Compatibility Horoscope of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez BORN: 24/07/1970 it means that her zodiacal sign is also Leo.

Jennifer Lopez was born into a Puerto Rican family and grew up in a poor neighborhood of the Bronx in New York. She attended a school for girls, took dancing and singing classes, was very athletic and was a part of the school softball team. After graduation, she danced in clubs at night and worked in a notary's office by day.

Her path to fame started with her part in comedy series In Living Color as a fly girl followed by several more television projects. Her first major role was Selena Quintanilla-Perez from the biographic musical named the same way. The movie earned a young singer the Golden Globe nomination. Since then Jennifer Lopez was constantly in demand mainly acting in melodramas and comedies and sometimes in light action films. However, as a rule, her movies were prone to provoking bashing critics' reviews and commercial failures. By now the actress has already been nominated 6 times for the Golden Raspberry Award as Worst Actress and once she even won the award for her criminal comedy Gigli.

In the musical field J Lo has been more successful; she also did quite well financially with a side business of JLo by Jennifer Lopez clothing line, a Cuban restaurant in Pasadena, CA and her own eau de toilette Glow by J.Lo (2002) which broke all sales records.

She was married and divorced thrice. She and her latest husband Marc Anthony have two children.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Ben Affleck BORN: 15/08/1972- it means that he has the Leo sign.

Ben Affleck is an American actor, screenwriter and film director who earned fame after appearing in such movies by Kevin Smith as Chasing Amy and Dogma. Affleck became the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards laureate for the screenplay to Good Will Hunting which he had written in collaboration with Matt Damon. Affleck scored major roles in such blockbusters as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, etc. However, he is also an acclaimed film director (Gone Baby Gone, The Town). Ben Affleck is actively involved into political and charitable activities. He along with Matt Damon set up a production company LivePlanet.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo woman and Leo man According to compatibility horoscope a star couple of two Leos have good chances for solid and very productive relations where each of them will have their place and play a part they deserve. A couple made up of two Leos will always draw attention by their demonstrative behavior, eye-catching clothes and "king-like" manners. In public these two seem to complement each other's grandness; they may have fun and even fool around, but it will be easy to see with an unarmed eye that these two belong to a higher cast. At any party or event two Lions always grab everyone's attention - year after year they remain leaders in the company of friends and acquaintances.

Both male and female Leo cant's stomach any criticism, but are quite successful in criticizing others. If there is already a leader in the company and he/she doesn't feel like giving up the leadership, Leo will grow grumpy and try to spend the night away in a calm reserved manner. Apart from parties, Leo woman also cares about her home, attire, jewelry; she doesn't take well the beauty of other women who dared to outshine her. A lioness is more capricious; she may demand too much attention from her grand husband. If she doesn't get what she wants, she goes into a large-scale debriefing mode. A lion may choose to snarl back or simply ignore his enraged partner by skillfully shaking off all her accusations. Two Leos as a couple enjoy spending money; they have an amazing gift of spending all and at once and then being puzzled by an empty wallet. Leo man and Leo woman as a couple live their life without going into the trouble of planning their activities, spendings, parties and festivities; thus, from time to time they throw loud balls with abundance of food and numerous guests and then sit empty-handed and upset with each other. As time goes by, such parties become more and more rare and monotonous routine grows more and more all-encompassing; two Lions confined within the circumstances may start conflicting and blaming all the deadly sins on each other. Success may also become a serious trial for Lions in love - they may feel jealous of their spouse's achievements and even become competitive trying to win the right to be the frontrunner. By the way, these two are capable of going such great lengths in this regard that if they were involved in a business of some sort or any other activity, they would achieve tremendous results in a matter of a few days.

As compatibility horoscope forewarns, only an exciting undertaking where two Leos are partners rather than competitors will be able to save these two. This undertaking can absorb all of their bottomless energy and in case of success give them everything they dream of - fame, money, luxury and veneration of their greatness. Male and female Leos' parts in such undertaking should be discussed beforehand so that each partner can find proper application to their talents and skills. They can even compete with each other, but this will only be beneficial for the undertaking and painless for their ego.

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