Dream meaning Church

To dream of church from inside or outside describes spiritual enlightenment goals. It shows that you are eagerly seeking help from the diving and have desire of spiritual fulfillment.

The dreams concerning church are taken as positive dreams depending on the situation you have dreamt of. The size and structure of the church also matters in your dream as it denotes different sense related to your life. The environment such as happy, dubious also suggests different things about your present condition. Dreams of church also possess negative impact in particular situations such as the dreams of observing church form distance implies failure in much expected dealings. To get a better understanding of church related dreams, scroll down in this dream dictionary to find what your dream has in store.

Church and cathedral dream interpretations

Dreams of church, cathedrals and other places of worship many times represent our early day’s association with the religion. Generally, appearance of church in dreams is related to spiritual side of that person but the position and type of the building also holds importance in its interpretation. To see church building standing at a distance signifies disappointment and frustration related to your pet project. To dream of your presence in a dark and murky church signifies that you will withstand a death or funeral in following days. This dram also signifies change in emotions to result in some kind of emotional turmoil or distress. To see church structure from standing nearby explains the need for spiritual nourishment and the desire to experience divine presence in life. Dream of worship in the church represents that you will get help and guidance from the god in your real life problems and it also signifies the wish fulfillment. To dream of a collapsing church in front of your eyes reflects that you are turning atheistic in real life. To dream of church full of people performing activities like singing, praying, attending wedding etc represents happiness ahead along with spiritual progress.

Forget the past, live the present is the essence of church dreams

Apart from other meaning the most crucial meaning of church dreams is that you are guilty about any particular act and owing to this ruining your present. It seems that you are analyzing your life and faults that lead to the act of shame you are worrying about. When you see dreams of church get the signal that god has forgiven you and you should move ahead in life. It is the representation of the fact that your life will be back on track and you just need to get serious about life removing the guilt out of mind.

Common representation of church dream

Consider a dream where you are going for a trip in nearby area and traveling by bus to the destinations. After following some distance your bus halts for meals and allows the passengers to wander in the countryside. While walking up in the hilly area you see a well built church and after curiosity venture inside. There you observe an aged man praying on the table with the candles and chanting some lines, you are staring at him and then you notice the church to shudder and creak. You ran out of it and see the church crumbling down with the man inside. This dream is the representation of good and bad fortune. To see an old man praying is the reflection of success in your life while the crumbling of the church denotes that you will involve in the group of non believers and will observe emotional turmoil in following days. The essence of this dream is that the success will be temporary and you will witness disappointments or negative changes in near future.
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Bryam torres 2014-08-02 18:56:42
Last night I dreamed of me being in a big church where people from all over came to visit like tourist there's was a priest in the entrance letting people in I showed him my ID It was a military id and he said it was fake and he told me that he was in the service so it's fake and didn't let me in the church I cursed him out and threatened him and Ieft. Please guide me to what this dream means please

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Chris 2014-09-06 16:33:16
It sounds to me like your subconscious is griping about former service members thinking they know what the modern service is like from their old experience, and being in disbelief when a current servicemember expresses disgruntlement. Then again, my own biases may be showing here.
In this interpretation the presence of the church is incidental, but I think your subconscious is reacting to some sort of frustration brought on by the injustice of it all.

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Golleth 2014-07-26 11:27:44
I dreamed of 3 big beautiful churches standing side by side after travelling by plane. The plane touchdown near the churches. what does it mean

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Alice 2014-06-14 05:06:07
I dreamt that I was in church, felt like going to the toilet which I couldnt find a priest showed me to go upstairs he was praying, i asked a sister where the toilet were, then i saw an old time school mate dressed in white her pants were showing we didnt talk but some lady showd me the direction to the toilet but still didn't get the toilet. I woke up
and went to the toilet in real life.

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awalla7441@gmail.com 2014-06-09 03:57:13
I dreamt of a church with very long pews filled with people. It was dark, the people were all in black. I couldn't see their faces, but knew they were men and women. I was not afraid. I remember asking a dark figure I knew was male, "who are all of these people?" He said, "we are all waiting for your father." I called my sister to find out my father was in hospital. He passed shortly after. My life was the twilight zone for 32 years. Very powedful, spiritual time. Painful, but enlightning.

