Dream meaning Mountain

The mountain can appear in various shapes and form and all possess a separate meaning that influences your life. Activities with mountain are also considered for the interpretation as the summit of mountain the ultimate goal or end of your ascending ladder. In some places of world, mountain is considered as the symbol of peace where its appearance is known for period of peace in life. On a different level, mountain also suggests your desire achieve a high in profession or business. Overall this dream is significant of needed efforts to obtain what you have desired for.

The attempts to climb the mountain are generally viewed in all the dreams of related to it but other rare dreams are also depicted here for better understanding of these dreams. To simple observe mountain in dream signify your willpower and hard work capability to conquer the summit. To dream of climbing a mountain indicates high determination and persistent desires to reach the predefined goal. This dream also suggests that you are ready to do immense hard work in order to learn a new skill or technique. To dream of descending from the mountain signify that you are unsure of undertaking some huge activity that is the stepping stone for your desire. This also indicates that you want extra time to re-plan your mode of action to be sure of its success. To dream of falling down from a tall mountain suggests that you are impatient to achieve the desire hence will take immature steps in this haste that will lead to failure. This dream also implies that you have pressure from someone to climb the mountain and hence you are not able to succeed in attempts. This can be in relation with unwanted course of education that does not involve your interests. Falling dreams also suggest that you have a tendency to run away from difficult situations or give away too easily. A mountain range in your dream signifies a new adventure that is quite encouraging in pursuit of your goals.

You may have realized that mountain is the ultimate symbol of efforts made in pursuit of goals and it is also a boosting entity that encourages the dreamer to go through hard work in order to achieve the aspiration. This dream is important for people who have a tendency to give up early and for them this dream signifies needed will power for goal attainment. It is suggesting them to possess strong will power that will conquer every obstacle and will bring your desire near to you. It also suggests that even though the dreamer will face many obstacles but persistent efforts will definitely make him the ultimate winner.

Consider a dream where you are alone and want to get to the nearby mountain just to see what is present at the summit. You plan the action and take your friends to accompany you in this trek. When you reach the base of the mountain you notice that it is very slippery due to water but still you decide to give it a shot. All of you start the trekking and reach a reasonable distance. Then you suddenly notice that as you are climbing the height of mountain is growing bigger and bigger. Still you continue with your climbing and notice that the mountain is out of reach and decide to come down. In your back journey you see that the mountain height is again decreasing but all of you reach the base and leave the thought of climbing. This dream is quite simple and signifies an unreachable goal that is common to all your friends; it may be an educational degree that you are studying in but realize that you will not be able to clear it remarkably or any other common achievement. Whatever it is mountain is suggesting you to keep on trying and one day you will definitely succeed.
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Santosh 2017-05-07 04:10:26
I dreamed color mountain around standing and watching

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Samuel 2017-02-22 10:56:49
I had the snow mountain dream and I shoved a red flag into the top snow and watched it blow in the wind. There was a deep voice too, know idea what this means, but it felt like I had a few men behind me!

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chandan 2016-05-13 14:23:08
I was an archeologist I stuck in a hole in the mountain and a girl is with me and water is filling up and I have a wish seed with that I could make only one fucking wish at that time wat wish I would make thinking ..... I can't able to decide and suffering no air water is filling and I'm trying to make decision whether to save her or myself. I'm getting this dream frequently

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Angel 2016-03-27 15:12:41
Yesterday I had various dreams in one night but the last dream I had been climbing a wierd mountain. Other people I saw were climbing the easy side to it were to I went the difficult route. I climbed it and it was very difficult. I almost fell once but as soon as I was going to to finish it my hand slipped and I started falling towards the bottom and I started seeing my memories as I thought I was really about to die. As soon I was about to hit the bottom I woke up but I couldn't move my body for a minute or 2 and that was it.

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Zhinga 2016-03-11 06:35:31
I dreamed of myself as a dog climbing up a mountain.I had such a feeling of strength, courage and determination as i climbed the mountain and the climb itself did not offer me a serious challenge but it was very long and the part of me that knew i was dreaming felt impatient and anxious to see where i was going.

