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According to predictions based on Mayan astrology 2012 is supposed to be the year that the world ends or is otherwise transformed by a sense of spiritual awakening. While Western astrology doesn't have quite that to say about the year, astrology 2012 is generally believed to be huge. There are a number of astrological events happening this year that underscore its impact, both on a personal level and on a wider global level. Major once-in-a-lifetime shifts have already happened and will continue to happen as astrology 2012 unfolds.

Major Transits in Astrology 2012

The major transits of the year involve nearly every aspect of life, from the personal to the social to the global. There will be five major astrology 2012 events throughout the year, and each will build on the next, culminating in a final burst of transformative expansion at the end of the year.

January/February - Neptune Enters Pisces - Perhaps setting the tone for the spiritual, new-age significance of the year, Neptune's entry into Pisces on February 3 represents the ushering in of the next decade, which will be devoted less to idealizing ideas and more to idealizing fluid human experience. This is a very positive "feel the love" type aspect and is auspicious for astrology 2012.

February/April - Mars Retrograde - The first of the difficult personal aspects, Mars retrograde forces all of us to look at how we handle assertiveness, sexuality and our roles as creators in the world. Tensions run high, and people are more likely to butt heads.

May/June - Venus Retrograde - Venus retrograde on the heels of Mars retrograde forces us to examine how we are or are not receptive to one another. The sudden shift from a focus on creative drive to a focus on openness and union will surely be a difficult one, but the purpose for this astrology 2012 aspect is to show us how to balance both the masculine and feminine in ourselves.

June/August - Uranus-Pluto Square - A massively important aspect, the Uranus-Pluto square will be relevant for the next five years to come. It represents seismic social shifts and is, indeed, a long time in coming. Massive social transformation will begin in 2012 around this time.

December - Yod Formation With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto - Often termed "the finger of God," the Yod has two psychologically "heavy" planets, Saturn and Pluto, affecting one of the most light-hearted planets, Jupiter, with their depth. This is a good time to bring the lessons of manifestation and transformation, particularly in the practical realms of time and money, in line with our desires for consciousness expansion. In other words, consciousness expansion will receive two major allies! However, we will have to work hard.

As always, astrology 2012 and the subsequent transformation of the world will be what we make of it. Astrology 2012 offers us some great opportunities this year, but we will have to rise to meet them. Nothing will be given to us for free.

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