Dream Dictionary Earthquake

Dream Dictionary Earthquake


The earthquake is a powerful dream symbol because of how it is treated outside of the dream world. The way that most dream interpretation works, is taking the attributes of the thing that happened in the dream, or a thing that was witnessed in a dream, and then applying these physical attributes in a metaphorical way to the life of the dreamer in order to find out the meaning of dream. This may sound complicated on paper, but it is actually in fact quite simple, and this is the method employed by just about every modern psychologically based dream dictionary. There is no symbol easier to understand than that of the earthquake.

Experiencing an earthquake, according to multiple dream interpretations, means that a change is going to happen, and it is going to be a very abrupt and startling one. There are many different symbols which may signify change, such as a forked road, or a different hairstyle, or a divorce. However, what makes an earthquake so different as far as dream meanings are concerned is the abruptness with which it is associated.

Consider what happens when an earthquake occurs in real life. The initial quake is usually sudden, and unless it is associated with some other natural disaster that is already being reported on, then it is also without warning. There is a short period in which everything is thrown into complete chaos around you and a slightly shorter period where you are left to determine what is happening on your own, while dealing with this chaos. Then, after a few seconds, and after throwing many of your belongings across the room, or throwing you off balance, the earthquake is over and you will be left to clean up after it.

This is the essence of its dream meaning as well. When an earthquake occurs in the dream world, it means that a similar thing may happen to you soon in relation to your life. Perhaps someone that you love will leave you, or break up with you, throwing your life into complete disorder. It is also possible that you will end up taking on a business venture that will be financially unstable for you and lose you a lot of money.

Of course, even though an earthquake is usually associated with destruction in waking life, this does not mean necessarily that the change that the dream is predicting will be a negative one. This could mean that you will fall into a whirlwind love affair with the girl of your dreams, and suddenly be thrown into disarray. This is not negative disarray, but it is certainly an abrupt change from where you started in the beginning. Positive or negative, the definition that should be most closely associated with dreams about earthquakes is the sign of abruptness. An earthquake comes without warning, so whatever it is predicting about your future will be something that happens without warning. It will be a life changing and unpredictable occurrence, and one that you should definitely watch out for in the future.

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Earthquake Dream 2024-01-26 07:27:18
Dreaming of an earthquake suggests potential business failures and distress due to global conflicts and upheavals.

When the solid ground of an earthquake trembles within the dreamscape, it transmits a powerful message from the subconscious. The earthquake—a symbol of sudden, unexpected change and instability—shakes the foundation of your waking life, signaling a disruption in the perceived safety and control you have over your affairs, particularly in the realm of business. The convulsing earth may reflect inner anxieties about the stability of your financial or professional ventures, echoing fears of markets collapsing or partnerships dissolving without warning.

The trembling ground beneath you might also signify personal transformation, where old beliefs and structures are being challenged, necessitating a reevaluation of your life strategies and goals. Just as an earthquake reshapes the physical landscape, so too does your dream imply a reshaping of your mental or emotional landscapes, urging you to adapt to new realities and to find strength in flexibility.

Furthermore, dreams of earthquakes can resonate with a broader sense of turmoil that transcends individual concerns, reflecting worries about the world at large. The dream may encapsulate anxiety regarding conflicts and wars between nations, which can have rippling effects on a global scale, influencing economies, societies, and individual livelihoods. This could be a call to brace for the impact of external world events that have the potential to cascade into your personal realm.

A typical dream might involve you working in a high-rise office building when suddenly an earthquake strikes. Panic ensues as the building sways and cracks spiderweb across the walls. Amid the chaos, you try to find a safe place or escape but are hindered by falling debris and the violent shaking. When you wake, your heart is racing, and you feel a residual unease. The interpretation here might be multilayered; it's possible that you're feeling insecure in your career or that there are significant disruptions heading your way. Perhaps you're grappling with the sense that your current professional path is not as stable as you once believed. Alternatively, it could reflect a broader anxiety about world events and their impact on your life. This dream serves as a prompt for preparedness and for securing your personal and professional environments in readiness for potential upheavals. It's a nudge from your subconscious to reinforce your foundations, both literally and metaphorically, against the quakes of unexpected life shifts.
Cindy 2023-11-09 19:57:17
I dreamed last night that I was in a high rise building on the top floor and an earthquake hit, swaying the building. People started to scream and yell, and I immediately left and fled down the stairs of the building. No one followed, they all stayed behind. When I got to the bottom floor and out the front door of the building, there were 3 different men in different vehicles, offering me a ride home. I sensed that one had the most survival skills, so I got in his truck and he drove me home. I felt safe at home, so he drove off and I woke up. Meaning?
HeliosEos 2023-11-11 13:36:22
The high-rise building represents a situation or challenge in your life that feels overwhelming or unstable. The earthquake symbolizes a sudden and unexpected disruption that shakes your foundation. The screams and yells reflect the chaos and panic that can arise when facing unexpected difficulties.

