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The earthquake is a powerful dream symbol because of how it is treated outside of the dream world. The way that most dream interpretation works, is taking the attributes of the thing that happened in the dream, or a thing that was witnessed in a dream, and then applying these physical attributes in a metaphorical way to the life of the dreamer in order to find out the meaning of dream. This may sound complicated on paper, but it is actually in fact quite simple, and this is the method employed by just about every modern psychologically based dream dictionary. There is no symbol easier to understand than that of the earthquake.

Experiencing an earthquake, according to multiple dream interpretations, means that a change is going to happen, and it is going to be a very abrupt and startling one. There are many different symbols which may signify change, such as a forked road, or a different hairstyle, or a divorce. However, what makes an earthquake so different as far as dream meanings are concerned is the abruptness with which it is associated.

Consider what happens when an earthquake occurs in real life. The initial quake is usually sudden, and unless it is associated with some other natural disaster that is already being reported on, then it is also without warning. There is a short period in which everything is thrown into complete chaos around you and a slightly shorter period where you are left to determine what is happening on your own, while dealing with this chaos. Then, after a few seconds, and after throwing many of your belongings across the room, or throwing you off balance, the earthquake is over and you will be left to clean up after it.

This is the essence of its dream meaning as well. When an earthquake occurs in the dream world, it means that a similar thing may happen to you soon in relation to your life. Perhaps someone that you love will leave you, or break up with you, throwing your life into complete disorder. It is also possible that you will end up taking on a business venture that will be financially unstable for you and lose you a lot of money.

Of course, even though an earthquake is usually associated with destruction in waking life, this does not mean necessarily that the change that the dream is predicting will be a negative one. This could mean that you will fall into a whirlwind love affair with the girl of your dreams, and suddenly be thrown into disarray. This is not negative disarray, but it is certainly an abrupt change from where you started in the beginning. Positive or negative, the definition that should be most closely associated with dreams about earthquakes is the sign of abruptness. An earthquake comes without warning, so whatever it is predicting about your future will be something that happens without warning. It will be a life changing and unpredictable occurrence, and one that you should definitely watch out for in the future.
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kerry 2015-08-01 23:41:53
I drempt of a earthquake then few days later my father passed away

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Jesus 2015-07-26 09:19:06
at 8:30sh i had an argument w my girlfriend so I decide that I should get out, so i went to the car and sleep there, at exactly midnight i start dreaming first about a plane crush, i hear the loud noise looked up and see the plane smoking flying over me, over my house falling right on the backyard the suddenly wasn't my backyard anymore it was a parking lot, so i went saw a couple of dead people and i try to find people alive to help. everything looks real with color. After that I went w a coworker and his friend and i told him that i was having a bad feeling about this day that i can see the time flowing and speeding up like if i could see things moving slow and then really fast hi laughs a said thats weird, i went with them and i had a hunch or a feeling or i felt like a vibration and i said, something is gonna happen, and start shaking really really hard, i got worried and i told my friend i had to go home i was worried about my girlfriend and son, so I left and another earthquake happen when i was walking back home, and another one when I got by my neighbor's house, and another one when I got right outside my house and i saw my girlfriend and son and another kid that i don't remember or think i know him were outside the house, i saw everything shaking but nothing fall. then i woke up, i look at the time in the car clock and it was 12:20sh i felt that something or someone was giving me nightmares and I came back inside home worried about my family, my girlfriend told me that like 20 seconds after i left she texted me to comeback inside but i didnt have my cel. I hope this didnt bored you. i still feel something was outside.

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stephanie 2015-06-14 15:37:02
i had a dream that there was a earthquake and after my dad died i was looking for him and someone pointed him out but they didnt care and then after he died there was a conert and they were singing buitiful by cristina alugara and he (liked) the song amd i woke up and i was crying what yhe heack does this mean?>!/1?!?!?!?

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Khatri namaraj 2015-06-14 15:36:53
06:56 dream about big earth quakes my wife holding small fake kids and while we coming down fake kids fall down while I was trying come down fast on stair my kids said buba what u did and when I scream earth quake trying to alert my voice does not come and I wake up

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Coleen 2015-06-06 10:47:43
Last night I dreamt that there was an earthquake.The tremors started mild and then became stronger and I tried to get off the bed to check on my Mom but I could not leave the room because the house was shaking so badly.I was sleeping next to my husband who did not seem to be aware that we were having an earthquake.What could this dream mean?

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chanel 2015-06-04 19:15:28
My dream last night had a lot of meanings in it but the earthquake part happened where i live and it was in the garage i was with my best friend and parents. Everything was moving side to side and my finger got hurt but it healed... nobody else got hurt and then the earthquake stopped.

