Daily Horoscope August 4

Daily Horoscope for Today August 4, 2011

The horoscope for today sees a time for merriment and fun. The difficulties that have been on the horizon now fade into the distance and life becomes more pleasant, quiet and filled with enjoyment. Relationships, especially new ones, bring joy to not only you, but those around you.

♈ Aries Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

This is a good time to consider a trip or small vacation. Certainly the urge to travel has rarely been stronger than it is right now.

♉ Taurus Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

It's up to you to make things happen today, not just for yourself but for someone who has asked you to coordinate an event or activity. Tonight, friends and family.

♊ Gemini Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Put your powers of persuasion today by communicating your ideas effectively to those around you. You are the right person for the job, so get to it.

♋ Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Moving into a new situation can be stressful, but you'll soon find you're eminently qualified for the task at hand. Use your talents to gain the respect of those around you.

♌ Leo Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

You're a smooth talker with an innate ability to get your point across in a way that does not offend. Just make sure you stick to the facts today or your words will come back to haunt you.

♍ Virgo Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Your dissatisfaction with your current situation has you thinking of making a change. This may be the time to do so, but look before you leap!

♎ Libra Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

If you find yourself having a hard time staying on task today, it may be because you have too many issues on your mind. Tackle them one at a time and you'll come through OK.

♏ Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Trying to talk someone into something has never been difficult for Scorpio, but with that ability comes some responsibility. Stick to the truth, even if it hurts.

♐ Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Getting the help you need is going to be problematic today. It's not that people don't want to lend a hand, but they may be busy with other projects. Coast now and try again tomorrow.

♑ Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

You're more sensitive to things going on around you than others give you credit for. Step back, catch your breath, and give yourself time to see things as they really are.

♒ Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

Now is the time to make the changes you've been thinking of. Rearrange the furniture, paint the walls, bring in new plants; it's time for something new!

♓ Pisces Daily Horoscope for Today August 4

The action never stops today. Try to keep your mind focused on the things that must be taken care of, and then you'll have time for the fun stuff. Relax with friends tonight.

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