Dream meaning Purse

Dream meaning Purse


To observe holding purse in your dreams strongly signify a closely guarded secret, a hush-hush affair or upkeep thoughts. As the purse holds and hides important objects for us, dreams of purse represent also indicate to hidden secrets or feelings.

The interpretations about purse are based on its conditions and objects present inside. As purse carries money in general life, if you see it filled with money in dreams is considered as omen of good fortune. Loss of purse or empty purse also holds its importance in final interpretation. It is necessary to note the things observed in the purse while dreams as all are different symbols and can give exact representation of your life and future.

Broad interpretation of all common dreams about purses

Appearance of purse is linked with secrets about your friends or about yourself kept deep down in your mind. They represent all the things that are kept hidden from the world owing to the fear of after effects. To see a big purse in your dreams suggests that you are a sole bread winner in your family or have huge responsibilities related to your family. To see a purse in withered condition indicates that you are frustrated by the burden of responsibilities or duties of life. Dreams of loss of purse indicate towards loss of influence and control over other people. To observe an empty purse in your dream indicate your insecurities about a certain relationship or overall settlement. To dream of purse full of waste papers and other junk represent unnecessary worries that are eating your mind and you need to empty it immediately in order to find mental piece. To see a dream where you see a strange person with your purse signify impending dire news. To find a purse in dreams indicate wish fulfillment or increase in self confidence. Dream of a purse filled with gold or diamonds is the best omen as it indicates your happiness and achievements of desires. To see a purse full of money is equally good and represents delight in future.

De-junking of mind is the ultimate message of dreams about purse

Absolutely! You really need to de-junk your mind in order to experience happiness in other quarters of life. Purse represents unnecessary worries or burdens on your mind and hence you just need to forget about these thoughts as everything will turn out well. In order to de-junk your mind communicate with your friend or rusted person and he will also suggest you to just move on. If purse or bag is appearing in your dreams again and again then you seriously need to think about dwelling your mind somewhere else. Stop eating your mind is what this purse is telling you so just leave everything and start afresh.

Sample dream illustration about purse

This dream is about a girl who usually avoids carrying purses but getting dreams about purse regularly. Consider a dream where you are preparing for a party at your friends place and finding a matching purse to go with your dress. You find a matching clutch and leave for the party in your vehicle. When you reach the destination first you forget your purse at car back seat then retrieve it and enter the party. When the function is over you reach your abode and realize that you again forgot the purse at the location and when you reach it to find you realize that you have lost your clutch forever. This dream signifies worries over loss of some special relationship or prized possession which you are obsessed with. It is also indicative of loss of control and self confidence due to some previous incidence.

Comments: Dream meaning Purse

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Ron 2023-10-15 07:21:47
I dreamt of a redish brown purse . It was in the back seat of my truck . I think it belobged to my mother ( passed away a few years ago) the purse was full and had draw strings at the top insteaf of a zipper. I did not see what was inside if it i just knkwnot was bulging full of something
HeliosEos 2023-10-15 16:14:40
The reddish-brown color of the purse could represent a combination of feelings, such as passion, power, stability, and groundedness. This hue might reflect a connection to your mother, as you mentioned that the purse may have belonged to her. The fact that she has passed away a few years ago could indicate that you are still holding onto her memory and the emotions associated with her.

The truck in your dream could symbolize your journey through life or the path you are currently traveling on. It often represents your self-determination, independence, and ability to navigate your own course. The fact that the purse was in the back seat suggests that there may be some aspects of your mother's influence or guidance that you feel are still present in your life.

The bulging and full purse with drawstrings instead of a zipper can indicate that there are hidden or confined emotions, thoughts, or memories related to your mother that are present within you. It may suggest that there are unresolved issues or untapped potential that you have yet to explore fully.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your desire to reconnect with your mother on an emotional level. It could be an invitation to explore your feelings and memories surrounding her and to embrace any unresolved grief or unfulfilled aspects of your relationship.
Kim 2022-01-26 21:58:21
I dreamed I was in a theater after a show and discovered that many people left their purses. Almost every folded had a purse that had fallen behind it. I gathered them and put them on a cart to take them to the list and found. WTH??
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:27:29
In the context of dream symbolism, finding and gathering purses in a theater can have multiple potential meanings:

1. Theater Setting:
- Theaters are places of drama, performance, and storytelling. Your dream setting may represent an area of your life where there is heightened emotion or various personas being presented.
- The show being over might indicate a conclusion to an event, phase, or emotional experience in your waking life.

