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2010 March Horoscope

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Monthly March 2010 Horoscope
Monthly March 2010 Horoscope

The first half of March 2010 won't be blazed with high activity. This period is more suitable for concentration on putting your actions and activities in order. Brainwork is going to get way too emotional, therefore some of your actions will be driven by feelings. It's highly important to realize that your future actions should stand together with those already made. Otherwise you'll go around in circles and won't be able to make progress.

The second half of the spring first month may turn out to be more productive. During this period of time you'll implement ideas planned long ago and do it independently, openly and in absolutely logical manner. These days any well thought-out actions, which you are going to be totally responsible for, will work well. The second half of March 2010 will help you to generate new ideas. Though, fast mode of thinking can make your ideas partly impractical. Despite of this fact you'll be able to realize them quite fast and easy. This period will be marked with ambitious plans and brave decisions, though they'll prove to be successful only if you avoid haste. March 2010 will be an exciting month for romantic relationships. The first ten-day period is going to add deep emotions to your life and strengthen understanding between partners. Romance, tender feelings and mutual help are the most important. You may start new relationship due to strong feelings and devotion. Unanswered love is quite possible though. However you shouldn't mix "love" and "compassion". The second and the third ten-day periods of March 2010 will make your life more dynamic. Sexual relations are getting more and more important. Your love affairs will be open as never before and new contacts will lead to passionate romances but they won't be based on really deep feelings. In such a way partners are very likely be attracted by sexual desire only.

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