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Dream interpretation Pipe, Pipes, Plumbing


In many cases, you can think of a pipe as symbolizing transport. For example, if you dream of plumbing pipes, the water is going from one place to another. In a similar way, when you smoke a pipe, you may be "transported" from a state of stress to one of relaxation. Interestingly enough, as you watch the transition, or progress through the dream, you may just uncover some answers to a wide range of problems that may be bothering you.

General Dream Meaning: Pipe

If you happen to dream of observing water pipes, they can symbolize that you are well connected to your emotional landscape, as well as others that play a role in it. On the other hand, if you dream of being in a water pipe, it can indicate that you are too focused on what you want to see as opposed to reality.

Overall, dreaming of bagpipes can be very positive, as they symbolize strength and well being. In a similar way, if you dream of smoking a pipe, it can symbolize contentment and well being. If you tend to think of pipe smoking as a time for introspection, then this dream ma also indicate that some knew knowledge or field of interest is about to occupy some of your time.

How Dream Symbol Pipe may Fit in your Life

Since pipes often reveal transport from one place to another, you may want to look at these dreams as symbolizing a good opportunity to make some changes in your life. This may include moving to a new home, or changing your life in some other way. Without a question, if you feel better at the end of the dream than at the beginning, it can easily be a good indicator that these changes will be to your advantage. You may even find that you can take advantage of opportunities that you had not considered before.

A Sample Dream, Pipe Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are on lunch break, and decide to take a walk with a co-worker. As you walk along, you notice a pipe being installed on the street. Curious, both of you approach the work site in order to find out more details. While you wait for someone to come over, you look at the pipe and notice clear water running through an open part. Suddenly, you feel thirsty, and reach down to scoop water from the pipe. As you drink the water, your co-worker points out that the pipe is being hooked up to a new building across the way. Looking up, you find yourself wondering what kind of business will be moving into the building, and if you want to apply for a job. You also note that that the water tastes much better than what you currently drink from the water cooler at work.

Since most of the activity surrounds your workday hours, you can conclude that the dream is about this aspect of your life. In this case, the pipe itself is transporting water, which is also a symbol of money in some cultures. Your desire to drink of the water indicates that at some level, you may wish you could find a job with better pay, or some other form of compensation. Needless to say, the water moving away from your current job and towards an unknown potential job indicates that you will most likely be looking for better opportunities sooner rather than later. Even though the building is in the process of being made habitable, you can conclude from the direction and taste of the water that you will find something suitable.

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