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General overall Horoscope

Stars will be gracious to Scorpios in 2006, their favor being so evident, that sometimes you may even feel embarrassed before others. This is not the worst thing though, much worse is that your wishes will be coming true, which means you should be careful when wishing something. It is in human nature to wish sometimes something that wouldn't make you happy at all, if this wish comes true. So, on the whole the year is expected to be full of strain.

One can only feel envy at those who are ready for the role of a favorite of Fortune, while others should better follow the advice and get prepared for that, since there is no escape of Fate. In any environment you will be playing the first fiddle. It's not a problem if you are sort of a public person, whilst it may be quite a difficult thing for those who are introverts by nature tending to a secluded way of living.

You will be permanently busy with something and very vigorous too - and this is just as well, because if you are bored and inert, you are able to instill this futile feeling in the people around you. Thus, it is in your interests not to resist your own urge for activities. Besides, it adds more interest to life, doesn't it?

Business and job

Scorpios will succeed in most incredible projects, based on the business-plans that would horrify anyone who has at least a slight idea of those matters. You may take a risk, while something may be required from you in return too - you can be lucky when you play roulette, but your being sluggish in business will not be forgiven even by most favorable stars. It would be especially unwise not to use such a great variety of possibilities that Fortune is going to offer you for choice.

In March you may expect to find a good sponsor for your reasonably crazy project, and generally you may unexpectedly become the object of investments. Say, if you are not involved in any business, someone may wish to invest in your education, etc.

Family, Love, Romance

In this aspect everything is quite OK with Scorpios, though it is a common truth that one can usually be lucky either in finance or in love, not both. However, it may happen that numerous love affairs (if you certainly wish to have many) will exhaust you and make you reconsider your attitude to this aspect of life, which quite obviously, will happen later. You may acquire a taste for unexpected forms of sex.

You can hardly expect a quiet family happiness, at least for one reason - you have got too much vigor to wish such an outcome, as the excess of your energy needs some output. If you regard yourself a person fully settled down for family life, you will have to take protective measures to avoid storms - focusing more on some other aspects and starting a love affair with your own spouse.

In autumn be cautious while flirting, even a fleeting relationship with no obligations on either part may suddenly grow into a much more serious affair. At that moment you will be likely to wish it, however you may regret what you have done later, but it will be either too difficult or too embarrassing to retreat.

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