Dream Dictionary Rain

Dream Dictionary Rain

Rain is supposed to be a dream symbol for forgiveness.

Dream Rain
Dream Dictionary Rain. Raining On Your Parade: What It Means To See Rain In Your Dreams

There are many scenes in popular movies such as The Shawshank Redemption and the Notebook that feature rain scenes in which characters are awash with rain in extremely emotional moments, all moments when forgiveness is needed. This is why the meaning of dream about rain can often be about forgiveness, because we culturally understand the two things to be linked. A dream dictionary will usually tell you that rain has to do with grace and forgiveness, and can even have heavenly associations. This stems from the times in which rain was considered to come directly from heaven. It was seen as divine; and when cleansing water from heaven fell from the sky and rolled down your face, it was a sure sign that your sins had been forgiven.

This means that if you have been dreaming about rain lately, you are probably feeling that you need to be forgiven for something according to dream interpretation. If you are not the one being rained on in the dream, then pay attention to the person that is being rained on. This person is likely someone that may have wronged you in the past. If it is raining consistently on them in your dream, then this probably means that it is time for you to put your past behind you and simply forgive them for any transgressions.

Most dream interpretations that attempt to find a more practical symbol for dream rain relate to cleanliness. Sometimes if you dream that rain is washing over you, you feel dirty, and want to clean yourself. If you are in fact feeling dirty, then it could be true that the dream meaning behind rain in your mind is that you need to take a shower.

Other dream meanings of rain include the idea of watching rain from your window. If you are watching rain from your window in a dream, this could be a sign of your emotional isolation. However, there are many other interpretations for this particular event. Sometimes this can relate to the idea of love, or loss. Also, it can symbolize a certain affinity for spiritual and emotional thought. For some reason, humans find it soothing to look out at the rain and simply think. To stare out at the rain has become a favorite pastime of many people when they are looking for some kind of insight. The rain produces a clam in most people that is unlike anything else, so it goes to show that if you are having a dream where you quietly watch the rain fall from a window, then you are probably thinking spiritually.

Ever since childhood, rain has had a negative connotation too, with the loss of playtime. When the rain is out, most people must stay indoors rather than go outside to play. This makes for a particularly sad period especially if something fun was planned. If you are dreaming that you are stuck inside watching the rain, you may be expressing a longing for something that you cannot do. The rain as a symbol is a very context sensitive one, and it is important to pay attention to when the rain falls and who it is hitting, if anyone.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Rain

Lawrence 2016-04-26 01:14:31
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I saw myself under the rain what does it mean?
ruby 2016-01-18 21:06:20
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I have a stranged dream last night, i saw i was going to ride on a big ship like cruise ship boat, although the water waves but I can cross from the bridge very easy, then I saw as well in my dream it was raining, i got wet bec. May umbrella got broken...although I see a lot of people i do not know and it looks like a forieng country to me... Does anyone can tell me what does this mean? I have so many dreams that I do hope can be answered or have someone know what does it means? God bless...

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