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Dream interpretation Hiding


These kinds of dreams are imitations of your inner feelings or emotions that you are trying to hide from the outer world. It also reflects that you are not ready to digest the truth of your relationships with others. These dreams also possess a sense of astrology which can foretell your near future in specific situations. On other hand hiding dreams can also signify your preparedness to reveal a truth to your loved ones.

Hiding dreams are one of the rarest dreams that fell only in specific conditions. These are majorly related to truth and confrontation. You can see yourself hiding or others hiding in your dreams which implicates different meanings on wake life. Many people observe dreams where they are hiding from themselves which is a special one and means that you are not ready to face some disturbing fact that possesses the capacity to change your life. To get acute interpretation you need to follow your dream closely and consider all the important points and symbols.

Shades of hiding dreams

In general hiding dreams denotes a clandestine affair or matter that you want to keep up to yourself and also feel responsible for the fact at the same time. To see that you are hiding from someone means that you are withholding some crucial information which needs to be surfaced. It also signifies that you are not in a situation to tackle important issues. To see that some other person is hiding in your dreams signifies that you are feeling insecure and striving for protection. To observe that you are hiding from powerful personalities such as your guardians, police or other denotes that you are suffering from feeling of remorse over some actions in wake life. To see a dream where you are hiding from a potential danger signifies that you are not secure in wake life and thin king of someone as a potential threat. Sometimes hiding dreams is sheer reflection of your fears in wake life which may or may not suggest a particular emotion or meaning.

Mode of action after getting hiding dreams

Every dream suggests a meaning or emotion which you need to heed for and do likewise in real life. It is very true with hiding dreams as these are messengers of your guilty mind which is striving to get free of the load. The truth you are hiding can be bitter but you need to face it and expose it to the concerned person. Maybe you will face difficult conditions but all are temporary and with time everything will fall in place. If it's you hiding then you need to communicate with your mind and deal with the nagging problem and get it over.

Sample hide and seek dream analysis

Consider a dream where you are alone in your house with your pet, when suddenly flock of your classmates showed up and insist to come inside. You refuse them to come inside instead you give them idea of playing a hide and seek game outside. You are busy inside when you recognize that everyone else is hiding waiting for you to find them. Such dreams are indicative of many emotions such as fear, anger and confusion. First is you don't let them come inside because of a hidden fear resting in your mind and you see then hiding is the conformation that you know a secret which you fear of exposing to others. This guilt and fear is preventing your mind which is striving to get along with them as the secret can destroy everything. In this situation best way is to reveal the truth and live life king size.

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Kb 2019-10-18 02:14:24
I had dream of seeing myself discussing with my brother lather seeing my step sister hiding while listening to our discussion
Aia 2018-06-07 22:14:08
I dreamt of hiding someone inside our house for about two days i think?, and I forgot that I actually hid him. But then, after those times, he is still alive, he is actually my ex-boyfriend. I gave him lots of water and took care of him after I realized that I hid him for a long time. My brother got to know it and he actually wanted to help me to let my ex escape because we both know that our parents would be mad, but then, I got caught up by my mother, but she didn't even got mad or angry or anything. SHE even let him stay and do some catch up thingy because we've been apart two years ago already. What does that mean?
Dream 2018-04-23 15:24:24
I have hiding dreams a lot and I'm not sure what it means. Every time I try to hide I always get caught and I'm not playing hide and seek I'm just trying to hide from people in general because sometimes I walked into the wrong room and no one is in there and instead of saying hey sorry wrong room when the person walks in I just hide as my first instinct and I feel scared. Idk y though...and it's like I could b in the most uncommon place to hide and they always find me. Also I always wake up after getting found I dont know what this means. anyone?
Sara 2018-01-13 02:47:30
I recently had a dream of living with my mom and i remember walking by the kitchen table in a childhood home and she was crouched over maybe drinking coffee but she looked like she was wearing a wig and it draped in her face only showing one eye and I had the feeling she didn't want to show me her face--like she was hiding from me.It was pretty creepy. I had an uneasy feeling the entire time.
Anonymous 2017-11-26 19:03:20
Okay so I had a weird dream. But it was a nightmare as well. So I was at a school like area and I wasn’t alone. There were so many other people. And all around my age (17) the youngest was maybe 14 and the oldest was 22. And I don’t jnow how many were actually there but it seemed like almost 20-30 people. So we were all playing Hide and seek except you couldn’t get caught of course. And if you did then you’d get chained up to the center light. And it was dark out with just the center light on so you couldn’t see much around you. And throughout the dream I was running. Te entire time I was running and tryin to find a spot to hide. And most buildings were about 10 stories or so and each room was just two or three of the floors. And each room had stairs from the floor to the ceiling. And the first room was empty then the second room was filled with boxes. I got caught but then escaped. And when I hid again. I hid in a crate in the second floor. Then I woke up. What could my dream mean..?
CHUMPA 2017-11-18 09:22:01
I had this dream, All I can remember is me hiding under a bed during daylight from these people who I believe are trying to kill me and someone else is killing them if they get close. But as soon as they reach under the bed I somehow end up killing them.
I really need to know what this could mean.
Common_man 2017-08-11 04:27:21
I just woke from a dream which is really complex to interpret, so help me out.

