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General overall Horoscope

In the forthcoming year Aries will be obstinate as specified by their zodiac properties. And this is right - it is not worth listening to those who constantly tell you that they won't get anywhere with you and that it's impossible to deal with you, and that in general - everyone is about to turn away from you. On the contrary, everyone realizes that they have nowhere to go and they will come back to you, this time - on your conditions. As a result you will have - however sad it would be - to stay in low water (fortunately, for quite a short time); anyway, after that you have a prospect of reward for your troubles and firmness displayed. In general, cheer up and you will win.

In the beginning of the year you will have to prove something permanently. No doubt, you will succeed, though this will be extremely tiresome, and probably will make you change your attitude to some person (to other people) for whom you previously used to have an infinite regard.

Summertime will bring along a rise in working activities which may easily evolve (or be transferred, if desired) in any other field. Most probably you will achieve what you wish, particularly during the hot season, but you will have to set a comparatively clear aim.

October is going to be really hard, it would be more right to go through it by using every chance to avoid participation in any events, thus taking a position of a distant observer. It would be even better to take a leave and go away, trying to avoid any complications - they may find you very easily themselves, why should you bother and help them?

And finally the beginning of the winter promises to be comparatively quiet - the flow of life slows down a bit and you will have more time to yourself - you will surely use it for finding some new occupation.

Business and job

You will so easily part with your money, that sometimes it will even cause your own concern. It doesn't mean, anyway, that you won't spare anything for yourself - the impending year will never leave you broken while you will have enough common sense not to throw the last money to the four winds. Being aware of your lavish nature you may be expected to spend a bit more, still, if someone takes a risk to hint that you are too thrifty, that would be a sure sign that your attitude towards this person should be reconsidered.

The peak for your business qualities and simultaneous career growth (certainly, if your plans include something of that kind) promises to happen in mid-spring. Such a situation is unlikely to make you very happy - most probably it will make you forget your holiday plans for the nearest 3-4 months. So, if you wish to have a quiet holiday, it would be better to plan it for the end of February-beginning of March or to be reconciled with the thought that in autumn you will undertake a fabulous travel as a reward for your troubles.

Family, Love, Romance

You will not have too much of your friends' attention, however, if they still appear on the scene, your get-together will not finish in a quarter of an hour. You will be able to rely on them as before, though most likely you will not need it. And it's highly probable that they may need your assistance.

It's quite different as far as love affairs are concerned. There will be evidently more dates than just friendly meetings in the year to come. Moreover, stars foretell that more often you will have to be a ward rather than to satisfy somebody's whims yourself. However, this can be hardly considered a reason for trouble.

At the beginning of summer some strange things are about to occur in the sphere of love affairs: either you will have an unusual partner or it will be you who will desire something extraordinary. It will be a useful experience indeed, though your affair is not likely to go that far.

Autumn and early winter will make you seek for alternatives. Most likely you will not be too happy with this prospect and try to put off the moment of taking a decision, cherishing a secret hope that the problem may resolve by itself. It won't, so try not to leave settling the matter until after the New Year, December being quite a suitable time for crucial changes.

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