Dream meaning Work

Dream meaning Work

To dream about your present job, suggests that you have to do hard work in order to achieve your goals or be more effective at work.

Dream meaning Work
Dream meaning Work, Understand the meaning of work dreams in dream dictionary, Job dream symbol Interpretation

At the same time these dreams suggests that you are overlooking a crucial task which needs to be completed urgently.

Your work related dream may reflect your hectic day at office or it may sometimes reflect your thoughts and stress at work. To dream of your job signifies something related to your position and work but to dream of different works which you have never done suggests array of things. This includes, observing art or painting work, doing homework and so on which reflects a neglected area of your mind.

Regular work related dreams associated with it's in depth analysis

To dream that you are looking for work shows that you feel frustrated, and incompetent to meet the current challenges of your life. If you apply for different jobs in your dream, it is possible that you strive for a clear direction and are completely concentrating on your work related goals. Dream of your current work signifies that you are required to work harder or better. This dream also suggests that you have left some important piece of information open that could lead to future difficulties and problems. To dream of hard work in job signify that you have worked extra and are fully engrossed by the thoughts of your work place. The dream of losing on the job signifies that you may feel at temporary settlement in your job and strive to get a permanent position. To get dreams of working in previous job signify that you should not repeat the same mistakes of old job in this new position. Dreams of hard work also suggest that you will be appreciated by your seniors for particular job.

The areas where these work dreams touch your life

These dreams generally suggest the need to get relaxed and enjoy our work. These are there to lose your nerves and let you know that do not take the present situation seriously just work hard and you will get the results in short time. You might feel insecure in your current position and that's why getting these dreams but you really need to sit and think for a while to plan the strategies to build your confidence, increase efficiency level and to give better output in order to get the respect you are looking for. The stress of your work may appear in your dreams which are denoting the need to leave the office behind once you enter the house and try to indulge in some relaxing activities.

Common job related dream and its particular explanation

Consider a dream where you are present in manager cabin with some colleagues who are chatting about something and you are performing work that is not respectable. You see yourself cleaning the cabin or moving furniture and these sorts of works. You hear manager coming inside and all your colleagues vanish from the spun and your manager is teasing you or doing this work under his instructions. This dream is nothing but a representation of your mind that is suggesting that you feel your current position is way down that your skills and qualifications. You feel working at dominance of your seniors and are frustrated in this work you need to understand that only after working at lower levels you will be able to reach higher positions that is without studying 1st standard you cannot get promoted to 5th.

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Comments: Dream meaning Work

K. K. SHARMA 2017-08-16 07:39:50
I saw a dream in which my additional work responsibility/additional position in the job was taken back and it was given to the net lady.what does it mean.

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J'yne 2016-09-09 14:17:56
I dreamt tht a colleague from a job I had many years ago. I was very fond of this person platonically. we got on really well. he made the job very bearable becos to be frank the job was ugly, gruelling factory work. well anyway, to my complete and utter surprise he offered me old job back. and the weird thing was, I was going to ask him if there was any chance of me getting my old job back. this is a job I had over ten years ago.

↑ 0 ↓
Ngou 2015-12-27 16:26:58

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Chorva 2015-09-16 13:55:28
i dreamed that i was with my boss somewhere high and there's a wall with a very small hole in a rectangular shape.She passed into the hole leaving me behind cause of my big i couldn't get in through.What is the meaning of my dreams?

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Donna Foster 2012-12-06 09:29:17
I found the reference to dreaming of an old job and repeating past mistakes very useful

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