Gemini 2006 horoscope

General overall Horoscope  




This year Gemini will tend to be more serious, which will be unexpected for themselves. Taking time before making every decision, asking for advice and trying to find a right person, who would give the best answer to your question - is certainly a good and right thing, and there is no need to worry about it. You will simply become perfectionist, a person who doesn't spare his or her efforts and time for achieving his main target - the result to be proud of. Most likely you will perfectly succeed in getting the best results, but your self-criticism will be too vast to admit that fact. And it's just as well, as the road to the top of perfection is really infinite.

Despite all your caution, approximately in the middle of the year there is a risk for you to make quite a big mistake. First of all, its consequences will affect your private life, whilst your business activities seem to be saved from various cataclysms.

The end of the year will bring you some unexpected joy. Well, but no more about it, otherwise it will stop being a surprise!



Business and job  

Be extremely careful in the business shared with your partner. It's better to be overcautious when not only the future of your company alone depends on your actions, even on condition that you can anticipate it well and do your best to take all possible measures. It may seem that the whole year is marked by the signs of paranoia; it's not quite true, however. It is more likely to require maximum concentration and attention from a Gemini. And the result will be adequate.

The tendency for caution will have a surprisingly positive effect on your "gold reserves". You will be surprised to find in the end of the year, what a pretty sum you managed to save for "a rainy day". Perhaps, your joy on this point may turn out to be too great and prevent you from spending a part of your reserves for something, evidently enjoyable to you - a sort of reward for the successful year you have gone through.

Family, Love, Romance  

There is a danger to mistake friendship for love. The spring may turn out to be especially embarrassing in this respect. Try not to make such a mistake, as the relationship, whatever close and sincere it might be, is likely to break off - it will be a pity, as relationships with such people should be appreciated.

However, relations with your kin promise to be quite pleasant and substantial including your parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins and other family members. They can be really useful, first of all - in arranging your private life (possibly introducing you to a potential match), and probably, assisting with some business contacts too.

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