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The nose is possibly the greatest survival tool that man has. This is because of its immense ability to help in figuring out dangers. A dream symbol involving the nose will undoubtedly have important things to say about your life, regardless of what they are. The nose is the part of the body that deals with the sense of smell, and it is the sense of smell that is tied most closely to our memories. If you smell something that has an emotional response in you, then chances are, you will not be able to separate that smell from that feeling for quite some time. Due to the power of the nose, this power also correlates to the meaning of dream involving the nose. The dream dictionary has much to say about dreams involving the human nose.

The nose is a representation of both energy and of wisdom. To see your own nose in your dreams is indicative of your desire to actively pursue your goals and dreams. If you are having dreams where your nose is featured, then according to dream interpretation, this could be a sign that you have a goal that you want to meet in life, and that you are doing the best that you can in order to reach that goal. Because of the relation of the nose to intuition, it also follows that another dream meaning of the nose can be that you need to find out more information about a certain situation before you choose to pass judgment. This is an indicator that you only have half of the argument, and need to have the other half in order to really assess a situation.

Pinocchio has had a massive cultural effect on the way that we perceive noses. All dream interpretations say that if you have a dream where your nose is growing, this stems out of a pattern of dishonesty that you may have been going through recently. If you have been dishonest about anything, then you may find your nose to be growing longer and longer in the dream world. However, the opposite of this would be if you had a dream where the hair on your nose was growing. To grow hair on your nose in a dream may have several dream meanings, but one of them relates to strength of moral fiber and character.

The alternative to dreaming about a hairy nose is to dream about a bloody nose. Because the nose is associated with character in so many dream meanings, if you have a bloody nose, then this may signify that your character has been attacked recently, or that you feel that you may be in danger of character assassination. If you dream that you have bugs coming out of your nose, this signifies that you may be bugging others. This is because of the terms related to the word nose, and bug. To bug someone is to annoy, and to be nosy into someone’s life is to ask too many personal questions. If you have a dream like this, maybe you should relax on the nosiness.
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Cassie 2017-08-31 10:42:02
I just had a dream in which I was pulling decks of mini playing cards out of my nose. Continuously. I would feel a pain in my sinus and all of a sudden a card would poke out of my nose and when I pulled it, a string of mini cards would follow. As much as I pulled, the string of cards wouldn't stop coming out. I was with a friend when this happened and he seemed rather unphaed. This continued going on until I noticed that the cards had something written on them, but because they were wet from being in my nose, I couldn't make out what they said. Then all of a sudden I saw the word cardiology or cardiologist and my friend rubbed me on the back and it all stopped and the cards disappeared. Not sure if that's a symbol for love? The card was a face card of spades

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Ente 2017-06-06 02:27:09
Just had a dream right know were my partner had change herself in a way I always feared. I kept crying throughout the dream and I kept taking out red sea fan coral from my nose. The last time I pulled one out, it was connected to some sort of vain like rope and I woke up haha

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LYDIA 2017-04-03 03:30:54

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Chelsea 2017-07-12 04:23:53
I just had that dream too! I was pulling asparagus out of my nose!

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Day 2016-12-31 17:45:25
My uncle had a dream where two pads were stuck in his nose

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Vanessa 2014-11-26 05:22:03
Dream of hanky and rope coming out my nose

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