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The second spring month of 2018 will turn out to be quite an interesting period of time. It will probably even be regarded as one of the most dynamic periods throughout the whole year. Mystical Eris will patronize Earth inhabitants along with Black Moon. But Black Moon's influence will be temporary and unstable. In general, April 2018 will help us to appreciate the spring's beauty to the fullest. A lot of people will experience an escalation of their feelings both in figurative and literal ways. For example, their sense of smell will intensify, along with their other senses, as well as their emotions. On the other hand, it would not be fair to assume that this period will be entirely dedicated to feelings - there is some space left for pure materialism. Simply because of Eris's influence there is a high probability of favorable financial situation's emergence. Of course, Eris is not Mercury. However, luck will be walking along with us, especially if we have done everything right and managed to get ready for the current period. And indeed, it is better to approach April with your consciousness being cleared, with no other issues disturbing you, with all of the previous projects being completed, and with all outdated relationships being left behind. This state of affairs will provide us with the most promising possibilities that still need to be brought to life. It means that a cornucopia of all good things won't be pouring down on you, so you have to grab them in time, but without excessive greediness. Yes, you do have to work hard but there is nothing to be feared. The whole of 2018 will be leaning towards gradual and steady progress, and there will be no place for coincidences. Every achievement (and every mistake) will be a legitimate one.

Regarding some additional stellar patrons: Fire element representatives (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) won't have any "celestial leader". Don't take it too personally; this just means that you have to apply a little bit more effort at certain moments. On the other hand, the reward might be much bigger. For Earth element representatives (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) the "celestial leader's" role will be taken on by mysterious Ceres, which will most probably concentrate its influence on the working sphere. This means that for Earth element representatives this period will come off as a very balanced one with some obvious skews towards either sensuality or pure materialism. This is good from the perspective of your not having to worry about some very special resources or attention allocation. Everything will work out on its own. Meanwhile Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signs will witness completely opposite situations. Being helped by Moon they will observe the dominance of personal life, with some intimate relations being involved. This is also an important tendency that needs to be taken into account while planning out the current month. Air sign representatives (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will gain additional supporter Pluto. It is quite a curious aspect because the Dark Planet traditionally has some pretty special influence, which is hard to define in an exact and explicit way on most occasions. It is going to be an interesting time for signs of this element, so they justifiably can prepare themselves for some adventures.

A lot of people will find themselves in situations complicated by their emotional perspective in March 2018. Some people will have to break some old relationships in favor of new ones, and some people will have to make completely opposite decisions. In any case, nobody will be left in the same state they were in before. The situation is fascinating because you can predict the outcomes of anything if you try hard enough. But it is too late to be trying at the beginning of the month: you had to take care of it earlier! Now the only thing left is to be able to adapt, reacting in a timely and quick fashion. By the way, this is indeed the way it is - these dynamics will be increasing, especially in the fields of work and financial well-being. And this is yet another advantage, which you have to get used to after a quite sleepy winter and not yet that bright first month of the spring. You have to be cautious, trying not to let go any truly important situations. You don't have to act independently here, though. For those persons who have private ventures, this period will turn out to be ideal from the perspective of strategically important moments - you just plan everything out, and it gets executed by someone else. The greater the intellectual and rational aspect of the situation, the less you have to act on your own. In general, it is always applicable, but for now the situation will appear as something exaggerated, or better yet, demonstrative. But, this is not an only path leading to victory. Strictly speaking, everybody has his or her own path, and the only thing left is to find it.

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