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General overall Horoscope

This year will become a turning point for Virgo. If you pull yourself together and manage to withstand various difficulties you come across with, you will win and be awarded too. If you display weakness, feel pity for yourself and give way to destructive emotions, then most of the things that used to be important, loved and appreciated by you, may be gone forever. Whether you are prepared for the trial or not, don't give up your efforts on self-perfection. Fortune doesn't favor lazy people.

Critical points are awaiting you in March and September, when you should focus all your attention on the current events and not be too much surprised at them. Those who will prove vigorous enough, first of all will acquire a significant weight in the eyes of others as well as in their own eyes, so there is no need to worry too much about the future. The way out will present itself by all means, while your task is to thoroughly look for it and not to be afraid that outside you will find nothing but obscurity. In spring you may feel you are floundering, not swimming in the chosen direction, but you shouldn't pay any attention to it, no efforts of yours will be in vain. In autumn, on the contrary, all events will be happening so quickly that you may have an impression you did all that was necessary to be done, and now it's time to relax - it would be a mistake to think like that, so don't be in a hurry to trust your vague impressions.

Business and job

This year will bring a lot of chances to those involved in serious business, and no less of carefully hidden pitfalls. It's not that you shouldn't trust your partners, but you will have to rely on yourself only, minimizing the number of supports that can be taken away from under you feet by an insidious Fortune. By no means try to build up your business on a friendly relationship, you know yourself where it leads to, whilst in the course of this year all the events will be faster and harder.

Evidently, this year will make you settle your accounts, and if you have any debts, you'd better try to be ahead of Fortune and pay off what you owe, instead of cherishing vain hopes that you may get away with it. From the other side, this way or other, you will solve all your business problems both past and current, just because you will have no chance to put them off till later.

Family, Love, Romance

Stars will favor those who are anxious to settle down to family life, while they may punish those who tend to be too critical to the gifts of Fortune. Mind you don't try to find faults with others - do appreciate others' merits and in return you will be treated in the same way. This year will be hard to those who are good at lessoning their family members, have a taste for it and are sinful of teaching their family the way to live. However well thought-over your words should be, your lessons will never be fruitful, while you may achieve a lot more by love. First of all it concerns relationships between children and parents, but it is also true for married couples.

To strengthen such relationships, which would be quite useful considering impending tribulations, you should use a comparatively quiet time of the year such as January, early February and mid-summer. Family values will be of utter importance for you - don't neglect them for the sake of other interests in life, even if you have to sacrifice something for that.

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