Pisces 2006 horoscope

General overall Horoscope  




Fortune promises to favor those bearing the mark of Pisces sign. You will easily succeed in everything, and all you will need for that is your own thorough wish. However, you should also be considerate towards other people - this year you will be treated approximately the same way as you do treat others. It is very important to keep promises, especially if they are given to the people depending on you.

As far as your career is concerned you will be able to work wonders - even your most minor achievements will be presented as big working deeds and appropriately awarded. Your task is to provide those achievements, as it is a common truth that nothing ventured, nothing gained, even if your wish is strong enough.

Try your best to travel more this year - you will not only enjoy your travels but will also learn a lot of tings that make life never boring.



Business and job  

Money will readily fall into your hands, but you will have to quickly find an application for them, as they won't lie dormant and will not allow to be thrown around. This year will be successful for those possessing financial skills. However, if such skills have never been your strong point, you can definitely try and develop them - it should be a success. You can also try to speculate at the stock market, but be careful about more traditional gambling.

A great workload and a busy schedule should be alternated with a good rest with an interval of no less than two months. It is particularly important for those involved in production of intangibles - be careful not to get rundown, as your significantly worn- out body will find it quite difficult to restore stamina - it's not so easy to make someone create something, if his or her Muse is on leave.

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