I'm at a really good friend's house and I was talking about his hidden accomplishments. He acted modest and smiled and we talked a little. There was another friend of mine in the room she didn't know him as well. So suddenly at night my friend stands up straight on a cloudy but full moon night but I didn't see a full moon rather a crescent moon. I've seen this dream earlier and this person has three stages: birth, death and afterlife where in he transforms first into a baby, then a werewolf and then a highly destructive spirit which can manifrst multiple copies of itself. I could easily hide from the baby who is always playing around with and following a blue crystal ball. If he sees someone he'll follow them. The house is rather huge, 4-5 stories and has multiple rooms on each floor and a very well furnished almost classic layout, neat and clean. When I hide from the baby, I always lock the doors behind, but not for the werewolf as that woulf signify my presence. I'm confised how to interpret this and this is the second time I've seen this in detail.
The funny part is I was dreaming of base jumping before this dream. There I twice and was on my way to the third jump when I came here. I think when I asked my friend for the price of a jump after jumping twice I decided not to pay for the third one as the guy who monitoring wasn't particularly observant. But I think this decision changed my dream direction. Idk.

Please lemme know if you have the slighest of clue. Yes I've just woken up and the details are crisp.
Cee Dee 2017-07-11 16:17:14
Just woke up from a dream that I have in different varieties but always involve a killer outside a house that isn't 100% my house but has some furniture that is mine. The killer is always trying to break in, while i am (& other people I usually never remember once awake) always trying to find a better hiding place. Knowing that running away outside will end in definite death. Other times I've had this dream, he breaks inside, finds & beats me to death. This time I was able to wake up before he broke in... still without being able to find the perfect hiding spot.
DA 2017-07-03 22:14:41
I had dreamt that I was hidding from a women pushing a baby carriage. Can someone help me to understand what this mean like should I be worried about this dream or should I just act like nothing happend???
ANTHONY 2017-05-21 11:40:21
i dreamed that I was in 1910 as a stranger and my dogs were runnig with me away from men on bikes and when i escaped them from going acrost a creek still hiding i looked for a new home as i went through feelds of corn and when i passed i climed a hill just to go back down and free animals out of a truck and forgot two so i ran and jumped in the back and jumped out of a moving car to a boy about 13 years old he had a girl with 7 fingers we fead the dogs pancake/cornbread so they wont starv then i woke
Omega 2016-11-16 11:25:28
My nightmares have always been about hiding, even the first ones I can remember (which are from early childhood). The setting's different every time, but other than that the dreams always go the same way: There's a threat. I don't know what it actually is. I almost never see it (there are two exceptions I can think of). I just know that it's coming for me, and that I gotta hide. Sometimes there are other people too, but they always vanish at some point.

I usually wake up while I'm still hiding, waiting for the monster to come searching for me.

