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General overall Horoscope

The beginning of the year may bring you some concern - you will be feeling restless, to be more exact, you will be permanently looking for something new, however comfortable and warm your current place would be. Probably, it is just as well, you will finally have a good chance either to find something extraordinary or just to enhance your experience seriously by considering a good deal of options. It completely depends on yourself how long you will be in this state, perhaps you will enjoy it.

Your target for the New Year is to provide yourself an easy movement. Don't burden yourself with luggage: with suitcases in travels, heavy thinking in business, doubts in love affairs. This is a promise of your future success on any front line.

If the first half of the year is to be somewhat nervous, you may become a real sybarite afterwards - the year is quite lucky, the desire for changing places has settled down - what can be better than that? However, it would be a mistake to have no more wishes; at least you should constantly pretend to be active. Actually, it's quite easy to provoke Fate's anger.

The last month of the year promises significant changes which you are likely to give a hostile reception. It's not quite clear so far to what extent such a meeting would be justified; however, it is true, that you shouldn't expect tranquility.

Business and job

In business Taurus should seek for somebody's support. It should not be necessarily someone who stands higher, perhaps it will be an older and a wiser person who might help you with a piece of advice; it may also happen that occasionally you will be getting some valuable ideas from the people whose field of interests is beyond the scope of your activities, - just on account of their baffling approach to your problems. Your task is not to miss those precious moments.

Taurus will be financially lucky, mostly in the second half year. However, the first six months will not be disappointing either, at least no losses are predicted by stars, still it would be better not to take any risks before the summer starts. You will be making purchases mostly by inspiration, however, even that will not be able to significantly empty your purse. Take a chance - stars are benevolent to you.

Family, Love, Romance

Taurus is unfairly considered to be awkward, whilst you can easily prove the opposite in practice, by demonstrating a rare artistic gift. You will be able to impress easily, and even if you find yourself in a company of unknown people, you will draw their rapt attention. Anyway, each medal has a reverse - alas, the first impression may prove to be so profound, that it would turn out quite difficult to hold at that extremely high level of standard set by you. In some cases you may fail.

So, new relationships are quite possible in the new year, whilst they will hardly last long. Instead, the current relationship, quite reliable at the moment, will be further strengthened this year, even if it has already lasted too long, and the times of romantic courting are gone.

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