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2010 April Horoscope

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Monthly April 2010 Horoscope
Monthly April 2010 Horoscope

The position of planets in the first half of April 2010 evidences tranquil astrological weather. During this month any personal initiative, striving for saturation and achieving of own goals will be praised. This period is likely to bring a fruitful yield in creative art, sports so, now these activities can be really promising.

In the first half of the month of April the Mercury in horoscope chart is striding across the zodiacal constellation of Taurus. This is going to favor deliberate and efficient decision-making. At the moment they will be a little conservative and the way of thinking slower than usual. However it is the unhurried and deliberate decisions that give the most successes within this period.

The planets position of April horoscope in the second half of the month will be much more stressful. Meantime due to some decisions that haven't been made and the accumulated debts and obligations, moving forward will be hard. The new opposition between the Saturn and the Uranus may aggravate the economic tension, force you down to the reality, let you lose your illusions but it will be based on complicated, stressful and critical situations. Now one shouldn't go about new activities and projects - on the contrary, it's very important to have the previous missions completed. Until you have something requiring fulfillment you can't get over it and go ahead.

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