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General overall Horoscope

This year seems to be to Capricorns' liking - all in their lives is going to be comparatively quiet and smooth, no serous changes are expected and you will hardly wish them yourselves. You shouldn't think though, that the whole year will pass like a night's sleep - you will surely get more than one chance to show your worth. It is also probable that some circumstances will force you to do that, despite a certain innate inertness of Capricorns that may completely take possession of some of the laziest representatives of Capricorn this very year.

Those, at present storming the heights of learning, will face some difficulties - they will have to seriously think of overcoming their own laziness by making their brains digest information in small portions. Try not to relax too much or let yourself neglect something, just because you are awfully reluctant to waste your time and energy for this matter.

Fortune will be thoroughly protecting you from big mistakes, sometimes in such an odd way, that you will hardly be able to recognize your luck.

Praise will be producing a very strong effect on Capricorns - at the sound of kind words you will be ready to move mountains and you will move them no doubt.

Business and job

Capricorns should be very cautious and even suspicious when handling the issues of finance. This year you will tend to be less critical when appreciating both your own actions and the situation on the whole. It's quite probable that you will miss some very important moment, and this may result in quite negative consequences. And in general you will be obviously taking things easier than they are - on the one hand it can be useful, as no one will ever suspect you of dishonesty, whilst on the other hand - you may be twisted round your finger, which is certainly undesirable.

The end of summer and early autumn will be the most confused time full of nearly hectic but not too efficient activities. It doesn't mean though that your efforts will be in vain, you may have the same destiny as the notorious frog that was struggling so hard in fear to be drowned in cream, that she finally churned it into butter, which did save her after all.

Family, Love, Romance

Fully realizing all the importance of a sound family bond Capricorns will be anxious to make the family structure absolutely steadfast. One should say, they will succeed, in their own opinion. Most likely your family happiness may be doubted by a casual observer, while you will be quite positive about it, which is worth a lot.

At the same time, this year is far from being favourable for marriage - you will still be in a hold of some illusions, which in general is not crucial for such a relationship, but too inconvenient, if important decisions defining turning points in life are taken.

Don't grudge the compliments - at least for the sake of getting the same in return. The words of love will be useful both for you and your partner, as this year many things will depend on those words, and they will have quite an unexpected effect.

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