(Kinda interestingly, the one exception to this (most recent nightmare like this, where I managed to escape shortly before awakening), was also one of the two exceptions I mentioned earlier. The monster that time around resembled Michael Myers very much, for whatever reason.)
Kayla 2017-06-17 11:29:30
Interesting!! I just woke up from a dream that a murderer that resembles him was chasing my daughter and I.
Krystal 2016-10-30 00:42:17
I had a rather disturbing dream about being caught up with a group of people who killed someone and we were responsible for hiding the dismembered remains but we were continuously getting caught by someone who we then would be forced to kill to continue to keep the body hidden. Quite the snowball effect and the murders often involved brutal slayings such as being impaled. Very nerve racking but I don't know the meaning.

jane 2016-10-11 04:57:19
This isn't the first time I had a dream like this. The game is the same,but what happens is different. My family and I were playing a game like hide-n-go seek. You cant get caught, you will die. Or at least that's how it felt. It was set in a very large mansion that you could get lost in. So you thought it was easy to hide. The hunter was a larger figure, larger than human, but he was man. My family already ran outside and had terrified looks as they see me and two other strangers still in the house. The two strangers looked new and probably didnt know what happens once the hunter is done counting. I began to set up escape plans, taking screens out of windows and hiding the screens for a silent escape. Then trying to find a place to hide. Time got to close and there was no where to hide so I jumped out of a window, but as soon as I jumped out it was like I jumped back into the house. I tried to hide but he found me and I had to run from the upstairs and then I was tackled onto a couch and he tagged me.
Gerry 2016-10-07 23:34:05
I had a dream I was sleeping in a small old barn with only a brick against the door. Outside I could hear my father walking around. I haven't seen or spoken to the man in twenty odd years as he was abusive. This dream has me lying awake at night not being able to sleep
Angel 2016-08-25 02:15:05
Anonymous 2016-07-30 08:25:40
(The first part isn't really about hiding, but I thought I should share it anyway)

I just had a dream last night where my family and some unknown people were involved in a series of games. One was a fairly pleasant game where there was huge water slide with large rafts and I had to jump in the raft with some lady, but I grabbed her by her neck to get in. There was also this huge crowd of people watching. And this just kept repeating. The second part of the "game* was rather unpleasent and it went like this. The group of people participating, had to hide from this person or thing that was trying to attack us. We were in this huge house, like a mansion. My brother and I were partners and we went to hide behind a door in a room. We were there for some time until the thing that was trying to attack us, attacked my brothers hand, making it bleed everywhere. We then got out of the hiding spot and went to a room where five human-sized creepy puppet-like dolls were sitting on the floor. I remember someone apologizing for attacking my brother. Then I woke up.
What could this mean?
Curious 2016-06-29 01:19:35
I dreamt that I was opening a filing cabinet and found s child hiding inside. What does it mean.
Sarah 2017-01-12 18:00:53
Message from Curious
I dreamt that I was opening a filing cabinet and found s child hiding inside. What does it mean.

I imagine this dream is about your 'inner child' maybe you compartmentalized her / him in some way. It's a good symbol that you found her / him.

Somebody05 2016-04-27 11:16:41
I had this insanely weird dream. I was going to a friend's house but once I entered the house through the back door it was my grandmother's house. I have no idea why but this African American guy who I have never seen before in my life (that I know of) starts coming straight for me. So I thought the only logical thing to do what to was to open the back door once he came up and say "boo!!" And then giggle it off.
His intentions remanded the same. I tried my best to persuade him to leave and see if there's anyone else in the house. He left. I stood in the same spot panicking for a bit and then the guy had transformed into a 4 year old girl. She walks over to the closest chair and picks up a gun. Aiming it straight at me. I start running and hiding from her in the house and cry my eyes out until I wake up.

