Dream meaning Funeral

Funeral dreaming basically represent death scene with image of burial and death, so the interpretation of funeral dreams are also different for different scenes; There are various symbols defined that are related with funeral dreaming. All these symbols represent something new to be happened but in different sense. Funeral ceremony refers to the danger of death; it shows change in your life, the relation between past and present.

So moving forward, here is the symbol of funeral. If you saw your own funeral that means the task you are doing these days are not good for you. You have to end it before it create problem for you. Sometimes you are doing some work and your six senses told you that there something wrong is happening, and this wrong may come in your dream to tell you to stop you to guide you about your future happenings. Funeral of own also means that you are ending of something, it means that you are repressing yourself. And if you are near to death then these feelings come in your dream by seeing your funeral of own.

If you saw funeral of other that means you want to close some past boxes, past relations. It also means that you are not in good state of mind; you may be feeling anger, frustration, and ignorance for some one. But in this one limitation is made that you saw the funeral of someone to whom you know. It is all about the person you have some relation with him or her. So you have to know that what you want to close.

If you saw funeral of your living parent that means you have to separate yourself from your parentsí restrictions. It also shows that you have to take some steps independently, to stand on your own feet. The parentsí restrictions are not bad for you but that create space between you and your parent so if you think that you are not able to go with your parents then take a step of courage to say them but not to heart them. Prove yourself that you are right and for this you have to work independently.

If the dream comes of funeral of unknown person it means that there is room for someone new that may be come in your life but for this you have to sacrifice some old one or to get rid of some old things or habits to get a new destiny. It doesnít mean that only some person has to come in your life, may be it will be your new job, new car, new bike, new home etc. but whatever is to be new that you are near to achieve the point is that you have to sacrifice some old thing, may be old relations, old care, and old home.

So in short funeral doesnít mean that only bad will be happened it may be the ray of your bright future, it may guide you to the way of shine but at the same time you should recognize the true meaning of your dream. It may be interpreted as bad happening too, so you should be ready for the future but try hard that it was only the guide not all bad will be happened. Try to make you right instead of welcoming wrong.
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jenny 2016-01-07 18:27:23
I had a dream that I was in a funeral but the casket was closed and there were a lot of people in black crying n I tried to see who it was but I couldn't n I wasn't able to leave the funeral I really want to know what this means so if anyone can plzz let me know what this means because I have done a lot of research but still no answers. thanks

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Suzie 2015-12-12 01:19:11
I dreamed I was at a funeral I knew the family but didn't see there faces. It was a bit rock festival like and there was a woman fighting that I had to stop her

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Camille 2015-10-12 00:51:17
I dreamt of three funerals going on at the same time at different churches. I could not see the people who were dead.

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J freddy 2015-10-03 11:37:22
I dreamt my grandfather funeral but he was just there and he woke up and did not want to go back to rest and started walking around

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Christine 2015-09-11 14:34:14
I had a dream Abt my Pastor who died three days ago on Friday I dream Abt his funeral but he wasn't in the casket the casket was grey and large the service was in church than I seen him walk out of church with his gray suite on

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dolinda 2015-08-12 04:37:33
Hi in my dream that made me to woked up I couldn't sleep I dreamed I was at a funeral of my grand dad of whom I didn't knw confusing my family where there but after he was in a caskert my mom small sister told me to cum n say a few word abt my late granddad n I did after that there was my mom n her closing the casket suddently there was a knock like he couldn't breath n he wanted to get out and my mom opened the caskert there he was alive after there was a shooting we ran to doudge the bullets wen I asked abt granddad they said from the casked. He woked up n the bullet shot him in the head after wards I saw someone from the shooting protecting me whom I do not knw he was quick we dodged de bullets after I saw someone looked like ukhosmo from generation then I saw ppl whom I know my friends then I saw a man looked like gadafi from generation along with thabo siwahodimo a kid from my block he put a dark gel on hair told me I don't wanna win lotto and after that he turns beck and said he forgots to pray he ran fast away from me I wanted to follow him but I couldn't the gel made me deaf I couldn't hear cars but something push me away from the streets to the side ways and a cars made exidends from where I was at I couldn't turn nor stop I was deaf so what ever what save me put me in my friends home suddenly it was raining that thabo thought I was dead they went to my home along wit gadafi to giv my mom money they never saw it cuming cos I was alive suddenly people where scared at them said once they put a black spell gel you won't hear a thing n you die but suddently I woke up frighten

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Linda 2015-11-15 09:43:04
Mmm wat a dream tjo lets me tl you d dream i had yrstdae is so f#ckn scarry what'sap me 0744896217...

