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General overall Horoscope

Self-disciplined, punctual and sensible Libras will be true to themselves. The year of Dog is just favorable for you, because you are as reliable and true to yourself and devoted to your friend or some idea as this nice animal. However, just like a dog you will have to experience hard times sometimes, as this year can hardly be expected to pass smoothly. Most of the tribulations of this year will be connected with someone else's problems, not yours, and you will have to listen to the long stories about them. To give you credit, you will surely make a competent listener and a good company.

This year will be lucky for travels (both business and holiday), meetings and learning in any branch of science. You may become expert in quite an unexpected field of learning, just because some trifle can attract your attention that will make you consistently accumulate information on the subject. Especially successful may be those who have already devoted their lives to science; they can surely count not only on fame, successful publications and brilliant reports, but also on receiving grants.

Business and job

The year will not bring too much money, but you will never feel the lack of it either. However, a financial aspect will hardly occupy your mind seriously - the Libras (even quite business-like) are most likely to be more interested in innovations than in the things giving quick and easy money. As a businessman you can gain a reputation of a reliable partner and a very agreeable person - the situation will be unfolding in such a way that you will be able to achieve your aim quite easily.

Libra will succeed best of all in the intellectual projects as well as in the businesses dealing with production of intangibles. The people, whose activities are connected with writing, publishing and editing, will achieve a lot this year.

Family, Love, Romance

Libra's families are not expected to be shaken by storms. At least, this is true for those who are not going to specially provoke them, such people though being quite few.

Alas, a divine love is not to be expected either, as the year will bring you a sound friendship rather than a love affair. The strongest relationships will be built up with older people - you will tend to appreciate their wisdom, life experience and talent of attracting people.

Those who would like to marry should approach this matter quite seriously. Fortune will not bestow unexpected gifts on you, but on the other hand she will not interfere with the matters of those who have set a clear aim for themselves.

A meticulous nature of Libras and their inclination for analysis may become a serious problem in love affairs. Your partner's illogical actions may cause quite a natural reaction on your part, though this may offend sometimes.

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