Dream interpretation Hiding

These kinds of dreams are imitations of your inner feelings or emotions that you are trying to hide from the outer world. It also reflects that you are not ready to digest the truth of your relationships with others. These dreams also possess a sense of astrology which can foretell your near future in specific situations. On other hand hiding dreams can also signify your preparedness to reveal a truth to your loved ones.

Hiding dreams are one of the rarest dreams that fell only in specific conditions. These are majorly related to truth and confrontation. You can see yourself hiding or others hiding in your dreams which implicates different meanings on wake life. Many people observe dreams where they are hiding from themselves which is a special one and means that you are not ready to face some disturbing fact that possesses the capacity to change your life. To get acute interpretation you need to follow your dream closely and consider all the important points and symbols.

Shades of hiding dreams

In general hiding dreams denotes a clandestine affair or matter that you want to keep up to yourself and also feel responsible for the fact at the same time. To see that you are hiding from someone means that you are withholding some crucial information which needs to be surfaced. It also signifies that you are not in a situation to tackle important issues. To see that some other person is hiding in your dreams signifies that you are feeling insecure and striving for protection. To observe that you are hiding from powerful personalities such as your guardians, police or other denotes that you are suffering from feeling of remorse over some actions in wake life. To see a dream where you are hiding from a potential danger signifies that you are not secure in wake life and thin king of someone as a potential threat. Sometimes hiding dreams is sheer reflection of your fears in wake life which may or may not suggest a particular emotion or meaning.

Mode of action after getting hiding dreams

Every dream suggests a meaning or emotion which you need to heed for and do likewise in real life. It is very true with hiding dreams as these are messengers of your guilty mind which is striving to get free of the load. The truth you are hiding can be bitter but you need to face it and expose it to the concerned person. Maybe you will face difficult conditions but all are temporary and with time everything will fall in place. If it's you hiding then you need to communicate with your mind and deal with the nagging problem and get it over.

Sample hide and seek dream analysis

Consider a dream where you are alone in your house with your pet, when suddenly flock of your classmates showed up and insist to come inside. You refuse them to come inside instead you give them idea of playing a hide and seek game outside. You are busy inside when you recognize that everyone else is hiding waiting for you to find them. Such dreams are indicative of many emotions such as fear, anger and confusion. First is you don't let them come inside because of a hidden fear resting in your mind and you see then hiding is the conformation that you know a secret which you fear of exposing to others. This guilt and fear is preventing your mind which is striving to get along with them as the secret can destroy everything. In this situation best way is to reveal the truth and live life king size.
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Jhoanna 2014-10-30 02:13:57
I dreamt that I run downstairs from a big home... to a garden made of big rocks and boulders coz someone wanted to kill me. The place where I hid was in white and very clean garden. I felt terrified while at peace at the same time when I reached the garden.

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Elexis 2014-09-29 01:25:33
I had a dream where i Was helping Someone hide cause i guess people were looking for him and they wernt just random people they were people i knew but didnt really pay any attention too. ..But for Some wird Reason i ended up hiding myself an i was running place to place to hide..And i found a spot and was there for a while i remember the spot because i was hiding with the person they were trying to find and then i hurd people coming so i ran away and as i was Running i realized i left my phone back where i was hiding and went to go get it..And then i just Woke up.

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Vickey 2014-06-30 17:18:46
I had a dream where me and my ex which I am seeing him again now before we date, just us being normal but he's always hiding me from his mum in these dreams and I'm also hiding from her... Like I'm always running away from her?

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Lian 2014-05-28 15:27:24
I have had this dream before- and it has some slight changes. It's not really scary, but more of an anxiety and adrenaline rush. Last night, again in a city, btw this I remember is very visual, me and others people who. I know in the dream but not in real life, are always getting prepared and rushing to hide from "the Giant". The Giant eats people, but will not have much luck finding people if their hiding place has all curtains, blinds and windows shut and closed and the lights turned off. So I definitely remember shutting the windows and attempting to lock them but for so up reason they just wouldn't locked which worried me so I just drew the blinds down. I believe it is the same apartment building like the previous dreams. Anyways, the only time you would know to hide is when you hear the roar of the monster. The rest of the area was empty where others have vacated somewhere else, which later we do later. It's always in the night time mode, or late afternoon. When we heard the roar, we decided to leave the building and somehow magically I created a weird car and my other friend was doing something- can't remember. So all of us got in the car except my friend who couldn't go, like she was stuck or something. I didn't really want to leave her but I could feel the monster getting closer. Last time I remember seeing her was she was somehow entangled in vines or wires and maybe became a rose, I'm not sure. So we continue to Whe re everyone else evacuated to and just the driving at first, the weight of all of us was somewhat slowing down and then suddenly got to get the weird car going faster. Unfortunately that's all I can remember. The last few moments of the dream I remember stopping by an abandoned building, then head back too the evacuated area and I think, not sure decide to face the Giant.
In summary I sometimes get the same dream of hiding from the giant which involves turning off lights, xc losing the curtains, and so,e how running from it.

