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Do you need personal astrological guidance? Are you learning about astrology and have a question? Get free answers from a professional astrologer in our 'Ask the Astrologer section'.

Astrology is not only about peering into the future, more importantly, it explains who we are, what motivates us, and what path we should take now. In our 'Ask the Astrologer section' you can begin the process of understanding how astrology can help you understand who you really are.

Do you have questions about your partner, your career, or simply which path to take in life? Ask the astrologer and you will get real guidance. Maybe you want to learn more about astrology and how it works? Go ahead and ask the astrologer!

This is a great opportunity to start on the path of self-understanding and to be initiated into one of the most ancient and profound systems in human culture. Don't forget to add your date, place and time of birth if your question is a personal one.

Photo Astrologer Robert Bonomo Robert is a writer and esotericist and has been published in wide variety of media. He specializes in Hellenistic astrology and Tarot and his approach is traditional but with a strong dose of Jungian theory. Ask the Astrologer: Robert Bonomo
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