Birthday Horoscope for June 18th

If your Birthday is June 18 and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 18th of June are believed to be fairly self sufficient and responsible with the typical Gemini active restlessness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars making you likely to be realistic, humorous, charming and tenacious. If you have this birthday an adventurous streak gives you a vivacious zest for life and you will ordinarily find normality boring. Highly intuitive and articulate you are warm and fair towards others but also especially prone to moodiness. You possess a practical, sensible temperament and are usually ambitious and focused in your approach. Individuals with a June the eighteenth birthday are very perceptive and clever with a selfless and tolerant nature. Despite your strong concern for others you have a sharp tongue that can be a little too blunt on occasion. You are also lucky to have a high level of intellectual persuasiveness that should take you far.

Work and Finances
Career choice can be rather varied to a person born on the eighteenth of June due to your intelligent versatility. Your paradoxical mix of serious and fun can direct you to choose from a wide range of interesting and unusual jobs. You crave variety and commonly have a low tolerance of boredom so working in a fast paced challenging environment is a popular option. Financial security is inclined to be important to you and this concernment can sometimes encourage you to take a few risks with money. However your common sense usually stops you from taking too many risky gambles with your finances.

Personal Relationships
For a Gemini, the person born on the eighteenth day of June is typically a little mistrustful of their emotions in romantic scenes. Loveable, friendly and outgoing you tend to long for affection and emotional stability but will ordinarily be quite fearful of commitment and feeling tied down. With personal relationships friendship and mental stimulation are essentials that usually come way before physical attraction. Your touch of idealism and intense curiosity encourages you to be fairly good at using your imagination to fulfill both you and your partner's sexual fantasies. Your intelligent intuition, wittiness and receptive understanding help keep a soul mate happy. A free spirit you are playful and flirtatious but also one of the most faithful of all twins in your zodiac group. Although naturally positively expressive you may easily display jealousy in love partnerships.

General healthiness and looking fit and well is especially important to a person born on June the eighteenth. You are usually keen to invest plenty of time and money into taking care of your health and eating healthily. Your high level of endurance allows you to normally enjoy all forms of regular exercise ensuring you keep a trim shape. All these positives towards healthfulness mean that illness is rare and does not seem to debilitate you for long. People born on this day may find that their nervous system is a weak spot so you could possibly benefit from occasional meditation type boosting therapies.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are probably seen in your ample degrees of liveliness, intuition and practicality. These fine attributes and your unselfish approach make you a considerate, useful and nice individual to know. Additional fortes are apparent in your realism, humor and charm making excellent assets to accompany your earnest sense of responsibility. Recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on June 18th are displayed in your pronenesses to be occasionally manipulative, erratic and restless in your behavior. These negative traits and your bluntness can sometimes land you in trouble.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 18th of June means that you are destined to be full of endless ambition to pursue extensive personalized and professional goals. In addition you are not someone who fears failure so any of your many aspirations have a very good chance of being realized. In spite of obstacles, delays or discouragement you are unlikely to give up on the things you really want to achieve. This persistent determined attitude lets you follow your dreams and accomplish almost anything you set your mind to. Dreaming about being rich and successful are not uncommon and add to your incentives.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the eighteenth day of the month your birth date figures total a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker' relating to your direct instinctive perception and necessity for the truth. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 18th card featuring the Moon is associated with your birthday. This emphasizes your natural responsiveness, common sense, tolerance and empathy. The lucky gem selected for June the eighteenth birthdays is imagined to be a Bloodstone. Wearing this jewel is thought to improve courage and alertness as well as dispelling negativity.


The probable personalities of Gemini's are assumed to be astrologically influenced by the planetary powers of Mercury. The actual day you were born on, the eighteenth of June is ruled over by Mars's influence adding to your uniqueness from your zodiacal counterparts. Your spirited confidence in your abilities sees you accomplishing lots of worthwhile things for yourself and others. Your warmth, sensibility and clear expressiveness and articulation all assist you to be quickly understood throughout life. If you are able to learn to control your tendencies to be once in a while outspoken or overly persuasive it should help social interactions and preserve your niceness. A concluding pertinent thought for people born on June the 18th concerns discovering an equal balance that is right for you. Integrating all the various parts of your life and prioritizing them in order of importance could prove the best way to bring you the most happiness.

Arindam Roy 2017-06-22 12:25:29
quite true and now I understand myself better

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Julet 2017-02-08 08:08:25
Wow! This is true of me. Love all my birthday mate

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sana 2017-01-14 09:21:36
Nice babies born on18th of june

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Sad 2016-12-11 21:27:00
People born on june 18 are the best kinds of people. I could be kind of biased being one of them, but just disregard that fact and look towards the truth.

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Lily Foo 2016-11-26 18:07:31
This is all so true, every single remark. Amazing, nothing to fault. Now I truly understand myself at a deeper level. Thank you so much!

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Abraham SN Ekbal 2016-11-07 02:54:23
Hbd to all the Gemini. The flirtatious
People btw it's really cool, be blessed.

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:) 2016-09-26 21:57:38
smile  :)

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↑ +5 ↓
kheljit 2016-09-05 17:38:55
happy b'day tu us !hehe

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Tanaka 2016-08-06 02:28:44
every single words are true guys, but we need to see this as a notes to make us better, which you know this and you can make the bad one into the good one and also, the good one into the best one..

because we have a bigger imagination and sensitivity, don't waste away. please spend it to be a better person and make worlds better.

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Siva 2016-07-25 23:06:11
my birthday is 18th june,1994 but my sign is virgo

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Morenikeji 2016-06-18 00:30:36
wow hbd to all the June18th celebrant....HBD to me

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Galiwango perezi 2016-06-17 21:44:08
Am so happy to be born on 18 June

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↑ +4 ↓
Fredcole 2016-06-12 09:37:31

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Harsh 2016-06-09 06:24:20
So true of me. And nice to see so many of me commenting.

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Arindam 2016-05-24 07:13:10
Yes describes me to the letter ...I am a Gemini...18th June born

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