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Lily 2014-04-05 16:15:14
There is this guy long story short, he hurt me and I still have feelings for him. Im always dreaming of him, but in this dream we were playing hide and seek with a few of my friends in big vacant houses and he finds us so easily and fast. We never took turns he was the only one looking every time and when I tell him he doesn't have to play he says he wants to but still ignores me. Does anyone have any insite on this??

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Arya 2014-02-03 08:04:51
I had a dream it was hot and I was at a monument in an exotic country in the dessert and a group of people were coming and i was trying to escape them so i went into this opening to and ancient monument and when i went in a girl called me into a crevice until the people passed then she took me up into the monument and i discovered she was living there she said i couldt stay there and then her mom came to check on her and didndt ask about me and then she showed me this narrow staircase that lead out of the building that she used to go in and out, almost welcoming me to stay there as long as i need, it was colorful and warm but the feeling was strange

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Leelee 2013-11-10 16:09:57
I keep having these scary dreams over an over again. Where I'm hiding from someone with a gun hoping on my life that they won't find me and i can hear them comming up the stairs, opening and closing doors, checking the other rooms. These dreams have been consistant I don't fully understand what they mean. There's nothing really going on in my waking life other than I recently switched to a new high school a month ago. But there I am making friends trying to maybe find a relationship with a guy. I'm getting good grades and all is well. Can someone PLEASE tell me what these dreams are telling me.

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Seraphina 2013-10-20 10:59:57
I had a dream I was in a ball gown I own and I was at a party where I hid from my boyfriend but I thought it was funny with my friends but I got upset afterwards and tried to text him to apologize. Any meaning behind this?

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unknown 2013-09-15 03:01:20
strange as it may sound, hiding is my biggest fear and clearly my subconscious knows this, I cant stop having nightmares about it. hiding from family who have deceived me into believing they cared and then having to run from them trying to 'kill my soul' hiding under a huge puddle from a spirit that lived inside my horse and could emerge out of the horse. Hiding from a serial killer in a forest and under water in a dam and no one believed me he was coming and then I watched someone I had been avoiding be blown up into pieces and I saw all the parts... there's a lot more. what does this mean?

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nini 2013-07-10 06:07:07
I had a dream I was hiding from this lady under water what does that mean

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John doh 2013-05-12 05:16:14
I had a dream a while back were I was trying to runaway from a person but i could only crawl and it felt as if I couldnt run or get up and no matter were i went he could see me. It was also in a familiar spot that Ive been many times and it felt so real . Could this mean somthing about my wake life ?

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Thomas 2013-04-30 14:28:44
To dream that you hide , suggests your conscience is not clean.

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Lee Hi 2013-04-01 08:06:24
Few days ago I had a dream that my friend and I were going to a party. Him as my date but just a friends. When this girl called him over and looked at me and asled him if he was with me and he is like no she will be fibe and I got mad and stood up and called him a jerk as I cried and ran away then I. Went to the nearest washroom ...which was a bit too creppy and scary and hid there and some people were looking for me , not sure who they were. Idk , that dream was so real....and weird.

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Elspeth 2012-12-06 23:24:22
I had the weirdest dream that my crush was announcing he really liked this older and prettier woman and we all sang a song about how they'd get married (she was a poet, too), and I was smiling but hiding my face in a pillow because I was blushing. I also was naked and only wearing really high heels. My friend was too. It was so weird o.o then I was looking for my dress later and her mom came in and yelled at me, and made me drink some kind of white tea that as soon as it touched my tongue, it turned to little rocks and dirt and I was choking on them and trying to spit them out but more and more kept appearing in my mouth. But when I was naked I wasn't embarrassed in the dream or anything, which is weird because in reality I would be sooooo embarassed. it was just...weird.

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Yingwen 2012-09-16 16:47:16
I had a dream a few days ago that I was hiding from someone.I thought it was because of being scared that something was going to happen,but the dream seen so real to me.

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