Dream Dictionary Animals

Dream Dictionary Animals

No matter whether the animals were wild or tame, you should begin interpreting a dream featuring animals by observing whether or not you were afraid of them, as well as how they behaved.

Dream Animals
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In general, if the animals were not in distress, did not attack you, and seemed calm, you can consider the animals to herald auspicious events in the future. That said, if the animal is usually one found in the wild, sick, or unfriendly, then you may need to prepare yourself for some problems in the near future. In addition, specific animal types may also have greater implications in one area of your life over another.

Animals Dream General Meaning

Overall, dreams featuring animals can easily represent some aspect of yourself. Specific animals may symbolize your physical prowess, sexuality, or abilities in making money. Other animals may also symbolize how you treat them. Dreams of animals that you are afraid of may indicate aspects of yourself that are being repressed, as well as aspects of yourself that remain hidden or unexplored. If the animals in your dream happen to speak, they may impart special wisdom, or point out a new path in life that you had not considered. Depending on the situation, you may find that animals talking in your dream will help you reveal secrets, or other information that you need in order to make a reasonable decision about any given matter.

How Animals Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

Animals can easily represent parts of your internal landscape that are repressed or hidden during daily life. Oddly enough, if you are afraid of the animals, these aspects of yourself may well be ones that you have been taught to hate, repress, and fear the most. If you take some time to study these aspects of your personality, you may also find that they will give you different answers to various problems in your life. While some actions may seem too bold, or too unusual for your character, you may want to ask close friends or family members how they would feel about certain scenarios.

When you dream of animals, you should look upon this time as an opportunity to work with unrevealed aspects of your character. You can use them to improve various aspects of your life, or simply incorporate them in order to create some changes in how you act towards others. While you may be disturbed by frightening dreams, this does not mean you should give up on this aspect of your personality, let alone continue to suppress it.

A Sample Animals Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you just came home from visiting an animal shelter. You are upset and disturbed by all of the animals pacing around in cages. Even though you were never concerned about animals in zoos, you now begin to wonder what their life is like. Before you begin preparing dinner, you fall asleep for a nap in your favorite chair. Before long, you find yourself in a dense jungle, surrounded by monkeys. Even though they appear hungry, it is fairly clear they are not going to hurt you. For a moment, you look down at your body, and realizer that you have also become a monkey.

As the dream progresses, you begin talking to the animals They reveal that you have no sense of humor, and that your life is very boring. Listening to their animated chatter, you soon realize that your entire life has become driven by the need to earn the next promotion, or do something for your family. Upon waking up, you hear one of the monkeys reminding you of how much fun you used to have dancing to rock music with your friends.

Even though this particular dream was set off by the events you experienced during the day, it is still a clear indicator that you are repressing vital parts of your personality. In this case, your life has become dis-balanced in a way that leaves you feeling unhappy and vulnerable to all kinds of stress. Rather than let this situation continue, you would be well served by arranging to go dancing, or simply listen to some of your favorite music during a time when no one else can interfere with your plans.

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Sue M C 2018-10-01 18:01:39
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I dreamed I opened my backdoor in the morning (like I always do to see if there is any birds at the feeder or deer or turkey), and saw two big black bears in the field behind my backyard. They were playing like cubs, chasing, and wrestling, with each other. It was beautiful, but then I remembered bears are really dangerous animals. So I closed the door. What does this dream mean?
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naeema 2015-04-18 01:22:01
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my husband give mw fry fish piece and I am looking at it but don't eat it
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Esuterure 2014-06-18 14:45:13
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Amazing spot on now I know now what's up.
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mangala 2012-07-31 03:00:31
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what i experienced in dream seems to tally to what have been predicted thank ful to clear my doubt
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