Dream meaning Funeral

Dream meaning Funeral


Funeral dreaming basically represent death scene with image of burial and death, so the interpretation of funeral dreams are also different for different scenes; There are various symbols defined that are related with funeral dreaming. All these symbols represent something new to be happened but in different sense. Funeral ceremony refers to the danger of death; it shows change in your life, the relation between past and present.

So moving forward, here is the symbol of funeral. If you saw your own funeral that means the task you are doing these days are not good for you. You have to end it before it create problem for you. Sometimes you are doing some work and your six senses told you that there something wrong is happening, and this wrong may come in your dream to tell you to stop you to guide you about your future happenings. Funeral of own also means that you are ending of something, it means that you are repressing yourself. And if you are near to death then these feelings come in your dream by seeing your funeral of own.

If you saw funeral of other that means you want to close some past boxes, past relations. It also means that you are not in good state of mind; you may be feeling anger, frustration, and ignorance for some one. But in this one limitation is made that you saw the funeral of someone to whom you know. It is all about the person you have some relation with him or her. So you have to know that what you want to close.

If you saw funeral of your living parent that means you have to separate yourself from your parents' restrictions. It also shows that you have to take some steps independently, to stand on your own feet. The parents' restrictions are not bad for you but that create space between you and your parent so if you think that you are not able to go with your parents then take a step of courage to say them but not to heart them. Prove yourself that you are right and for this you have to work independently.

If the dream comes of funeral of unknown person it means that there is room for someone new that may be come in your life but for this you have to sacrifice some old one or to get rid of some old things or habits to get a new destiny. It doesn't mean that only some person has to come in your life, may be it will be your new job, new car, new bike, new home etc. but whatever is to be new that you are near to achieve the point is that you have to sacrifice some old thing, may be old relations, old care, and old home.

So in short funeral doesn't mean that only bad will be happened it may be the ray of your bright future, it may guide you to the way of shine but at the same time you should recognize the true meaning of your dream. It may be interpreted as bad happening too, so you should be ready for the future but try hard that it was only the guide not all bad will be happened. Try to make you right instead of welcoming wrong.

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Sarah 2021-08-25 02:04:37
I dream I was attending a cremation but I didn't know who it was until I saw the name on the coffin , it's was my son who is 21 and very much alive , also when I went to pick the ashes up they couldn't find them at first but kept trying to give me a clock with a picture in it that my son had left for me saying I had to colour the rest of the picture in myself.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:58:19
Here are a few perspectives to consider for your dream:

1. Fears of Loss: Dreams about the death of a loved one, especially a child, can symbolize deep-seated fears or anxiety about losing them. It doesn't necessarily mean you believe something will happen to your son, but rather that you might be processing your own emotions regarding his safety and well-being.

2. Transition and Change: As your son is 21, an age often associated with adulthood and independence, your dream might reflect your subconscious emotions adjusting to his growing up and the changes in your relationship as he becomes more autonomous.

3. Unfinished Business: The aspect of the clock with the unfinished picture could point towards a sense of something left incomplete either in your relationship with your son or in some other area of your life. The dream may be suggesting that there is "more to be filled in" or addressed.

4. Processing Emotions: Sometimes, dreams work as emotional simulators to help us prepare for or deal with intense feelings. By experiencing something traumatic like the loss of a child in a dream, you might be subconsciously bracing yourself for potential future hardships, or it might be a way to appreciate your current relationship with your son more deeply.

5. Control and Letting go: The inability to find the ashes may symbolize feelings of helplessness or lack of control in a situation, while being presented with a clock (a symbol often related to time and life's progression) might be a reminder that time moves forward and that you have the power to influence the 'picture' of your life or relationships as it unfolds.

6. Communication: The dream may signal that you need to communicate with your son, perhaps about something that has been left unsaid or unexpressed.

