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July 2010 monthly horoscope
The first ten days of the month will be relatively calm. At this time, it is recommended to solve the most serious cases and issues, especially related to family, real estate, creative activities, and children. This period can be used to start new deals, but only short-term, such that you can complete in the near future. During the first decade of July 2010 you are likely to meet new people and experience bright romantic rendezvous. Your relations will feature more fire and passion. At this time you can discuss important issues with members of your family, to take decisions acceptable for everyone.

The second and third decade of July 2010 will be more stressful. This period may not be the calmest in the world in general and in personal lives of most people in particular. Now the circumstances can be folded in such a way that would hinder the implementation of projects, conceived earlier. That is why it is important to be able to optimally adapt the current situation.

In the second half of July 2010 there will happen the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. According to the position of the planets it can be said that the global financial crisis plays out. Now it is time for action, meaningful or not. It is important to avoid the desire for aggression and destruction, you should move in directions that were identified previously, but do it consistently, without abrupt jumps, adapting to current realities and circumstances.
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