2. Purses Left Behind:
- Purses often represent personal identity, privacy, and possessions as they typically hold personal items and valuables. Finding purses left behind might symbolize discovering new aspects of your own identity, or recognizing latent traits or talents that have been overlooked.
- It could also represent uncovering secrets or private matters that others have lost or abandoned.

3. Gathering Purses:
- The act of gathering the purses could symbolize your attempt to organize or take control of disparate aspects of your life.
- It might also reflect a desire to help others by safeguarding their personal belongings (or by extension, their personal issues).

4. Putting Purses on a Cart:
- The cart in your dream serves as a means to transport the discovered items, indicating your intent to move or deal with the collective issues you've encountered.
- Taking the purses to lost and found suggests a sense of responsibility, as well as a desire to return these aspects of identity or belongings to their rightful owners.

5. Lost and Found:
- The lost and found is a place where items are returned to their owners. This could represent your wish to resolve issues, whether yours or others', and restore order or balance.
- It could also be a metaphor for seeking solutions to problems or finding a place for aspects of your life that currently feel misplaced or undervalued.

When interpreting your dream, reflect on current events in your life. Are there unresolved issues or mislaid plans that you're looking to organize? Are you in a position where you're trying to help others or return something valuable to them, be it material or emotional?
NJ 2021-11-13 02:23:21
I dreamt about giving a light blue purse brand new to this girl that I don't recognize. But in the dream she's my friend and she sold the purse after I gave it to her. What does that mean?
rajiv kapoor 2019-07-17 11:57:31
I saw my wallet full of INR, Singapore dollar and AED fallen in toilet seat pot and I am trying to take out Singapore dollars. What does it mean
Lani 2018-04-27 12:04:41
I dreamed of fire & about to help out the fire, then I saw bundle of money & purses from the pocket of those people in fire area,I took it all in my mind I'll give it back to them after I'll help to put out the fire..then after the fire out, I'm searching the owners of those purses.
Kt 2018-03-08 11:19:41
I keep having recurring dreams where I'd be in a bar or a pub and the people im with steal eveything out of my purse then I have nothing and wake up needing to check my purse this keeps happening one minute I'm haveing a good dream then it all goes wrong and is now progressing to my make up bag having everything stolen out of it as well my phones been stolen in a dream too what does this mean ??
Erich 2017-06-13 17:11:46
I dreamed I was with my old elementary girl clasmate and we are both in strange school and the pothographer took some pics of us.after that I plan to pay my laminated photo. I tried to open my bag but this is not my bag some girl took my real bag and wallet accidentally replaced .then I look her bag and wallet I saw.only her id school.what does it mean? I was afraid that time cos my real wallet have some money and atm bank .
Dreamer 2017-04-04 05:27:09
I dreamed that I fousaw a small purse on the ground and nobody wanted to pick it up so I did and when I got in the bathroom I opened it and say a lot of $50 bills wrapped in a receipt. I didn't get to count it before I woke up.
joo 2017-03-29 05:29:38
I was sitting in a bus, going thru my bag which was full of little cosmetic jars, opening and sniffing them, checking them out.
What does this mean?
Sariki 2017-01-21 22:36:16
In my dream Isaw myself walking in a beautiful street, let's I approached a beautiful estate on top of it was enshrined JULIANA ESTATE. I woke up pronouncing it.I picked my phone and made a research to know if such place exist.I found it in Florida USA.
Oladipupo 2017-01-17 07:33:18
I dreamt I found myself leaving a big building but I was approached by a black gu insuite and he gave me a tooth paste and later a big black wallet. I left the building and decided to check the content of the tooth paste alas it was filled with diamonds stones. I later opened the black wallet it contained a lot of cash on every opening of the wallet. I woke up exactly 2am pls emailme on oladipupoiyowun@yahoo.com
MsMariette 2016-09-12 14:14:51
I dreamed that an older woman was insisting that I take a purse that had a lot of money in it...it was full on bills that had paper money bands around them like new bills from a bank! The purse was full and the lady was kinda sore to have to convince me to take the purse full of money...what does this dream mean?

