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June 2016 monthly horoscope
The first summer month of the 2016 year of the Red Monkey appears to be ambiguous. In general, the entire year of 2016 will be extremely dynamic, bright and full of discoveries, new experiences and fundamental breakthroughs, depending on what you need to bring you happiness. But in June, not everything will go according to plan, so it makes sense to listen to your intuition and maybe slow down a little bit. For each trine and for each zodiac sign, things will naturally unfold in an individual manner, though there will be some general trends. Firstly, the most powerful and mighty patron at the current stage will be Saturn, which has been carrying this heavy burden on its shoulders for several months in a row. This will definitely work to our advantage, because it will ensure the stability and the continuation of some basic tendencies that came into force at the end of spring. To be exact, it will be easier for us to adjust to "a new track". Another important point lies in the fact that neither the Moon nor Mars, which will try to assist Saturn in every way, will be able to provide us with really substantial support, as the dynamics of the energy emanations of these heavenly bodies will be significantly lower than that of their opponents. That is why June, most likely, will not be unequivocally positive, but rather more balanced and still. For many people who seriously expected to start working, let’s say, on the key phase of the project, this situation could be fatal. However, there’s no point getting upset and in giving up beforehand, because everything is reparable, and if there’s a will there’s always a way.

Uranus, our main antagonist during the current phase, will be so strong that even alone it will be able to neutralize the positive fluids coming from the Moon and Mars. In June of 2016 Uranus will be accompanied by Venus, and these two planets together will bring a lot of troubles to the human race. Of course, none of the potential dangers will be fatal or irreparable, though we still might come across some difficulties. This means that the best option for us now is to gradually slow down our pace in order to avoid falling into a trap at full gallop. The slower you move, the better control of the surroundings you have. But this doesn’t mean you need to come to a complete stop because this can result in missed opportunities. In general, as usual, the complexity of the moment will lie in the fact that you’ll need to find a fine line between action and inaction, which will provide you with the best option possible in the least favorable conditions. On the whole, the position of Uranus and Venus doesn’t clearly suggest anything. These are mostly trends, the occurrence of which is worth considering. But our pessimistic moods and sentiments will be wrong and counterproductive.

As far as the "heavenly leaders" are concerned, the fire and water trines in June of 2016 will have the same additional patron at their disposal, the Sun. This will be quite common for the fire signs, but Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces will be pleasantly surprised. These are the water signs that now will receive special and very substantial bonuses that can be manifested either financially or through particularly favorable circumstances. The fire signs won’t be left behind either, but for them, as has been mentioned earlier, nothing will go beyond the norms of their natural state. The air trine won’t be blessed with the "heavenly leader", and taking into account the actual astronomical environment, this could be a serious disadvantage. However, it only implies that the air signs will have to rely purely on themselves and it doesn’t mean that they are doomed to fail. The Moon will play the role of the "heavenly leader" for the earth trine and everyone will greatly benefit from such cooperation. In general, each of the zodiac signs during the first month of summer will find a lot of positive moments, and all the obstacles we’ll encounter will be possible to overcome, though not immediately, as we would like.

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