Compatibility Horoscope of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith


Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas born August 10, and it means that he was born under the sign of Leo as well.

Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor who earned a worldwide fame. His full name is Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas. He was born into an ordinary family and used to dream of becoming a soccer player when he was a kid, but later set his mind on becoming an actor.

In early 1980s he started appearing in the movies by Pedro Almodovar; afterwards Banderas attracted some interest in Hollywood. Acting in the USA proved to be a trial at first since his English was very poor and later he was trying hard to get rid of an accent. However, in the 1990s Banderas' career skyrocketed which was, by the way, helped by his marriage to Melanie Griffith. The actor appeared in many successful movies and presently is occupying a sturdy niche in Hollywood.

Antonio Banderas had to put up with a constant attribute of fame - gossips in the media. Everyone's attention was focused on his affair with an actress Melanie Griffth which ruined two marriages at the same time: Antonio's and Melanie's. A new couple who didn't make their feelings a secret settled in Los Angeles. However, Antonio did not feel like a Hispanic emigrant who made it big in America. His homeland has always meant a world to him; neither has he ever cut off his ties to Spanish cinematography. The last out of five movies of 1995 Two much where he was coupled with Melanie is a proof of that. A Spanish director Fernando Trueba, a winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Belle Époque worked on this movie. One more project awaited Banderas in Spain - Lorca. The actor has been dreaming and aspiring to direct Don Juan in his homeland. However, he was widely acclaimed by the critics after the movie Atame!

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith Melanie Griffith born August 9 and it means that she was born under zodiacal sign of Leo.

Melanie Richards Griffith was born on August 9, 1957 in New York into the family of an advertising executive Peter Griffith and a model/actress Tippi Hedren who had found fame in the movies by Alfred Hitchcock Birds and Marnie.

Melanie and her mother moved to California after her parents had split up.

Griffith's first part was a commercial ad when she was only 9 months old.

At the age of 16 she graduated from the Hollywood Professional School. Later on she took the acting courses by Stella Adler in New York.

Melanie made a few insignificant appearances in movies after having received her education. A director Arthur Penn noticed a young actress and offered her a role of a racy girl in his thriller Night Moves (1975).

In 1975 the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose Melanie Griffith to be "Miss Golden Globe" (the title is awarded to children from famous Hollywood families).

Brian De Palma had the actress cast in her first major role in the movie Body Double (1984) followed by even more successful appearance in Something Wild (1986) which made Griffith famous.

True mainstream success was bestowed on Melanie Griffith by the movie Working Girl (1988) marked by her collaboration with such stars as Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and Alec Baldwin. Griffith won the Golden Globe Award as Best Comedy Actress of the year and was nominated for the Oscar.

In 1998 the actress was cast in the criminal drama Another Day in Paradise. Some critics came to the conclusion this was the highlight of her acting career. The same year Woody Allen had her cast in Celebrity with Leonardo Di Caprio.

In 1999 the HBO cable channel invited Melanie to play in RKO 281 which earned her the nominations for the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards as Best Supporting Actress in mini-series. Melanie took part in a number of other television projects like Twins (2005-2006), Viva Laughlin (2007), This American Housewife (2012) and others.

Griffith had to take several breaks from her acting career - from time to time the actress would stop acting due to the problems with drugs and alcohol and after the rehabilitation course she would be back on the screen.

In 2003 she debuted on Broadway stage as Roxy in the musical Chicago and received positive critics' acclaim.

Melanie Griffith was twice married to an actor Don Johnson. She first married Don in January 1976 and in July 1976 they separated. In 1989 she married Johnson again and in 1996 they got divorced yet another time. Between the years of 1981 and 1987 she was married to an actor Steven Bauer. In 1996 Griffith married an actor Antonio Banderas.

Melanie Griffith has three children: son Alexander Bauer (born in 1985 from Steven Bauer); daughter Dakota May Johnson (born in 1989 from Don Johnson), a model and an aspiring actress who has got a few smaller roles and the title of "Miss Golden Globe" for 2006 in her arsenal; daughter Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith (born in 1996 from Antonio Banderas).

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo woman and Leo man Fabulous family of Leos - what can be more beautiful and powerful? It is easy to spot them among other couples by how they behave, the elegant clothes they wear, their dignified posture and independent way of thinking. This couple is radiant since both partners have the sun for a patron. Compatibility horoscope for two Leos gives them a few pieces of advice which they should follow in order to avoid a catastrophe in their relations. Strong and proud, both of you want to lead and are thirsty for recognition. When on the same territory, the first and primary problem both of you will face is how to distribute your roles. There can't be two monarchs in the same state and it is unusual for a pride to have two leading lions, so it only makes sense for one of you to yield a spotlight to the other. Unfounded pride of both of you may blind each other and cause aggression in response - as a result your relationship that started out as a beautiful adventure may end as a complete disaster. If both spouses are Leo, they will be known to fight and argue more than others. Leo who is innately noble and kind at heart can easily become aggressive, impatient and angry in the moments of confrontation. Leo won't spare any resources to bring back his former glory. After some time together, as a rule married Lions eventual arrive at a mutual wise decision - to be equal partners in their relationship. But as soon as there are potential spectators, Leos do not miss a chance to solidify their superiority and resume old battles in their chase after everyone's acceptance. Neither male nor female Leo is ever false. Lie is against their nature - they will never have their genuine respect or true repulsion masked with sweet flattery. They will never resort to dishonest moves - they will always fight an open battle. Nature has appointed a male lion to be a king of animals and his lioness is always in the shade of his glory, but never too far. A lioness never rivals her lion; instead, in a humble and dignified way she carries out her mission of a guardian of Lion's kingdom. Things should be the exact same way in the relationship shared by two humans born in the sign of Leo. A woman-lioness should remember her female essence and become not only a lover to her man, but his friend, advisor, helper and someone to talk to. Compatibility horoscope states that Leo woman should be the first to learn patience and tact; then the relationship based on mutual respect won't need any fights or arguments for domination.

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