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February 2010 monthly horoscope
The first half of February will be under influence of two aspects, and Pluto will take part during this period. One of the aspects (quadrature with Saturn) will inspire to ruin old and obsolete things. The second aspect (quadrature with Jupiter) will help to open up new possibilities. It is worth to use this period of time for gradual exclusion of everything which interferes with your progress, creates obstacles and brings down your labor productivity. You might be long for doing it earlier but there were some circumstances which did not allow of achieving success. Now the situation will change. You must struggle against all the negative foundations, improve your life quality. Then you will definitely have success and your wishes will come true. Now retrograde movement of Mars does not assist you in achieving the success, however if you act thoughtfully and gradually, it is possible to use this period of time for your smooth development. You should realize that abrupt actions can cause opposite effect during this time.

As for private life the first half of the month is quite favorable. You will be able to respect personal space of your second half and create relationship based on equality. During the first half of this month you will have opportunity to make new acquaintances easily. At the beginning they may be as friendship but soon they will turn into mutual liking.

Positive aspect between Mars and Saturn will bring possibility for gradual and thoughtful actions during the second half of February. At this time it is possible to obtain award for previous work. Meanwhile inaction, idleness and disorganization which took place earlier can be revealed now and cause problems or loss.
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