Dream interpretation Son and Daughter

Viewing son and daughter in the dreams is a symbol of positive changes but it entirely depends on the state or motion you have seen them with. The details of age are also important in making acute dream interpretation as different age stages in dreams mean different things. It is also important to take note on the activities they are doing in your dreams such as playing, getting married, leading you somewhere all have different implications on wake life.

General reading for son and daughter dreams

Dreams about son- to see your son in dreams means that you are going to relieve any good news particularly if he is serving you or performing some task for you. If you see your son taking you away from the present position to some unknown location signifies that he is going to help you and take care of your physical health. To see your son walking in opposite direction describes that he will not follow your instructions and will do a particular sin which you were trying to prevent him from.

Dreams about daughter- to see your daughter in child stage signifies that you are going to experience positive change in life; it can be new job, new member in family or change in career. This also interprets that you are going to receive blessing from god to achieve the most desirable thing in your wake life. To see daughter in adult age signifies that you will get a satisfying solution on your prolonged illness or trouble. To see your daughter getting married is bad omen and suggests that you will experience sorrow, distress and depression in short time.

Hints from son and daughter dreams for life

As you are living with them round the clock you know the nature of your children and the same represents in your dream. If you see a spoiled or rebel son or daughter in your dream then you can get the hint for improvements in their nature. When you see your son going against you in your dream means that you need to mold his attitude to prevent him from going on wrong path.

Analysis of sample dream about son and daughter

Consider a dream with any situation where you are running in long fields searching your daughter and son. You can hear their voice but not able to find them hence you are searching frantically allover for them. This dream means that you are feeling ashamed of not spending time with your children. It also suggests that you are missing snaps of their progress in life and want to revive the old days.
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Shindi 2015-10-21 02:33:56
Family do not attend my sons wedding

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Leenie 2015-08-20 04:45:57
My fiance doesn't have any kids, but I do. I have a 4 year old boy. We have been trying for a baby for months, and he has been hoping for a girl. He had a dream last night that he was playing on the beach with his daughter. Anyone know what this could mean?? Thanks.

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fire 2015-08-07 02:47:52
I dreamt that my daughter was getting married to a tall man at a church and she was wearing a beautiful gown with a long train. Her sons, her and the man were very happy. I don't understand how this is a bad omen can anyone explain.

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kamran 2015-07-20 01:24:21
in my dream my son tells me hes not coming home...
he does not live with me at the moment but with the mother.she using our children as weapons.

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Jane 2015-05-03 23:47:38
I have 2 children age 21 and 12 . Healthy and happy yet I had a dream that I had a little girl . She was 3 months an I loved her immensely like I do my own kids . I woke up wanting this baby who was not real in reality but I can't get her out my mind xx

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Nav 2015-03-21 17:17:39
I am married but don't have no baby yet and no plan to have them sooner either. I had a strange dream. In my dream I've a healthy baby boy in my lap. He is couple of months old and it was so real. Everything is normal. We went to this function in my dream and he is on my lap and all of a sudden he vanished. I kept on looking for him and thinking where my baby has gone but I couldn't find him.
Can anyone tell me what does this mean? Thanks

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amy 2015-03-12 07:21:16
I had a dream I just Givin birth to a health baby boy. With chubby face. Dark hair. And I was breast feeding. I remember how soar my breath was after two days after giving birth and I started to pump because for some reason I was determined to give my child my milk so it grow up healthy. Then I woke up.
This odd too have this dream. This would be my 2nd child my first I misscarriage my daughter emily. I was very young with my first. I still go back and forth if I want children Cuz I watch my mom struggle and my friends.
So what dose this dream mean

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justin 2015-02-21 21:56:41
My dream was about my son and his mom, one second they are in the apartments , next second they are gone. Fearly trying to see my son more.

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s. 2014-11-21 09:42:44
I don't have daughter or son in reality but I had a daughter in my dream, what will that represent or mean?

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MVeep 2014-09-28 07:22:22
I had a dream about my daughter leading me into a Smokey tent that was burning something that made me cough and gag like I couldn't breathe.. I panicked and tried to lead her away but she calmly said "Dad its okay you're safe" That's all I remember than waking up in a peaceful mood.

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sk 2013-10-23 01:48:51
thanks a lot...

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