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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Yang, Yin, Yod, Yoga, Yogakaraka, Yuga, Yuti
Yang is the name for one of the 2 major balancing principles in Chinese philosophy and is considered Masculine as opposed to the Feminine of Yin. The Yang represents the beginning of life and growth and is associated with the Sun. Four of the same 5 elements, Metal, Earth, Water, and Fire referred to in Western Astrology are as significant in the ideology behind the harmony of Yang and Yin, along with Wood. These natural elements and five of the astrological planets are influenced by the presence of the Yang in Taoism. Within the symbol of Yin-Yang the Yang area is the white section indicating light and positivity.
Yin is the name for one of the 2 major balancing principles in Chinese philosophy and is considered Feminine as opposed to the Masculine of Yang. The Yin represents the ageing and weaknesses of human life and is connected to the Moon. The five same astrological planets connected with Western Astrology, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars, are as important in the harmony of Yin and Yang. These planetary bodies and the natural elements are influenced by the presence of the Yin in Taoism. Within the symbol of Yang-Yin the Yin area is the black section indicating a darker negative side.
A Yod is a powerful and fortunate aspect configuration involving 3 planets that is also referred to as the finger of God or Fate. It is formed by 2 planets making a sextile angle to a third planet located at 150 degrees opposite their mid-points. The formation shape a Yod creates has been likened to that of an arrow. This particular aspect focuses on energy and is thought to direct the influences of the two planets into the 3rd planet's house creating an intensified effect. The Yod's appearance in a birth chart is believed to indicate an important purpose in life and to also have a favorable Karmic connection.
The word Yoga is used to describe in Indian Astrology certain planetary positions within houses that is believed to initiate a specific effect. The 3 main Yoga's and house rulers are called the Raja Yoga, Dhana Yoga and Arista Yoga. The concept surrounding Yoga's is that they are an indication of a celestial position's strength within a person's natal chart. They can add the extra insight into how and when destined events may unfold and the time periods they are predicted to occur. There are many, many Yoga's and students of these ancient teachings are expected to learn and memorize every single one.
When a Raja Yoga is formed by a solitary planet it is referred to as being Yogakaraka and considered as a favorable influence. This is because the Yogakaraka celestial body will dominate the area it falls into and assume an authoritative status. Three astrological planets are most strongly associated with Yogakaraka positions, these are Saturn, Venus and Mars. They are thought to be most beneficial when located around the cusps of the zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer. A Yogakaraka not involving these particular specific planets and signs can still be considered a positive and powerful influence.
A Yuga is one of the 4 periods of time associated with humanity that are regarded astrologically as the Divine Years. Ancient Astrologers like the Greeks and Hindus designated four ages connected with Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron written in Sanskrit. They are sometimes also known as the World Ages of Satya. Yuga is the name for the first Golden Age of Truth. The other 3 cosmic ages are the Silver Age of Righteousness Treta Yuga, the Bronze Age of Knowledge Dwarpara Yuga and the Age of Darkness the Kali Yuga. These centuries old time eras are believed to cover a 10,000 years duration expressing the lessons towards enlightenment and peace for Mankind.
Yuti is the Verdic astrological name for a conjunction formed when 2 planets are positioned at the same longitude or situated around 180 degrees from each other. A Yuti, like all conjunctions, is believed to initiate an influential interaction of the two planetary energies. Any commonly shared influences are thought to be intensified. It's effect in Astrology interpretation has different significance depending on the particular pair of celestial bodies involved. A Mars and Mercury Yuti may sometimes indicate a skin disorder while a Chandra Rahu Yuti can reveal a person's past incomplete life.