Dream meaning Funeral

Funeral dreaming basically represent death scene with image of burial and death, so the interpretation of funeral dreams are also different for different scenes; There are various symbols defined that are related with funeral dreaming. All these symbols represent something new to be happened but in different sense. Funeral ceremony refers to the danger of death; it shows change in your life, the relation between past and present.

So moving forward, here is the symbol of funeral. If you saw your own funeral that means the task you are doing these days are not good for you. You have to end it before it create problem for you. Sometimes you are doing some work and your six senses told you that there something wrong is happening, and this wrong may come in your dream to tell you to stop you to guide you about your future happenings. Funeral of own also means that you are ending of something, it means that you are repressing yourself. And if you are near to death then these feelings come in your dream by seeing your funeral of own.

If you saw funeral of other that means you want to close some past boxes, past relations. It also means that you are not in good state of mind; you may be feeling anger, frustration, and ignorance for some one. But in this one limitation is made that you saw the funeral of someone to whom you know. It is all about the person you have some relation with him or her. So you have to know that what you want to close.

If you saw funeral of your living parent that means you have to separate yourself from your parentsí restrictions. It also shows that you have to take some steps independently, to stand on your own feet. The parentsí restrictions are not bad for you but that create space between you and your parent so if you think that you are not able to go with your parents then take a step of courage to say them but not to heart them. Prove yourself that you are right and for this you have to work independently.

If the dream comes of funeral of unknown person it means that there is room for someone new that may be come in your life but for this you have to sacrifice some old one or to get rid of some old things or habits to get a new destiny. It doesnít mean that only some person has to come in your life, may be it will be your new job, new car, new bike, new home etc. but whatever is to be new that you are near to achieve the point is that you have to sacrifice some old thing, may be old relations, old care, and old home.

So in short funeral doesnít mean that only bad will be happened it may be the ray of your bright future, it may guide you to the way of shine but at the same time you should recognize the true meaning of your dream. It may be interpreted as bad happening too, so you should be ready for the future but try hard that it was only the guide not all bad will be happened. Try to make you right instead of welcoming wrong.
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Blanca 2014-04-21 04:49:36
My dream was a bit different though, i dreamed that i had a choice to buy something for my birthday and i bought a dead body in a coffin. This old man gave me a calender so everyone would sign, i was not so sure why. The dream was peculiar because when my birthday came, i opened my "present" up and i was excited to see him, but then a part of me when i thought of the situation was afraid because it didn't seem normal but then again it did. I then thought "why am i doing this, i don't even know him."

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katt 2014-04-03 14:56:19
what does it mean when I dream of my grandmother who has been dead for almost 6 years now. I am at her funeral. she is in her coffin, eyes bugged and big, and they are darting around.... and we are trying to calm her. it is just me and my mom tht cn see this in the dream.... and it was my dads mother .... im so confused..... what is she trying to tell me?
I was never relly close to her.... but I am her name sake.

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sangeetha 2014-03-25 05:17:57
i think it was around 4 clock morning i dreamt my son died the msg was said by his four friends i strated crying even my housemembers strated crying all my relation have come see him we are waiting for the boby i was shocked iam could digest that he is died iam asking every he his ok pls tell never say he his died

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taskel 2013-11-24 12:05:28
Wen u dream of 4 white coffin and u see it how do go long with your life the flour on the coffin where red I must I think of it now I need to no

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denise 2013-10-16 14:51:43
I dreamed it was a wedding, but there were many brides and grooms in black limos. There was a her St with a wedding bouguet strapped to the side. I was running along side the procession trying to take pictures, and realized I did not have my memory card inside. Everyone was Spanish,and it was on the corner where I work.

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dannie 2013-08-05 03:43:02
I dreamt my neighbors 45 year old daughter had passed. This was strange as I had only met her a handful of times over an 8 year period. The next day I got the message she had gone into diabetic shock
She died 2 weeks later. This is only be example of many.

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Amanda 2013-05-10 13:32:10
My dream on May 10/2013.
I was told that I can't get rid of my lung infection and that I don't have much time...fast forward to prepping my funeral while I'm very much alive, mine and 2 others I don't know who are alive too. Going to the funeral, I told my daughter that I'm not ready to give up, I'm not ready to die, grabbed my work manager and my doctor aside and told them both that I don't want to say goodbye, I just have so much to live for and I do not want to die yet...and then I ran off, told my daughter that I'm leaving to hide somewhere. On my way out with a bicycle I saw my grandmother who passed away many years ago, but I didn't stop, I capt cycling until I got to a gas station where a woman let me hide in her house....weird but what does it mean when funeral is planned for you and you run away?

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lisa 2013-05-09 16:04:04
i dream about my mother-in-law but i don't know her,i was at her funeral she died of a car accident and they brought her body home to be berried i was at the funeral an i cried like crazy for her an she was cremated an her ashes was tron in the back of her yard. what does this mean?

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toya 2013-11-15 18:18:49
You are having anxiety about this new woman, especially if your relationship with the child she is with is a good one.

You may need to meet and get to know your daughter-in-law to staisfy that aspect of self that has put her to death, to escape these uncertainties.

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Paloma 2013-04-21 11:15:10
What does it mean when you attend the funeral of an already deceased parent? But there is a catch! In the dream you knew they were dead but found out they were a life for a whole 7 years and suddenly dies.

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ariana 2013-05-29 20:29:37
Message from Paloma
What does it mean when you attend the funeral of an already deceased parent? But there is a catch! In the dream you knew they were dead but found out they were a life for a whole 7 years and suddenly dies.

I just had a dream like this about my grandmother. I was dreaming that I was at the funeral but arranging it in a different way.

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Sorrell Lovage 2013-03-28 21:47:53
Here is my dream of early morning 3/28/13: I am at my grammie's house. It is (as in RL) a three-family house in an urban area. I go up the back stairs to her kitchen, but instead of finding her kitchen, I find a "room" as in a funeral parlor, a "wake/viewing room" where someone is laid out (I don't know who it is) I then go to the dining room and then I find another viewing room where another (unknown to me) person is laid out. And then another room, same deal, different person. My grandmother is alive and my family is fine; as a matter of fact, my grandmother is cooking in her kitchen, which is exactly as it was in RL, just not accessible from the back door. There are people sitting and visiting all the deceased in the three different room, and there are flowers and ferns and things. Patterned carpets and old-timey wallpaper. The rooms remind me of pictures of wakes from the 1920s, say of Rudolph Valentino, or of old-timey gangster wakes-lots of flowers and people chatting, very social but subdued, as these things usually are. What my "dream" self thought in the dream was that "times were hard" and holding viewing services in the home for others was a way to make $$$, you know, extra income. Also, the dream was in very dull tones of sepia and black-and-white, my grammie's kitchen was grey and yellow (as in RL),yellow appeared to be one of the two strong colors in the dream, it was cloudy outside. O, and the house was dark, pine green, the other strong color in the dream (also RL).

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jANETTE 2013-02-15 19:59:37

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Nicole 2013-01-30 01:33:19
what if your dream is standing at casket with wife and seeing a body in casket with no face and also seeing all chairs set up but no one else there?

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Zick 2012-11-21 04:14:56
I so much love the explanation in this article because this is exactly what i dream of this morning and I just wanted to know if I can find some details about it, thank you so much for the well explanations, God bless

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