Your decision to immediately leave the building and flee down the stairs demonstrates your instinctual response to escape danger and protect yourself. This suggests that you have a strong survival instinct and the ability to act quickly in challenging situations.

The fact that no one followed you may indicate a sense of independence or self-reliance. It could reflect a feeling that you are responsible for your own well-being and cannot rely on others to take the same actions or make the same choices as you.

When you reached the bottom floor and encountered three men in different vehicles, each offering you a ride home, it represents the potential choices or options that are available to you during challenging times. The fact that you chose the man who seemed to have the most survival skills suggests that you are drawn to individuals who possess qualities or abilities that you admire or find valuable.

Arriving safely at home symbolizes a place of comfort, security, and familiarity. It may represent a desire for stability or the need to find a sense of grounding in the midst of chaotic and uncertain situations.

Overall, this dream may indicate that you have a strong sense of self-preservation and the ability to make discerning choices when faced with adversity. It suggests that you trust your instincts and have a natural inclination to seek safety and security. It is possible that this dream serves as a reminder to rely on your own capabilities and judgment, even when others may choose a different path.
Tash 2017-11-08 08:21:46
Will keep this short. I’ve just had a dream that me and family were on a costal holiday, a large earthquake struck with some landslide. My mother dies in this earthquake and I can’t find her,eventually I did and managed to bring her back to life. Then my ex partner appeared we went back to the apartment I was staying in and we kissed. I’m so confused. Can someone help and make me understand what this means. I’ve tried researching dream interpretation but can’t find these 3 individual cases as a group dream. Thanks
Grace 2017-11-03 05:23:29
I just had a scary-real feeling earthquake dream where I was hanging out with my brother and his friend (I don't have a brother in real life, so that was weird). We were in a high rise building when the earthquake hit. They were able to make it out the window in time, but I felt myself getting crushed by the weight of the collapsing building. I called out to my non-existent brother "I love you" and then I felt myself die, then woke up immediately after. Idk what this means but it was awful.
Frederickh 2017-10-18 08:26:18
I had a Earthquake dream just moments ago. I was in my apartment, suddenly i feel some shakes making me giddy and soon i realised its Earthquake. I shouted to my family members to take cover immediately and we survived the Earthquake. We looked around the neighbourhood and there were multiple destructions to the roads, pathways and other apartment buildings fallen.

I was blessed to survive. Thereafter i woke up. Then i try to find out from thr web what does this dream mean? I live in a non-Earthquake area.
Anoop Nair 2018-08-27 01:54:10
Did any drastic change happen in your life since then
Ashok chawla 2018-01-19 19:51:34
A very heavy earthquake, build8ngs fall8ng like leaves, surrounding from all sides, a big building falls 9n me, but i saved unhurt. Looking for loved ones.
Alex 2017-10-09 19:10:54
I had a quake dream two days before my parents divorced
PT 2017-03-28 18:07:39
Usually I didn't saw dreams but for the last 3 days 27, 28, 29 Mar'17 I saw quake in my dreams. I can not recall my entire dream & only few things I remember like today's dream in which I saw I was writing on chart paper on ground & notice some hammering first so that I was not able to write & suddenly after that I realised I was in the mid of an quake. I ran towards my home & saw building cracked.
Graham 2017-01-10 12:18:28
Arrived here researching as have earthquake dreams in advance of them happening as in today in the Philippines. Most strange was the one in New Zealand some years ago.. In the dream, I asked the person beside me why are there two churches beside each other.. Voice replied, because that one is about to fall. And it did. Panic everywhere. Two days later the quake in Christchurch, New Zealand came on TV showing the cathedral that looks like two churches side by side. One had collapsed. The image was exactly as in my dream. Last night's dream was also by a church.