Joe 2016-07-09 23:58:03
I dreamed my female was pulling a loui vitton luxury bag a lugagge actually and reaching out to hold my and i also reaching out to take her.
jennifer 2016-07-01 07:22:43
I dreamed that my purse was so heavy that the handle break loose. What could that mean.
nicole 2016-06-18 14:25:57
I dreamt I was sleeping next to my boyfriend. And there was a black purse by him. I reached over and pulled out a slip of paper and it had his ex name lightly written on the paper. What does this mean ?
nice 2016-04-29 02:51:28
I dreamt I had a puts that I lost and as I was going home I saw it in fire I instantly ran to get it it was burning. I stomped it out but there were still three quaters still remaining. on the bus home found all the money there like 200
khole 2016-02-23 07:06:04
I dreamed my brother put a black snake in my purse
Flossie 2016-01-28 19:28:30
I dreamt I brought a large beautiful gray purse., leather..
Lisa 2015-11-09 05:58:26
I dreamed I was helping my sister in law put her children in the car, and they drove off with my purse in it
Amy 2015-10-06 16:12:29
I dreamed that someone stold my purse and i was devestated.
Karleen 2015-09-14 10:02:52
I dreamt that I was in a shop and there was a beautiful small purse of emerald green colour. It was very eye catching and I wanted it but I didnt buy it.. What does this mean?
sersie 2015-09-05 13:24:56
I had a dream that there was a table of items of those items were the large pocketbooks one of them had hearing aids and some had medicine bottles with pills and pomegranate seeds? So I Asked A Man That Was There If They Were Free He Said Yes. I emptied the pocketbooks And took all of them .
Allie 2015-08-07 10:42:01
I dreamt I found a lot of bags left in the snow. The bags all had purses in them. Two where full of money and one of them had lots of jewellery in it, I tried to find a way to get them back to there owners, but couldn't. The purse with the jewellery was worth a lot of money.
Less than a month ago I dreamt my purse was stolen from me. I was mugged in a bar buy a gang of women, I saw them rip both my purses from my bag. (normal purse and my holiday purse) I was really upset in the dream and it put me in a bad mood for days.
In my latest dream I justified it being ok to have the purses full of money and jewellery as my purse had been taken before.
esther 2015-08-03 10:06:16
i dreamt i suspected someone has taken my purse so i started looking for it in my bag but never found it till i woke up..please help me understand.

Melissa 2015-07-28 06:05:42
I dreamt that my purse disappeared and then I turned around and it was there
rena 2015-05-12 02:39:44
I dreamed about a snake guarding someone's money inside his pocket, what does this mean?
kris 2015-04-24 03:35:52
I was carrying a blue shopping purse with my everything int, money, mobile phone, etc. I found myself in the market where headbands and nice clothes are for sale. I was selected clothes and when I was about to fit one of the clothes I selected I noticed that my purse on my left hand was replaced with another set of clothes I didn't even choose. I lost my purse and panic until I woke up. In my dream I lost my purse and didn't find it anymore.
Lashawnda 2015-03-18 15:21:33
I dreamed of a snake was in my purse! What does that mean??
dreamxscape 2015-03-20 19:11:58
be careful of unexpected ot expected pregnanciees that can either be a hardship or a blessing depending on the condition of the purse per the above interpertations
Annetta 2014-10-31 17:15:13
I dreamed I went to my sisters and I had two purses, a black one and a red one. I noticed that my black one was missing and it had my matron wallet with all my money and idenity in it. I asked my sister were it was and she said I didn't take it but if it's missing then you deserve it. I went looking through the house and it was in a very dark room sitting in the corner. I only seen the gold buckle shining and I walked in the room grabbed my purse and had both of them on my shoulder as I was walking toward the door to leave. My sister was in front of me and I tol her I knew she took my purse. She would not look at me and I told her to turn around and look at me but she couldn't. I asked her if she was scared to look at me as she kept walking. All I seen was the back of her head and I woke up
anne 2014-07-28 19:36:52
i dreamt that my friends had a shopping bag each full and when i looked in they were lots and lots of brand new beautiful handbags.. and people around them all had the same ne2w handbags.. meaning please?

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