Leo 2006 horoscope

General overall Horoscope  




This year will certainly teach Leos something. What exactly it might be depends both on your own interests and your outlook. This year will give those used to be exacting towards Fortune and the surrounding world a couple of quite rough, but no doubt, very useful lessons. Those who are no less exacting to themselves, will possibly learn how to reduce strain and relax a little. Stars promise their favor to those who have a drive for learning - knowledge will be surprisingly easily acquired and will not be only useful but enjoyable too. However, making a first step on the way of acquiring knowledge may seem difficult enough. You will be lucky if at that very moment you find someone beside you, who can understand your strivings, otherwise you may be dissuaded from them, who justify such a point of view by the permanent lack of time and absence of any guarantee of the results.

There is a possibility of the events that will seriously influence the way of your living. You may not be too happy with this fact, though your circumstances are most likely to be improved. It's just the matter of changes being too sharp, and you will hardly find yourself prepared for them.



Family, Love, Romance  

Stop admiring yourself, even if the universe is focused on your own self - it is going to decentre now. This year you will have to give up your royal manners in love matters, so that you wouldn't stay a king with no suite. There is a possibility you meet someone whose willpower turns out to be stronger than yours - and this will be the quality that will draw you to this personality. To what extent this would be good - it's up to you to decide on the ground of your own understanding of the position you wish to take in marriage, as the year will end sooner or later, whilst the situation will hardly change.

Those who are not going to get married or build up new relationships should be simply as kind and considerate as possible towards the people they care for. It's quite probable that you may like yourself the way a lion turns into a soft kitten - who knows! Couples made of two Leos may present an interesting phenomenon - provided both are reasonable enough, bursts of emotional strain may settle down by themselves, if not - confrontation may inevitably get aggravated to such extent that the consequences can be quite unpredicted.

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