So now, I'm just trying to figure out what the flip this bloody means because I always seem to have dreams like this so it would be great to get some answers
Dreams 2016-04-18 14:27:18
I had a dream that I gave birth I fell asleep and woke up this man and 2 women where in my room after I woke up and they asked me about my baby and I said why and they said that they needed my baby and I didn't want to give it to them. Then I started running and I was wearing a white cover up and they where dark couldn't make their faces but they chased me and they said how can she run she just gave birth and the woman were like she didn't have a hard time giving birth and that baby has to be ours. I kept running I found stairs climbed them and then found a place that looked safe it was small and compacted I climbed and was hiding there then the women said I saw her run here where did she go? And I was looking down they didn't see the stairs that I climbed they picked up food and said she can't get away but we did need the child. I sneak down the stairs ladders and then started running again but this time I ran non stop then I saw my baby i went towards it and picked it up and I was happy don't rmeebr if a boy or girl but I said it's a blessing it's a creation of both and then they came in and said their she is get her she can't escape with that baby it's not hers. I ran again but ended up outside it was pouring rain then out of now where voices were speaking saying it's not hers it's mine that's not his it's his and I was like no it's mine and his and I then another man was infront and I looked at him and he said why are u running and I gave him my baby and he hugged it and said why are u running and I didn't look back or speak but hugged him and he kissed me and said why are u running? And I woke up.
Ella 2016-04-04 00:09:59
I just had a dream last night, i am running away from someone,i don't really remember why i was running / escaping from her all i remember is she is scary and she will hurt me
What does it means?
(Sorry for my english i know it's bad)
Sam 2016-06-27 04:44:10
I had a same dream but more scary version with lots of blood and murder
Anonymous 2016-03-24 04:49:45
I had a dream where I was sitting in my room watching tv and the door flew open, I started to get scared and then a ghost floated in and a freaked out and hid behind a pillow. The ghost just stood there watching me while i tried to cover myself and I was terrified. Then I heard my uncle Chris downstairs so I dropped the pillow and sprinted to the staircase, but the ghost followed me all the way to the bottom and then stopped like he hit a force field. Then it ended.
Mika 2016-02-14 03:07:46
I had a dream whre my ex boyfriend was hiding from me and couldn't even face me at all..he was so ashamed of me..
Bee 2016-03-14 23:47:10
I just woke up from this dream but I was chasing my boyfriend who was hiding from me.
Priman 2016-01-30 06:59:08
I had a dream that I was about to watch a movie with my brother, so we decided to go under my bed because it was day time and it was dark under the bed, I got under the bed and suddenly the mattress disappeared so it felt like I was in a cage, I was only half way under the bed and a saw a new born baby that I've never seen in my life before. I felt like it was my little sister but I wasn't sure so the I moved the bes picked her up went downstairs to ask my parents who she was, as soon as I set foot in the living room my dream ended.

What does this mean ???
Remy 2016-01-04 01:03:31
I had a dream were i was hiding in some sort secret room were the only way to inside was if u we're to crawl through a tunnel almost like if this secret place was like a secret place youd find in a pyramid, the room was empty and dusty I remember two other small boys came in also to hide but later i told them to leave since it was my hiding place

Kassidy 2015-12-29 08:08:54
In my dream there was a bombing and my friends and I survived it but there were still enemies around the area so we all took shelter in this house and we all found a hiding place that we blended in with so if the people searched that building we wouldn't get caught
Laney 2015-11-12 05:07:34
My dream involved my bestie:Madison. And some other people at school but anyways, we were hiding in a movie theater because a supernatural force was chasing us it fell so we went into hiding. Me, Madison, and Brice(who is my ex but now Madison's boyfriend). I can't remember anything from tags point but it was right on about the secerect love theme because at school yesterday Madison told Brice I still have a pic of him on my phone. Now it's weird between us cause I kinda still like him but I don't know if he likes me! What does it mean!?!?
(Sorry if that was really long)
jaime 2015-11-07 06:34:38
when i was little i used too have an annual dream where i was chased down the street by a random woman and then i would see my school so I'd go in to hide but when i hid i started to see my friends turn into monsters trying to find me and then I'd wake up but the thing is i was 5-9 so this was terrifying also when i was 8 my mom brought the woman into the House and said it was her new friend
Sarah 2015-11-01 21:33:42
I had a dream where I was visiting this big church in winter and I meet this old guy who eventually is trying to kill me in the back of the church,he brings a knife and I run outside to a forest where I hide but fail to and he starts chasing me.
Leila 2015-10-07 10:56:07
I had a dream where I was hiding from a supernatural force... I remember getting threatening notes from it and that it was right outside my door. I have no idea what this means lol
Sidhu 2015-09-26 04:47:15
I had a dream where I was with my 2 friends and having a good time until police came and checked up on us regardless of doing nothing illegal. Somehow I ended up with a bloody towel and was going into a room trying to hide it from the police. The cops made a second round to check up on us and I ran upstairs to hide my bloody towel. I woke up right after they started asking me what was in my hand. I woke up with a panic attack.

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