Dream meaning Purse

To observe holding purse in your dreams strongly signify a closely guarded secret, a hush-hush affair or upkeep thoughts. As the purse holds and hides important objects for us, dreams of purse represent also indicate to hidden secrets or feelings.

The interpretations about purse are based on its conditions and objects present inside. As purse carries money in general life, if you see it filled with money in dreams is considered as omen of good fortune. Loss of purse or empty purse also holds its importance in final interpretation. It is necessary to note the things observed in the purse while dreams as all are different symbols and can give exact representation of your life and future.

Broad interpretation of all common dreams about purses

Appearance of purse is linked with secrets about your friends or about yourself kept deep down in your mind. They represent all the things that are kept hidden from the world owing to the fear of after effects. To see a big purse in your dreams suggests that you are a sole bread winner in your family or have huge responsibilities related to your family. To see a purse in withered condition indicates that you are frustrated by the burden of responsibilities or duties of life. Dreams of loss of purse indicate towards loss of influence and control over other people. To observe an empty purse in your dream indicate your insecurities about a certain relationship or overall settlement. To dream of purse full of waste papers and other junk represent unnecessary worries that are eating your mind and you need to empty it immediately in order to find mental piece. To see a dream where you see a strange person with your purse signify impending dire news. To find a purse in dreams indicate wish fulfillment or increase in self confidence. Dream of a purse filled with gold or diamonds is the best omen as it indicates your happiness and achievements of desires. To see a purse full of money is equally good and represents delight in future.

De-junking of mind is the ultimate message of dreams about purse

Absolutely! You really need to de-junk your mind in order to experience happiness in other quarters of life. Purse represents unnecessary worries or burdens on your mind and hence you just need to forget about these thoughts as everything will turn out well. In order to de-junk your mind communicate with your friend or rusted person and he will also suggest you to just move on. If purse or bag is appearing in your dreams again and again then you seriously need to think about dwelling your mind somewhere else. Stop eating your mind is what this purse is telling you so just leave everything and start afresh.

Sample dream illustration about purse

This dream is about a girl who usually avoids carrying purses but getting dreams about purse regularly. Consider a dream where you are preparing for a party at your friends place and finding a matching purse to go with your dress. You find a matching clutch and leave for the party in your vehicle. When you reach the destination first you forget your purse at car back seat then retrieve it and enter the party. When the function is over you reach your abode and realize that you again forgot the purse at the location and when you reach it to find you realize that you have lost your clutch forever. This dream signifies worries over loss of some special relationship or prized possession which you are obsessed with. It is also indicative of loss of control and self confidence due to some previous incidence.
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MsMariette 2016-09-12 14:14:51
I dreamed that an older woman was insisting that I take a purse that had a lot of money in it...it was full on bills that had paper money bands around them like new bills from a bank! The purse was full and the lady was kinda sore to have to convince me to take the purse full of money...what does this dream mean?

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Joe 2016-07-09 23:58:03
I dreamed my female was pulling a loui vitton luxury bag a lugagge actually and reaching out to hold my and i also reaching out to take her.

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jennifer 2016-07-01 07:22:43
I dreamed that my purse was so heavy that the handle break loose. What could that mean.

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nicole 2016-06-18 14:25:57
I dreamt I was sleeping next to my boyfriend. And there was a black purse by him. I reached over and pulled out a slip of paper and it had his ex name lightly written on the paper. What does this mean ?

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nice 2016-04-29 02:51:28
I dreamt I had a puts that I lost and as I was going home I saw it in fire I instantly ran to get it it was burning. I stomped it out but there were still three quaters still remaining. on the bus home found all the money there like 200

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khole 2016-02-23 07:06:04
I dreamed my brother put a black snake in my purse

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Flossie 2016-01-28 19:28:30
I dreamt I brought a large beautiful gray purse., leather..

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Lisa 2015-11-09 05:58:26
I dreamed I was helping my sister in law put her children in the car, and they drove off with my purse in it

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Amy 2015-10-06 16:12:29
I dreamed that someone stold my purse and i was devestated.

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Karleen 2015-09-14 10:02:52
I dreamt that I was in a shop and there was a beautiful small purse of emerald green colour. It was very eye catching and I wanted it but I didnt buy it.. What does this mean?

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sersie 2015-09-05 13:24:56
I had a dream that there was a table of items of those items were the large pocketbooks one of them had hearing aids and some had medicine bottles with pills and pomegranate seeds? So I Asked A Man That Was There If They Were Free He Said Yes. I emptied the pocketbooks And took all of them .

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Allie 2015-08-07 10:42:01
I dreamt I found a lot of bags left in the snow. The bags all had purses in them. Two where full of money and one of them had lots of jewellery in it, I tried to find a way to get them back to there owners, but couldn't. The purse with the jewellery was worth a lot of money.
Less than a month ago I dreamt my purse was stolen from me. I was mugged in a bar buy a gang of women, I saw them rip both my purses from my bag. (normal purse and my holiday purse) I was really upset in the dream and it put me in a bad mood for days.
In my latest dream I justified it being ok to have the purses full of money and jewellery as my purse had been taken before.

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esther 2015-08-03 10:06:16
i dreamt i suspected someone has taken my purse so i started looking for it in my bag but never found it till i woke up..please help me understand.

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Melissa 2015-07-28 06:05:42
I dreamt that my purse disappeared and then I turned around and it was there

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rena 2015-05-12 02:39:44
I dreamed about a snake guarding someone's money inside his pocket, what does this mean?

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