Dream meaning Haircut

A dream of a haircut suggests that you will feel a reduced sense of power. You sense that you are being disparaged unjustly may be at your workplace. Along with this the dreams of having a haircut symbolizes a brand new start.
Dreams of haircut are quite rare and hence a special ones. They do not involve enticing surroundings and many dream symbols. The main importance in interpreting these dreams is given on the hair style or pattern given after the cut. These dreams may simply pronounce the thought of having a haircut in wake life. Just look carefully at your dream to get the influential symbols to derive exact meaning.

Haircut dreams interpretations

To see a dream of haircut suggests may suggest demotion at work due to ill words made by colleague about you. This indicates loss of your earlier powers and position. To get the personal meaning combine these dreams with you present thoughts, situations and conditions. These dreams affect almost every part of your life such as loss in relationship, career or education. To dream of your enemy or business rival taking a haircut indicate that you will get an excellent opportunity for making progress and defeat to the rival. To see yourself having haircut represent misfortune or troubles ahead that are mainly related to your family issues. To dream of someone else giving you haircut symbolize your insecurities or emotions of being wrongly criticized. Where your head has been shaved off in a dream represent that you want to reach a spiritual height. To dream of having a stylized version of haircut implies to your anxieties and worries about your outer image. In positive aspect, dreams of haircut may symbolize loss or defeat of some evil aspect of your personality to make further progress in life.

Teachings bestowed by haircut dreams

The main meaning of haircut dreams is power or position loss which is a great warning to give you last chance to try hard to regain your position. You can scrutinize your surroundings and people that may carry bad intentions about you. These dreams offer a great deal of time for you repair the image or to prevent the damage. It is also considered as the warning signal to your security which can be recuperated in due time. Overall after getting a haircut dream, think about turning events around you and detect the culprit in time.

Model dream of haircut for better illustration

Consider a dream where you are visiting some destination on holidays and wandering on streets to examine the showcased items. You have your family with and everybody is searching for unique items for purchasing. You enter into a shabby shop having a board of decorative items sale but then you observe that it is actually a barbers shop from inside which is unique in construction. You observe a dwarf man to enter the room and forcefully start with your haircut. Your hands are cuffed and he is cutting your hair really short near to shaved hair appearance. This dream is a nightmare but contains some dream symbols that is the decorative items, dwarf man and haircut. The overall meaning of this dream is that someone is forcing you to leave current position or place. He may appear like a well-wisher and persuading you to leave current occupation to do something else innovative. Beware of such well wishers they will charge on your money and you will lose the power and recognitions hard earned by yourself. This offer may seem lucrative and also you are fearful and feel being pushed so just turn it down and stay away from enemies.
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michelle 2016-05-30 03:36:37
I had a dream last night with my gay colleage I asked him to cut a little bangs for me, but he cut my hair from bangs and back and tied it to a rubber band and cut my butt length long hair. Im so upset and he act like stupid that he didnt mean it. I suspect that he wants it for a wig, because he really like my thick hair at work. He is getting bald at the bangs area of his hair. Please help anyone for answer.

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cristina 2016-05-28 19:41:10
i have a dream.. i have this long and shiny hair but my mother cut it short and im crying for what she did.. i feel so sad until now i can still fill the sad .. its bothering me. please help me what was that mean.

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andy 2016-03-14 22:07:10
I had a Dream Last Night that my Boyfriend His the One who will cut my Hair. :(

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Kristin 2016-02-25 07:44:45
I had a dream last night that the lady was suppose to cut a different ladies hair and accidentally cut mine and I was mad about it. I'm usually not one to look too much into dreams unless I get a weird feeling about them. Everything I've read says the same thing and has nothing to do with an unwanted hair cut.

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zach 2016-02-18 11:55:02
i have my self cutting my hair in the dream i realized that i did not cut my hair good then i suggest to the go to the barber shop close to me

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Brittney 2015-10-14 13:06:52
Same my hair is around 24 inches long, and i had a dream that i had my 5th grade hair cut that was above my shoulders, for some reason it felt so real in my dream I looked at myself like who is this isn't me anymore woke up thinking when in the heck did I cut my hair, look at my hair remembered I never did that.

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helen ezeamama 2015-08-18 15:48:50
I had a dream where a barbaer barbed my hair in the dream, and I was telling him not to shave everything off, and when my hausband came in into the barber shop he was unhappy, but I feel less con concerned about his feelings. Please interpret this dream for me. Thanks

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cruz 2015-06-15 17:54:42
i dream that i had my hair so short woke up touching my hair wondering if it was real????

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rm 2015-06-13 12:52:08
i woke up with such a realistic bad dream. i went for a trim snd thry cut my long hair way too short by neck when it was down by back. the haircut was a neat one but i was so upset all my hair was cut. i woke up so upset. on a side note i am going through a relationship issue or fear of loss. but wow even as im up i feel distraught.

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Erica 2015-05-18 09:31:29
I get sexually excited, thinking about a man cutting off my hair. Is that normal ?

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Ieva 2015-07-16 12:16:22
Why would you choose to be normal ?
If that excites you then you should go for a trim as a treat to yourself  :) why not

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leann 2014-09-11 08:45:32
ur absolutely correct

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sapna 2013-04-01 08:36:50
This new dwarf person has taught u aimimg heights which u were always afraid of.... all though ur hair will be cut short u will be awakened ... into new heights not just that every time u loose the battle u some how cope up...... this shows that although ur playing a role ur coping up as much.

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