it felt soooo real!
Jade 2017-08-27 02:12:29
I recently miscarried but i dreamt the fetus was still alive, we couldn't believe in my dream that somehow I was still pregnant, so bizarre.
LORAINE 2017-08-06 07:20:57
Natalie 2017-07-24 03:28:18
I dreamt I was sat talking to an ex and just realised that I had had a miscarriage when I was going out with him from before (didn't happen in real life) can't believe how vivid and upset it's made me!!!!
Simphiwe 2017-07-10 19:09:00
I had a dream where I saw myself drinking a morning after pill and some time there was blood all over me a a group of blood with the foetus of a baby boy aside it.. What does it mean

CJ 2017-07-06 05:04:28
I had a dream I got back with someone. And I was pregnant and we we're both very happy and excited. Then I was taking a shower and blood was coming out of me and I started crying. It seemed so real.
Amanda 2017-06-23 08:16:38
This is strange. I'm not pregnant but I dreamed that me and some family members went to a store. I dreamed I was pregnant and just far enough along that my stomach was starting to poke out. Well I was in a chair waiting on everyone to get done looking at something. As they finished they would come and gather around me. We was talking and laughing and just enjoying the day. Well I went to get out the chair and as I did my foot got caught and I fell face first. I sat up on my knees and grabbed my stomach as it started to cramp. I looked at my mama and said something is wrong. So my cousin ends up going with me into the huge and weird bathroom. When I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet blood gushed out of me and I started crying. I looked down and seen my baby coming out of me. When she was completely out I was on my knees looking into the toilet. I'm reaching for her moving hand but I can never grab her no matter how much or how hard I try. Then the toilet flushed on it's own. I just played over and started screaming and crying saying no please God not my baby please not my baby. It felt so so real. It made me terrified. Does anyone have any explanation as to what this could mean? I have two children of my own plus my step kids and my foster kids.
jessica 2017-06-21 10:16:03
Last night I had a dream I was sleeping and my mother woke me up and told me you have blood all over you so I jump up and call my boyfriend and have him meet me at the hospital and we wait all night long then they finally come in and tell me my cord was disconnected from the baby and she was gone.. here I am pregnant 16 weeks having dreams like this.. I hope it doesn't mean anything I'm so worried and when I woke up all I could do was cry because it felt so real to hold her in my dreams
s 2017-06-17 01:55:00
i had a dream last night. i was pregnant with a sixtuplet and also in my dream there was another pregnant lady. That pregnant lady had a miscariage because she slipped of a step from a stair then the scene switched to me i was sitting in the couch with my parent and the i suddenly have the urge to pee, i lost control of my bladder and began peeing, but instead of pee, blood and tiny bits of flesh came out in the dream i was told that i had a miscarriage the shock made me woke up.
Elise, 14 2017-06-16 05:19:00
I had a dream where I found out I was pregnant, told my mom and sister who were supportive of me, and right after i told them, i sat up, and my stomach split open in the middle? I remember my mom asking me in the dream if I would like to see the fetus, which was still alive but dying, and I said no.
Ashley 2017-03-28 12:25:40
I had a dream last night that I was at a house and I had a cramp so I went to the bathroom. I started peeing then there was blood, I was watching as male like testicles were coming out. I got up and my sister grabbed the testicles and was looking at them found the one that had the baby in it and told me I had a miscarriage. I saw the fetus.
Olivia 2017-02-07 22:31:25
I was getting ready to go to a concert with my sister and I smelled really bad and didn't have time to get a shower so I ran the water into the bathtub and got myself wet, rubbing under my arms and all of a sudden I pee without being able to hold it in, it was straight blood, so much blood it almost filled up the tub I just remember crying screaming I lost my baby. ...
Tiffani 2017-01-24 05:05:46
It's crazy that I read all these dreams but mines was so similar I had a dream I had a miscarriage an it was a girl she was dark like me n I cried so much an so hard my sisters was in my dream n they was confused but then we was at the hospital an the doctor said my baby was alive an when I went to get her she was a He he was like 3 year old which I have a 3 year old already in real life please I need answers I can't stop thinking about the face of the unborn n the little boy that supposed to been my daughter in my dream
Yoggie 2016-12-29 13:04:13
I had miscarriage in Oct 2015, but I saw me holding my beautiful baby girl I clothed her feed her burped her my oldest daughter was holding her until she spit up all over her it was so real. I was not far along when I miscarried so I don't knw what I was having but a girl is what the father wanted. Can someone help me
Galle 2016-12-20 04:32:21
I'm 13 and I had a dream about being pregnant and having a miscarriage. TWICE. But I don't see blood dropping in my legs in my dreams. Instead, people in my dreams would tell me I had a miscarriage or I'll get a letter where it says I'm pregnant then I had a miscarriage..just like my dream last night.
Hafsah 2016-12-14 05:15:37
I had a dream that someone else had a miscarriage I didn't even know them then I don't know how I came downstairs and I went to the toilet which was weird
Abby 2016-12-01 04:16:40
I literally just woke up in tears . I've never been pregnant ever but . I had a dream I was using the bathroom and out of no where I had pains Like am actual undeveloped fetus came out I cried it was so real I just had to look it up