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Jv 2014-05-31 00:51:13
I dreamed about church and there's a man I'm going tomarry, it's weird for me because I'm married now.

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tin 2014-03-16 04:11:12
I dreamt that i was inside of the church with my siblings. The one on my left and the other on my right. Then the priest was at the altar standing just ahead of us. The next scene of my dream was i was collecting money donation for the mass. Many people pour on money bills and coins that it filled immediately and fall on the floor i had to pick it up and put it back at the basket cloth. A lady gave 3 chocolate bars and put it there. I don‘t exactly know the meaning of these dreams but when i woke up, it felt good.

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felicia 2014-03-13 17:39:46
i dreamed that my husband left me at a church
we were worshiping and singing and when i turned around after a while he was gone he had been gone for a very long time and when he finally returned he had no explanation so i cursed him out

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Cecil 2013-09-29 15:40:19
I dreamt i was kindly escorted out of my church, by my ex girlfriends mom, and locked out right before an alien invasio. then i went to my caddilac, which i do not own in real life, and took out a samuri/ ninja sword and a shot gun, after that is blurry

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britney 2014-03-14 22:19:04
i dreamt i was in church and i saw this man go up to the alter to give his life over to god and he came back and told me that he thinks this church service was for me and went back.

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Lynn 2013-09-25 00:01:35
I dreamed I was running from a strange man & saw my ex-boyfriend's church having an outdoor service, with my ex in the front pew. I looked to my ex for help but he couldn't even see me he was staring up at the pastor.

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golden 2013-08-20 04:54:12
I dreamt and saw myself riding a bycircle to my home church as if I came to see people clearing the church enviroment like field then at the alter side I saw a fine car packed while I was getting or trying to appreciate the people doing the cleen up. so what could that mean?

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Sam 2013-08-12 04:08:48
I had a dream that I am in a church with water works inside, sort of like a combination of church and park. And the church had a cave like underground and the floor was made from wooden bridge. What does it mean? Please help.

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Cecil 2013-08-02 00:16:55
i dreamt i was in church and my apostle of the church was preaching about welcoming aliens to our planet, while my ex girlfriends mom (who deals with the business of the church) was walking me out of the church with a smile on her face, then im outside walking to my car and there are little brown aliens coming from the sky, (dont laugh) i litterally popped my trunk and pulled out a sword & a shotgun, thats basically it

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Mel 2013-08-01 15:04:18
I dreamed of past church members that were still negative of me. It was me and my daughter going to some hotel. There were snow on the ground...we went in to get our room. In the hotel lobby these same members were there just looking and staring when I entered. It's was like they did not want me there. It was an awful feeling. Then later on in the dream they were accusing me of things. Judging me from my past.

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lisa 2013-07-10 02:51:44
dream I was passed out and God was carring me what does this mean?

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bridgeinternational21@yahoo.com 2013-06-23 19:52:29
I saw a vision in the morng that i was with my brother and the wife we wanted to travel.
the wife for my brother did not get the flit
we have to wait for her in the wiating list
after after waiting for so long she got the chance but then she did not want to fly,
i ask my brother why the wife will not fly
and these people wanted her to pay penalty.
after i left them before living my brother ask me for some money which i gave to them,
then i letf and took a taxi after taking the taxi we drive then he branch on the left side after braching i realise that he is a devil. i step out when the car is running i had to turned bak the direction i come from the i meet with two angles working they took me and put me in the mild of them after that this devil come feeling very bad with this two angles but the told him not to tauch me or them he was having a chane he wanted to put on the neck for one of the angles and kill him but he did not the angle hold his hand and told him we want you to take us in the hotel in that moment i went up flying and the blue box apear in front of them after me flying i enter in the church full of people and they are singing and i was still up on top of another angle i found in the church we war singing the song i never had before and the song was very very deep and sweat me and the angle we are up but infront inside the church the people singing are wearing the same clothes with mine and this angle the people behinde they are in a dark place but infront was full withe presence of god
then i went out and that was the end
please i want to know the meaning of this vision
my email adresse is bridgeinternational21yahoo.com
thank and may god bless you

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