When it comes to interpreting your dream, consider what emotions you were experiencing during the dream and immediately after waking. Those emotions can be key indicators of what the dream might mean for you. Additionally, reflecting on any recent events or concerns in your life might provide clues as to why this dream occurred at this particular time.
Lucky 2021-08-03 23:48:41
I dreamt about attending my ex girlfriend’s brother in-laws funeral but the person who’s burial I attended is still alive in reality but was dead in the dream
Maya durdevic 2021-04-18 00:07:03
i had a dream about my grandma and she gave me 36 thousand what does that me but my grandma passed away on 4th april easter
Olaolu 2020-08-03 12:47:21
I saw a funeral procession in the dream behind the people carrying casket another person carrying something like black rain boots in a plain nylon bag
Novella 2020-07-08 09:21:53
i dream of my dads funeral, (he is still alive) but was never there for me and if my mum didn’t make him stay he would’ve left me. and i can’t feel anything i’m just staring at his coffin and all these people want me to say something but i can’t, no words come out and i feel like i disappointed all these people but i can’t say anything.
Catrice 2019-12-07 06:59:12
What does it mean if you are at a funeral home and you see a small snake crawling on n floor you kill it then 15min later you see another snake and kill it! Two snakes in one day
clintonn 2019-05-09 20:35:48
I had a dream where I saw people about to burry someone I don't know in a closed coffin, the coffin was placed accrossed the hole, and just when the coffin was to be descended down the hole, someone just came from no where , hit the coffin and shattered it with the coffin and the dead person falling into the hole
Troy 2019-02-03 07:10:35
I was in a serious car accident and during the recovery I've had multiple dreams where I saw my own funeral but that nobody was there. It's really had me upset because all my life I've always felt nobody liked me and these dreams seem to confirm those feelings. I wish I knew what it all really does mean though.
T. Mac 2019-01-30 14:04:35
My wife passed away 4 months ago. Last night I had a dream I was at her service. I couldn't see her face or anything but I knew it was her. Then some how she began to move in her casket. Some how she fell out her casket. And woke up from there. What does that mean?
Pk 2018-08-14 12:48:19
I dreamed about a funeral of my boyfrend's mother. It was just a peaceful service but the strange thing is that everyone was beautiful but i lost my clothes n everything so my boyfrend siblings were looking at me they were like she is not beautiful. So i was busy helping then later i found my vlothes n i dressed i had them saying woow! she is beautiful and the strange thing my dress was the same colour as my boyfrend's suit. So when the time to go my boyfrend asked me to stay and help . what does it mean?
Cody Pauley 2018-04-08 19:26:04
So a year ago i lost my friend 2 years in july and i had a dream of him at his funeral again what does this mean please help me
AGNES 2018-02-10 13:34:20

Bynz 2018-01-14 12:51:03
I dream of a funeral, the people there instead of being sad and morn, they are partying, dancing and singing. What it might mean?
Ken 2017-12-07 14:01:59
My grandma passed on in 2009 and i sometimes dream about her that she cant talk and she is working hard and in this particular house she comes and work and leaves in early hour of the morning.
then my cousin passed on this year 2017 in May and since her passing and after the funeral i will dream of her telling me that she needs to prepare for her funeral or we will be at her funeral yet she is talking to me and when i ask her if you are dead why are still talking and walking, something will wake me up before i get the response.Last night i had a dream where both her and grandma were in this particular house setting and working, grand ma gave us meat and she helped me with the ironing, and i kissed my grandma and it was so real, in the dream i was attending a funeral of someone i don't know and funny it was held in my grandmas yard and she said no those family they dont have a yard, and because i took long in the house the people left me behind when they went to cemetery, it was like i was late. on my way out of the house there are lots of cars and inside one of the cars theres another granny who lived close by my parents who has already passed on and she was so beautiful...