Savy 2016-10-18 09:46:58
I just had a dream two days ago that I Just had my wedding and there was a tribal tradition where everyone women was wherein a wedding dress and they were in a circle and you would throw the wedding veil over you and who ever it landed on would be the next to get married but when I through it it landing on something and everyone just stared at me in frightened and when we took it off it was nothing which really it was a spirit and at that moment I had a miscarriage in my dream and everytime I would get pregnant the spirit would show up and cause me to have a miscarriage and I woke up with a bad cramp. What does this mean?
Anxious tendenances 2016-11-29 08:22:55
When we are under extreme amounts of stress (one of the top 10 is marriage, having a baby, divorce,etc) your mind tries to figure things out because while awake we aren't able to shut the emotions off in high anxiety situations. So, when asleep the brain opens up and emotions get processed. These dreams come out as strange and sometimes like yours very poignant. Try taking time to just destress. I don't know your whole life so this explanation may seem off, but I can guarantee it's caused by great amounts of axniousness over something in your life. Try to figure out what it is and I've found the following very helpful: it's called the serenity prayer (it makes sense even if you do not believe in God). God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
It's funny because it's so simple, but very true. Blessings to you and thank you for even reading this far.
Erika 2016-10-17 10:31:24
I dreamt my sister had a miscarriage last night. We're living in different states so I text her right when I woke up and asked if she would tell me if she's pregnant. She asked me why I said that and then showed me a pic that she recently got a pregnancy test and was positive. I'm so happy fot her but at the same time so worried now
Shayla 2016-10-14 08:55:43
So I had a dream last night that I was using the restroom and as I looking at my urine then it turned dark red and the an amniotic sac came out with it. Im not pregnant but there is a possibly I could be I've been stressing out over it idk what the dream means.
Victoria 2016-11-04 09:19:06
Same dream I had except it wad triplets and I'm also in the same predicament.
Jay Simmons 2016-09-24 15:09:31
So today I woke from a dream and in the dream I meet my baby I felt it was my son and I knew it was my baby in this dream he was laying in the crib lookin up at ne smiling he was next to his brother also his brother is my baby mother's soon same house I live in now and everything was normal in my dream except this child who my ive never met maybe a pretty regular baby dream but when I woke my gf was in pain and moving if she was dying and said her stomach hurt and she feels as if she is dying .I feel she just had a miscarriage well it pretty safe to say she is going through a miscarriage. I'm feeling my baby just died and his spirit invade my dreams it felt so real and the baby was happy and so was i in the dream ill never get to see this child but besides this dream so I'll hold on to what he looked like 4 ever
Sarah 2016-09-24 14:58:36
I had a dream last night that I didn't even know I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. All while my family and this guy I was supposedly dating didn't even know. I'm so confused on what it means.
Erika 2016-08-31 21:45:25
I had a dream, were my husband and I were walking to bury our daughter, here I am 10 weeks in the process of a miscarriage.

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