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2010 January Horoscope

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Monthly January 2010 Horoscope
Monthly January 2010 Horoscope

During January 2010 Mars will be moving in Leo sign in its retrograde direction. This means that the desire of independent actions will be distorted by circumstances during this period. And when you are longing for undertaking some actions, you may fail. And if you succeed in fulfilling it, your act may seem rather untimely. It is undesirable to take up a lot of physical action or scale up your efforts during January 2010. This month is favorable rather for force accumulation. This month you may learn to gather your self-energy, sublimate it and, finally, control it.

In the first half of January 2010 not only Mars will be retrograde, but also Mercury. This will retard decision taking, but, at the same time, strengthen your analytical abilities. In other words, the life will take a slow course during this period (take your time!). This time is favorable for the analysis of the past, exploration of your previous projects and ideas to find and correct the mistakes. Rest will also prove quite productive this time, but small trips and travels may become less successful than you expect.

The second half of the month will be more open and rich for new ideas. Striving to freedom will mark personal relationship; couples and partners will tend to value independence, the democracy of relationship. New acquaintances may have a friendly character, but common interests may form the basis of serious and long-lasting relationship this time.

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