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General overall Horoscope

For Cancer the year is hardly going to be quiet and simple. You will surely have to make a lot of efforts for achieving something, perhaps, even more than it is worth while. Anyway you will not be disappointed. The similar situation will be repeated not once, but the end of spring and September will be especially favorable for such a state of things.

Cancers will not be seeking for travels; they will find their interests within a certain limited area. It doesn't mean their travels will not be successful - not at all, they will just hardly have a serious reason to change places. You will tend to give a lot of attention to the problems of comfort, not at the expense of other aspects of life, but enough to feel comfortable. The only danger you may encounter on your way is the problem of communication. Some will take care of their own comfort, there will also be others, who will be taking a good care of their fellows' comfort (such people are likely to be a majority). So, please don't be surprised, if you find it embarrassing to bother someone - just make one step, and then it will be somewhat easier.

Business and job

Cancer's personal business interests of this year will not prevent them from doing what they would be really pleased to devote their time to. If your thoughts are in tune with your work, you will be able to work like a horse, deriving not only moral satisfaction but also quite a tangible financial result. To those who consider money just as a tool, not aim, the year promises quite a reasonable combination of interests and duties. No party will suffer - however, if you are not prudent enough, you can suffer yourself - simply due to being overworked. Anyway, your body is going to be kind enough to you - you will cope with it.

It should be noted that a highly intellectual or creative work (which is actually quite the same) won't give any profit, which you will surely not count on. If you are anxious to make a good deal of money, you should pay attention to the more down-to-earth projects, whilst the rest is left "for the good of your soul".

Family, Love, Romance

The year foretells Cancers deep feelings. Not simply deep, but dramatically deep. Depending on what kind of problems will occupy your thoughts most of all, you may become either a great altruist or a perfect psychologist, who would easily console the most deeply suffering person; or a great lover. All this can happen, however, to the same person. There is a possibility that the year will award you with such an affair that would be worth writing verses - which you will be able to do too.

To those who are used to taking love affairs easy, and to permanent change of partners, the year promises significant changes. Even staunch bachelors preferring sense to feelings will hardly be able to resist - to put a yoke on them will be a matter of skill (and desire, of course). However, you shouldn't think that you must be afraid of any matrimonial plans. Cancers can hear a false tune perfectly well and no one will ever be able to cheat them in this respect.

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