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Smilez 2015-07-12 17:56:03
I dreamt that I was at a funeral an me an ma dance ministry were ministering there. I don't know the person, I just know its a dark chubby man! The dream was very confusing! His mom did want him to be buried I believe because she was causing a lot of drama there, they had to be escorting her out an she wud escape an come bk in. But the thing is after one of the ministry I sat at the back, the same guy that was in the casket was sitting in front of me watching the ceremony. Even wen they were carrying out the casket he was still in the church. I don't remember most of the dream because its too jumpled and confusing! I don't understand what it means.

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letty 2015-07-03 03:35:28
I dram I was in a car accident with my son and grandaughter. we fell off a cliff. I then woke up and thought I was in an ambulance. I then saw many yellow cabs and I was at this one city that looked like Iraq or something. the buildings were destroyed. I saw many Iranian people around walking as if they weren't all there. I was talking to this lady letting her know that I'm not dead. that I was alive. she then pointed at some big heavy doors. I opened them and I saw my own funeral. there were so many people in black. I only saw my daughter dressed in black. I then turned back and my fianc was sitting in a small couch crying so much. someone was there trying to make him feel better. I got close to him and was telling him that I was alive to stop crying. he couldn't see me. lady told me to look In the mirror and I saw my own self dead. what does this mean

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Jacqui 2015-06-12 05:01:38
I dreamt that I was at my husband's funneral. Woke up in a complete sweet and reached over in the bed to make sure that he was still breathing.

What does this mean. Does this mean something bad is about to happen.

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nonkue 2015-04-20 08:48:06
ihv been dreaming abt asame dream in ds dream idream like im in afuneral of my past grandfather we ure all wearing black things bt no one is emotional than instead of throwing soil innagrave ithrow stones n iwas rushing to gonto court bcs ihv been arrested

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usawrestling145 2015-04-01 03:50:14
Hello, just want to throw out what I have been having/seeing and if it means anything or am i just over reacting. Okay so this is NOT a dream, it is frequently happening when I close my eyes for a short period of time so somewhat like a imagination. So when it happens I am standing at the bottom of a big hill looking up and on top of the hill is a funeral going on in the middle of the cemetery. Everyone is wearing all black, its like a silhouette against the hill side. I never recognize who is actually being buried, but this has happened to me several times.So I would just like some feedback if it does symbolize something or my mind just going crazy.

Thank you.

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Romel 2015-02-16 08:04:49
I keep bumping into my ex at funerals and it's always someone she has connections with who is dead

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amrutha 2015-02-14 07:11:41
i saw somebody else's funeral..and im really feeling frustrated over someone during past few days.. sometimes i feel like giving up..

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sindy 2015-01-31 13:33:57
I have dreamed about the funeral of the 9 different school children and I saw my father who had pass on, he was there wearing his church uniform with other pastor who's still alive.i was wearing glasses, it was seemed like I'm having problems with my eyes never function at all but deeply I saw everything happend there.iwas blind and teacher threw a coin and said someone who catches it is gonna get blanket I didn't catch it.he said to me go because you wear glasses you are not allowed to attend the funeral, then I left they were sing praying saying all different languages even Chinese. Then outside I saw my little sister she refused to go and she seemed little than now and she said she was waiting to be cleanse. The I said the lady(christian)shes gonna pray for water so that we'll be cleanse. Please help meby giving a meaning of that dream

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Lhorie 2015-01-28 05:56:41
my dream was we have a burial in our house and I don't know whos in the coffin, my present bf was with me but he was gone for a while. ive search for him and suddenly I bump in to my ex bf and my gf their together. what does it mean?

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