Dream Dictionary Frog

Dream Dictionary Frog

One of the most popular images dealing with frogs is that of prince charming.

Dream Frog
Dream Dictionary Frog. Prince Charming in Your Dreams? What it Means to See Frogs When You Are Dreaming

He is a prince that was turned into a frog by an evil witch, cursed to be stuck in that form until he found a princess to kiss. The story usually ends with him being able to successfully find the lips of a princess and thy live happily ever after when he changes to prince form. Because of the influence of this story, the meaning of dream involving frogs usually has something to do with change as any dream dictionary will tell you. The frog is a dream symbol representing change and the turning over of a new leaf. Though this may have more to do with their lifecycle of changing phases so fast from tadpole to frog than the frog prince story, it is still important to note that the dream meanings of frogs usually represent change.

Te frog can also signify transformation, rebirth, or even renewal according to other dream interpretations. One dream interpretation asserts that the frog stands for uncleanness while other dream interpretations put forth the idea that the frog symbolizes fertility. Perhaps if you are a woman that is trying to become pregnant, the frog in your dreams could signify that you are ovulating and are ready to become impregnated.

Because of the frequent association of frogs with warts and filth, if you dream that you are trying to capture a frog in your hands, or with bare palms, this usually signifies that you are not so concerned about your health. Maybe you have been eating too many fatty foods recently, or too much candy has been making your teeth hurt. Maybe you have just gone to the bathroom without washing your hands a few times. These may all be reasons that you might be dreaming that you are trying to catch a frog with your bare hands.

If you see multiple frogs consistently jumping in your dreams, this could mean that you have been too flaky recently. You are probably not focusing enough of your attention on one thing, and are jumping from one thing to the next without giving much concentration to each. This can lead to many dreams involving jumping frogs. Alternatively, if the frogs do not jump at all, and merely sit catching flies, this could mean that you feel that you have been too stagnant recently and that you need to move on to a new project, or a new aspect of your life.

According to another interpretation, if you hear the croak of a frog in you dream then this means that you are not accomplishing what you really want out of life. Perhaps you have done something recently that wasn’t what you really wanted to do. Maybe you performed a task in a way that you would have not preferred to perform it. Or perhaps you decided to give up on something that you really wanted to do in order to take care of another responsibility. Any of these explanations might present themselves as reasons that you are dreaming about frogs. The frog can be a very good sign or a negative one, but it is all up to you to decide how your specific frog dream really applies to your life.

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Jeffrey 2018-12-30 00:21:17
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I took a drink from a glass of brown-ish water with a frog in it - twice. It freaked me out.
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thanu 2015-09-17 03:26:21
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In my dream I saw two or more frogs in our house..I tried to make them leave and somehow I managed to drove one away but instead of going it came to my right shoulder..what does this dream mean?I'm constantly praying for something does this involve with it?
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CHRISTINE 2015-06-01 09:16:41
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S.J.R 2013-07-15 01:10:38
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Very intriguing
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