someone please help....is there a message that i need to know?
Pravheenaa 2017-09-13 03:51:55
Dreamt of watching a crowd in a funeral while traveling with my friends
Asa 2017-08-21 02:58:46
I dream about the father of my child committed suicide and he died.Looks like we are preparing his funeral please help!
donkey 2017-04-23 14:47:57
Dreamt of attending a funeral od someone I don't know . Much confusion as a family member then joins me who I'm currently bot speaking to and who I love and miss dearly.
Amber 2017-02-26 04:28:40
Here lately i have been having dreams about my three year old son funeral they seem so real i wake up covered in sweet and crying my boyfriend tell me that i kick and jump all over the bed until he is able to wake me up. Why am i having dreams like this.
Nikita 2016-12-29 06:07:07
My cousin just passed on Christmas day. She was walking and was struck by a vehicle and died on impact. Her funeral and traditional native American ceremony is on New year's day. I had a dream I was at a ceremony/wake and there was an open casket but I couldn't go up to it I don't know why but I just couldn't and than it skipped to the cemetery burial. What does this mean? Am I subconsciously thinking about her funeral in my sleep and therefore creating dreams as I obviously don't want to believe it has happened and the funeral is coming soon. Or what does this all mean. Please someone help me. I am always afraid of dying myself and constantly worrying about my own death as well. So it scares me that it's a warning of my own death to come.
Mimi 2016-12-14 06:12:53
I had a dream that they were having a second wake for my son who passed away almost 6 months ago. I didn't want to go and my family said I had to because it was my child. I attended and as I walked in the funeral home staff was wheeling my child in a stretcher naked to the viewing area. I happened to have a white towel in my hand and yelled at the people no pictures as I covered my sons naked body in which he looked like a big baby. Oh how I miss my son so dearly. This was just a weird dream and is the first time since he passed that I dream with him 🙁
Cece 2017-01-16 14:07:04
I never really reply on anything but saw this.

Praying God gives you his.comfort and strength. BLESS YOU
Morgan 2016-11-11 13:27:38
I had a dream that i was at my step dads funeral. But he is still alive. And it felt so real. I have never had a dream about a funeral before either. So what does this mean?
stella 2016-09-28 04:44:58
I always dream about funerals and in the cemetery a casket of someone being burried. And also i dream of a funeral that i don't even know the person or the people there. I have a friend who passed away 8 months ago, sometimes i dream about her and sometime she woke up in her own funeral. Can someone inyerpret these for me?
Anon 2016-09-27 03:37:09
I dreamt that my dad like uncle who passed away few months back was organising his wifes funeral ( my aunt) and he jus kept crying ..
Was consoling him throughout dream .. The same night their son had dreamt of him too and so did my mum .. Theres got to be a meaning .. All 3 of us dream of him yet differnt dreams i really need this explained .. Good or bad ?
Wayne 2016-09-17 06:19:51
I dreamt I was at my brothers funeral. He passed away in 2008. I haven't spoken to my sister since the funeral and in this dream we argued and slight fisticuffs. I also that she had stolen his pic of his headstone.

Calvin 2016-08-31 08:59:53
I dreamt I was at my own funeral, I could see myself in the casket but no one else was there. Not even my family showed up.
Unknown 2018-06-19 11:22:35
According to my knowledge it means that sooner Or later your prestige will start decaying.

Yvan 2016-08-10 15:16:08
there are certain time that I dream with the girl I love but the dream I had today was different, I've dream that I'm with her going to the funeral of someone I dont know, even the person inside the house where the funeral is are strages people who'm I never met before, what does this mean .. God bless thanks
Marqos 2016-08-04 22:46:41
I had a dream about a funeral of an old woman but when I walked up to the casket she opened her eyes and we started to have a conversation. I then yelled, "Your about to bury a woman alive! What are you doing!!?" Then she closed her eyes and they took her away in the coffin.
Ching 2016-07-23 16:24:33
I dream that I wear white t-shirt going to the church with my family then I was wondering there's one lady talking on the microphone she assist the people inside the church. Me wondering because I know that we are attending the sunday mass not the funeral mass. Andyet the lady call me in front but I don't know who dead.then I sit in the first row but I was thinking way I there. I don't know who's in funeral mass. Why can u help me to explained my dream. Thank u
TheLonelyGirl 2016-07-23 08:37:41
Last Night I dreamt about going to my mother who is dead for 9yrs funeral, but I woke up late so I missed the whole funeral and only got to see the casket.. So I walk back home n brought her some purple flowers.
SomeRandomPerson 2016-06-25 06:41:22
I had this dream where I attended someone's funeral(I didn't know who she was and I still don't know her now). The surroundings looked like my house but the people that attended the funeral wasn't my family but rather my friends. Anyways, when I woke up the next morning I checked my FB and found out that my friend posted a photo with that person(the one that passed away in my dream). Mind to tell me what this means

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