Is it possible to dream of such happenings in advance? It would seem so..
Timila Shrestha 2016-11-01 18:04:36
I've seen earthquake in my dream two times.the first one was not so big.But the second one was really big(exactly 9 recter).I was in my house.I was in third floor.Suddenly everything
Started to shake violently.I panicked but stood still in one place.After it stopped,
I ran out of the house.I felt relief that all my family members were safe.In other hand I was also shocked to see that nothing happened
to my house(as it was already damaged in real
earthquake i.e,7.9 recter,epicenter Gorkha Barpak)I was really horrified at the same time.I don't know the meaning of this type of dream.please do read my story and please
reply me what it really means if you
Liss 2016-10-01 10:33:25
I've been having an earthquake dream where the ground opens up and swallows me, but then I end up in some other place that is a million times better than where I fell from... Not really too sure what that could mean, but it's a similar dream almost every night.
Ddz 2016-09-13 10:04:01
I had this earthquake dream. Im with my friend in somewhere, we just hanging out beside his car. Then suddenly someone got hit in the head by a falling debris. We looked up then we saw the building above them was renovating, at first people thought it was the wind then after 3 seconds the ground was shaking bit by bit until it gets really shaky. My friend and i ran under the bridge at first then my friend tell me to go another way wherein its much more dangerous. He ran too fast without hesitation but me i ran slow because i hesitated to the place where he wanted to go then i left him. And then i woke up
Vincent 2016-09-01 00:42:33
In my dream, me and friends were all around in some old museum, a woman in a black veil kept coming to me and said the end is near that it will take everything away then after that I just randomly fell onto the roof of the museum where they had taylor swift live concert then as me and friends were watching a rumble started which threw me and my friends off the balance and we someone safely fell from the roof as we looked from one side of the place to the other to museum we a big wave of water, tsunami and felt earthquake as the land broke apart and then all I remember is the big ship was heading towards us but I was able to save my self I was floating through the air as if I'm really light or so but as it turned back I saw none of my friends but death of people and me drawing until I lost my breathing and woke up

Lindiwe 2016-08-24 01:32:45
I was in a room at home where I was born and raised and with my boyfriend and our baby then the earthquake happened nothing was falling just the floor was cracking.
Quin 2016-06-22 01:35:23
My dream was me being at a new job, learning the essential duties on the first day, while sitting in a shared office space, in which the time period resembled the 60's, a huge earthquake hits. People all around me are freaking out, they have no idea what to do. I was the only one who remained calm as everything in the workplace was being shaken, the staff looked terrified, i remained calm and collected, as the earth quaked, I took control and guided the team with instructions to get under the door ways, to stay away from windows and if they cannot get to a safe doorway away from the street, to hunker down under the desks.

To my surprise everyone listened and they all calmed down, felt at ease. Then I look outside and see cars starting to move dangerously towards our business. I again asked everyone to stay calm and ride the quake out.

Then all the sudden, it stopped. All i saw then was the lingering fear in everyone's eyes. Then i remember telling everyone to prepare for aftershocks.. and that was it, I woke up.
Greg 2016-06-10 01:21:36
Had an earthquake dream, very cool one. Started out as like a 1" high wave coming at me, and increased in height to around 2-3 feet, and in frequency to some degree, like a wave on the water. It was very peaceful, kinda just surfing the wave of the earthquake as it rolled past me.....I didn't move I just stood in place and rose and fell with the waves as they rolled by...
Bobek 2016-05-27 11:50:40
Hi, i had a most amazing, colouful dream of Earth moving, shaking violently, then settling, after that a beautiful Saturn was at sight, very close to Earth. Before it happened, it was deep and cold winter, eith snow everywhere. After that, as Earth was so much closer to Sun, the snow melted after few days...but in a good way. Then there was another big shake and everything settled to whete it was originally...moon was whete Saturn appeared and all wad peaceful. I get superstitious dream sometimes but this was different, calming.
Ah 2016-04-26 07:30:48
I had a dreem i am in room and then clouds and sun will go away and the earthquick start every thing was falling and when it stop the sun and cloud will come again
alcus 2016-04-07 17:34:40
I had a dream that I was having a meal with my sister and experienced a really bad earthquake. First that came to my mind was my little 2kg Yorkshire terrier at home. I was so-so worried. The love of my life; my boyfriend wasn't in the picture. Will anyone be able to help interpret my dream? *feeling worried and lost*

Sean G. 2015-12-31 11:47:02
I had a dream of a small shake with my mom while we were in a livingroom i wasn't fimilar with & outta nowhere it shook maby 2 to 3secs.No damages jus left us alert & shooken up abit tho.
cm 2015-12-05 08:04:37
I had a dream with a very violent earthquake. It bothered me on again -off again throughout the next day. I kept meaning to tell my bff and fiance all day. later that evening my mom was arrested and sent to jail.
Joe 2015-10-22 17:03:13
I had a quake dream funny part I live in Michigan non quake zone
-.- 2015-10-21 01:26:17
I had a dream that there was an earthquake and many people died ,but my family survived. While my family were in a safe place, i decided to go back to my house to save my money and phone.
Sonya 2015-10-19 11:15:07
experienced an earthquake in my dream last night.i was at some temple with my friends and this guy I like and suddenly there was an earthquake.At first we are all just standing around since it isn't so major but after the earthquake continues for a good couple of seconds,one of my friend screams- " this structure is really old and we could all die..everybody move towards the temple doors". And as we all run towards the door,it stops.it comes back again in a bit and this time we are inside the main temple lobby.Funny thing is,I was calm throughout the whole thing even though I am scared because I just knew it was gonna end soon.Also, that guy I like kept asking about me pretty much the whole time and seemed really concerned...When I woke up I wondered if it was a sign that my life is going to fall apart as I remain calm and watch my world crumble.I am just assuming that guy I like represents my love ones, who will be watching me while some sort of "earthquake" shakes up my life and I do nothing about itor just go about my business very calmly in real life.
rohit 2015-11-23 21:16:46
i feel the same except the old structure story,in my dream- idol of temple damaged and earthquake was very strong although i remains calm.donot know if there is any impact of this dream in my life
Scared 2015-10-11 04:26:57
I dreamt of an earthquake while I was on Japan and when my mom tried to help me. She was engulfed in the earthquake and nothing happened after that. What could it mean!!!
mary 2015-12-14 08:08:19
I had a dream too of my late mother and myself trying to help each other, what does that mean?