I could see rocks embedded in the mountains but they did not offer me any challenge. The mountain was overgrown, covered in green lush but somewhat ominous vegetation and as i steadily climbed and climbed, my energy was strong and focused and i had a sense of well-being but my conscious self felt that the climb was very long and it felt a strong urge to see what was at the end of the climb.

I was aware that i was dreaming and pulled myself awake for a moment before returning to the dream where I continued on my journey. I however felt as if i could not breathe properly and i eventually pulled myself out of the dream before the journey came to an end.

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MorningSun 2016-03-02 23:27:16
Ive been dreaming about driving up a mountain frequently. Its always with my immediate family. As om 2nd to the youngest. And we're all very close/tight-knit.

This mountain i dream of is one of the most beautiful places ive ever seen in the world. And often times, the setting is dusk, dawn or dark. Sometimes the structure changes. And theres a lake or an ocean on the other side of it. The colors are so beautiful. Strong. I feel like ive seen this place all my life. Am always driving to the top. Sometimes we turn around and drive back down.

Not sure why im having this dream. But it feels like its an entrance gate to heaven.

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junesummer 2016-02-21 13:34:07
In my dream there was a house at the bottom of a steep steep hill and suddenly huge quantities of water started going down it like a flood but it didnt get into the house somehow. Very stra ge dream with lots of symbols

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Jerome 2016-01-24 15:00:46
I dreamt about scaling a Huge mountain range but before hand had a friend asking me ,"if your ready take the climb an claim the view that no one is allowed BUT you"
"Are you ready"?
As I climb I never once looked down got to the summit the peak I looked over an HUGE almost acient stone faces 9 I counted towering that mountain I was even accompanied by a seemingly almost walking on air enthusiastic person, even he ask the same question,"are you ready"
..... after the fact I just came from the ocean from riding a current of waves to being sumerged .... what's it mean? Idk first time I dreamt that sceneries ....

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Iska 2015-12-30 20:53:05
In my dream I was climbing a tall mountain with my friend. At times it was steep making it difficult to continue but I went on anyway. When I reached the top there was a building surrounded by a fence so I had to climb through the fence too into the house where there was a massive party with many people.

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Leeanna 2015-08-26 19:01:47
I had a dream I was in a older blue house with the view of the mountains with snow on it and I was looking out of a big window in the living room just loving the view

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nitesh 2015-07-13 09:49:37
I dreamt of an unknown indian city and at one directiin of it there were huge mountains with partially covered with snow. Uncovered portion was brown... Also at soke part there were pine trees... And I kept on staring as it was so damn beautiful luking scene. Don't know what it meant. precisely

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Aaron 2014-12-14 03:50:44
i had this sort of dream. it happened three times in the past three months, two times almost back to back. ...just a mountain with beautiful blue sky and some clouds. kind of reminds me of the paramount films production intro. i always thought the interpretation had something to do with my name and some spiritual purpose.

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NOnny 2014-06-26 12:36:28
i had dream the 4x4 climbing the mountain what does mean?

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Konni 2014-06-12 14:22:37
I dreamt that I opened my front door and there was this beautiful majestic looking mountain in the near distance, it was like it was close to me and all I could do was stare at how majestic it looked. There was fog around it at first but when the fog disappeared, I was in awe at its beauty. I saw cars going up a road into the mountain and there was a river at the bottom that glistened like glass. I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of calmness.

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Irene 2014-05-25 13:50:02
I just had a dream about starring at a mountain just for the beauty of it.... I stood there and saw it in aww... There was children with me a few I didn't know and my 2 children was also there... The hill had like a train or.rollercoaster attached to it..but without getting in anything a young boy slid down on the tracks on his butt like a slid.. I listened for the fall because it was very steep and we all thought he was going to fall but he made it.. Then I looked at the snow covered mountain again and it was soo pretty.. Then I woke up

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