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May 2010 monthly horoscope
The first half of May 2010 wonít prove to be the most efficient work period, especially concerning the intelligent sphere. Responsible decisions now will not be so easy to make up, there may happen various delays, failure in terms of commitments. During the first half of May 2010 is not recommended to start new businesses and projects - they can bring nothing like so good results as you expect, and so do you will often change over with the goals and objectives, which will do nothing buy delay the work process. You should better use the first half of the month to deal with past debts, to fulfill previous commitments and not to take up new ones. At this period is not recommended to plan business trips and business negotiations. In general, any trip can now bring a lot of fuss and unforeseen circumstances, so you should exercise increased caution when being on the way.

The second half of the month will focus on the development and stability. Problems will be delivered in such a way that you would have to choose between the possibility of growth and reliability of your provisions. If you choose the growth, then you will have in most cases to assume some risks. If you want stability, you will need to give up prospects for growth. Surely itís possible to solve this contradiction. Try to assess objectively your power and capabilities, and only then start to act consistently. This first is to evaluate the risks and identify objectives and prospects that you want to achieve in the near future. Only such an approach to business (and in almost every sphere of your activities) during this period will be the most effective.
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