Anonymous 2015-09-27 21:13:06
Last nighg I dreamt that i dreamt of an earthquake and after i woke up (still dreaming) i told everybody and then the earthquake happened... What does that mean???
Janarie 2015-09-04 13:32:17
Unlike some of the set dreams, mine was of the romantic sort.... (a little background before I tell you my dream) I have just gotten out of a serious relationship, and even though we hadn't dated for more than 6 months, I had dropped everything to go live with him in Canada so we could be together, and 2 months later he dumps me, and sends me back to California. I have up to this point sworn off love and relationships, and refuse to let myself fall completely for a guy.

Now, onto the dream, I was with my whole family, and this guy Sean was there, (I had just seen him that day at school we used to work together and yes I do find him extremely attractive) Anyways, he's there, and my recent ex Nick, is somewhere in the back ground. And me and Sean are talking and whatnot, and as I'm sitting on a foot stool for a recliner, the ground starts to shake, but not drastically. Just in really small little waves... and they are every few seconds. It's big enough to feel and move certain things like a clock on the wall, but not so big that everyone is freaking out. Take in account that in the dream, even though there were earthquakes everyone in my family, including myself are hanging out and having fun as per usual when we have a family get together. I realized I had to use the washroom, so I proceed to go and just before I use the washroom, Sean pokes me playfully in the stomach. (It's something we used to do when we worked together.) And that's where my dream ended cause I woke myself up cause I had to pee in real life.
kerry 2015-08-01 23:41:53
I drempt of a earthquake then few days later my father passed away
Jesus 2015-07-26 09:19:06
at 8:30sh i had an argument w my girlfriend so I decide that I should get out, so i went to the car and sleep there, at exactly midnight i start dreaming first about a plane crush, i hear the loud noise looked up and see the plane smoking flying over me, over my house falling right on the backyard the suddenly wasn't my backyard anymore it was a parking lot, so i went saw a couple of dead people and i try to find people alive to help. everything looks real with color. After that I went w a coworker and his friend and i told him that i was having a bad feeling about this day that i can see the time flowing and speeding up like if i could see things moving slow and then really fast hi laughs a said thats weird, i went with them and i had a hunch or a feeling or i felt like a vibration and i said, something is gonna happen, and start shaking really really hard, i got worried and i told my friend i had to go home i was worried about my girlfriend and son, so I left and another earthquake happen when i was walking back home, and another one when I got by my neighbor's house, and another one when I got right outside my house and i saw my girlfriend and son and another kid that i don't remember or think i know him were outside the house, i saw everything shaking but nothing fall. then i woke up, i look at the time in the car clock and it was 12:20sh i felt that something or someone was giving me nightmares and I came back inside home worried about my family, my girlfriend told me that like 20 seconds after i left she texted me to comeback inside but i didnt have my cel. I hope this didnt bored you. i still feel something was outside.
greg 2015-06-30 07:33:10
Had a dream about an earthquake and the streets were literally moving in different directions i was helpless and i didnt know what to-do and no one was there to tell it was weird. I woke up to my bro asking me to take him to school
stephanie 2015-06-14 15:37:02
i had a dream that there was a earthquake and after my dad died i was looking for him and someone pointed him out but they didnt care and then after he died there was a conert and they were singing buitiful by cristina alugara and he (liked) the song amd i woke up and i was crying what yhe heack does this mean?>!/1?!?!?!?
Lendsi Paubel 2015-07-21 22:24:20
I lost primary custody of my kids about a year ago b/c they said "my support system wasn't big enough" I just had a nightmare an earthquake shook the area I was in and sucked into a fiery earths core type hole my 2 kids and the house they were inside sleeping in. I'm terrified after it and crying and inconsolable, I wake up to cold sweat and after reading this, it's not helping me feel better, what was my dream saying I'm so afraid it was bad.. please email me if you have any idea khaleesi_snow@yahoo.com

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