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Mona 2015-05-11 08:14:24
Last night in morning I saw in my dream that the building in which I live was near to destruction. There were cracks in one part but there was no harm to my or my any family member but it was heard in my dream that there was a earthquake but in dream I just saw the cracks. What does it mean ?? Can anybody tell me plzzzzz

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dream 2015-05-08 00:54:27
Last morning near 5:00 I had dream that I was inside big construction side... I found Bible over there and I opened it... in the first page I saw owl picture.... and then suddenly earthquake came... I tried to move out but I cant n I experience ma death too... what does that mean plz help me

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Roshni Khurana 2015-05-06 03:53:49
I saw in dream that me,my younger sis and my cousin sis who z of 3yrs r sitting in my bed room. My sis was hving lunch. And I was playing with my cousin sis. After DAT we felt smthng lyk its n earthquake n my sis asks DAT di its an earthquake na I said wait it was of low frequency earthquake I said yes its an earthquake n I took my cousin sis n told my sis to ran and we came down(actually doesnt saw myself cming downstairs step by step) and I saw DAT we r outside. Now I saw that d window ceiling of my cousin's home was broken frm outside. Wht dis dream means? Is smthng bad z going to happen in my life..? I am very worried.. Plzz answer me my email id is khuranaroshni93@gmail.com.

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gobinda 2015-04-27 12:17:30

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Mike 2015-04-13 18:47:18
Had an earthquake dream last night. I was sitting alone in my living room and it started gradually but kept getting more intense. The room was shaking bad enough that my vision was blurred by the motion.

It was about that time that I realized that the living room I was in was an amalgam of several living rooms of places I grew up in. I knew I was dreaming and became concerned that I would wake my wife (thought I must be shaking too). It took a while to wake myself from the dream while the earthquake continued. I woke up and must not have been moving or calling out as the wife was still sound asleep.

I haven't noted any major changes (recent past or present) that would qualify.

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Jessica 2015-04-01 22:38:46
I've been dreaming about an earthquake resently. In thread the ground opens up and whole bunch of spiders come crawling out.I've been told spiders mean wealth.

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lucas 2015-03-24 23:31:12
I just had a dream. I drive a mustang 5speed just for reference. Anyways I was sitting in the passenger seat filling the center console.with im not sure with what. Then I get out and go to the trunk, but that parts missing for some reason and you can see into the backseat and the gas tank. And my stepdad and neighbors are in the back seat. And somehow we all ended up drunk from nowhere and I start slurring words. And he just backs the. Car out of the driveway and drives up OUR road. So with me in the backseat I reach up as he is driving and pull it out of gear. Then the car starts shaking like I put it in the wrong gear and then the whole dream is shaking violently and they can tell too not just me, and I could still tell what was happening and where we were. And then I woke up with a jolt and felt weak with hot sweats. But didn't shake in real life, any thoughts?

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Ruben 2015-03-08 14:20:49
So I had a dream about an earthquake, and it felt so realistic that I woke up and I could only remember actually feeling my bed shake. So I get up, and I go to the garage.. (My dad is in the garage, he is an alcoholi and drug addict and is also addicted to smoking cigarettes) is in there, (as always, don't give me wrong I love my pops to death, but I go in there and he's high, and he's fell asleep on a chair. So I wake him up to tell him that there was a huge earth quake but he didn't believe me and went on back to sleep in a chair in the garage.. So I checked the news and nothing was on, so I was realized it was just a dream.. And so later on that night.. Maybe around 2 AM my parents are arguing, my dad's punching holes in the walls, he threatens to hit my mom, and I wake up to my mom crying and telling my sister to call the police, so I'm really terrified because I hate when they argue and I don't want them to split, but so anyways the cops come and they tell him that he needs to say at his parents house for the night so they pick him up, and my mom is crying tears of horrific destruction and she is saying that we are gonna make my dad leave us and tell him that if he doesn't get help that he will never come back, my point is, there was an unexpected huge change only hours after I had the dream of the earthquake. I thought I'd share this..

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Rowan 2015-03-08 08:16:36
I'd be interested to gain ideas as to what it may mean when you are causing earthquakes in a dream. I had a dream the other night where many people were converging on me and I defended myself by, to borrow the term from the animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "earthbending." I was opening the ground and raising walls of earth, causing bridges people were trying to cross to get at me to crumble so they could not attack me.

There is a lot available about interpreting an earthquake happening in a dream, but I'm piecing together how to sort out having the ability to cause them in a dream.

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