Birthday Horoscope for June 28th

If your Birthday is June 28 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 28th of June are envisaged to be spontaneous and creative with a tendency to follow their heart rather than their head. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is our Sun making you very sociable and likeable with a strong need to be different. If you have this birthday finding humor in any event or circumstance is one of your fortes and you are likely to have an abundance of interests. Unusual for a crab you are able to laugh at yourself and this keeps you highly motivated and gives you an enterprising capable mind. You will usually have a direct approach to everything and everyone and be especially good at planning and all forms of subtle persuasion. Individuals with a June the twenty eighth birthday are naturally intuitive and outgoing and possess an imaginative artistic streak. Putting emotion before reason is something you sometimes do and being unappreciated or ignored are two things that may upset you.

Work and Finances
Work choice is an important life decision to a person born on the twenty eighth of June despite your usual air of indifference concerning desired ambitions. You will usually keep your career plans to yourself but have a quiet confidence in your ability to climb to the top of your chosen profession. Many types of work are suitable but making a difference is a motivating aspect when working and so you will often choose an ideal job accordingly. Great money sense and the patience to save mean that you rarely seem to encounter financial issues and tend to have a natural instinct for advantageous investments.

Personal Relationships
For a Cancer, the person born on the twenty eighth day of June is typically a tad shy and apprehensive about love and romance. Although you value your personal freedom and independence you have an intense desire for long term emotional security. Emotionally you are prone to display contradictory reactive behaviors and while you are sensitive and lovingly responsive you can also be quite demanding of attention too. The perfect partner must be on the same wavelength intellectually with an equal level of understanding responsiveness to cope with your changeable moods. Being home and family orientated encourages you to overcome slight hesitancy concerning commitment and your fun loving spontaneity helps you keep a soul mate happy. In addition your predicted bold adventurous sensuality as a lover usually directs bedroom action to be playful and exciting.

The usual robust healthy constitution experienced by those born on June 28th is easily disturbed by numerous physical and mental triggers. If you are overworked, stressed or excited it can have a noticeable impact on your overall well being. In these and similar states of agitation or fatigue you sometimes have a proneness to eat too many comfort foods or fill up on caffeine or sugar laden drinks. This weak spot upsets your general balance and could make you more likely to succumb to minor illness. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables on a regular basis will keep your essential vitamin and minerals topped up.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are accentuated in your humorous and persuasive sociability making you an extremely interesting entertaining individual. Other favorable positive traits are seen in your enhanced creativity and organizational skills. These attributes come in really useful through life and are capabilities that help you accomplish fabulous things with added style. Personality weaknesses for those born on June 28th appear to show up more often following a lack of appreciation or if feeling unloved. You are then likely to retreat into your shell and act in an oblivious, imprecise or grating manner.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 28th of June ordinarily means that your biggest fear is of failure so you are inclined to keep planned goals under your hat. Revealing personalized hopes and wishes before you have attempted or achieved them is highly unlikely unless you require the assistance or knowledge of others. In spite of your longing to stand out from the crowd your priority aspirations will usually be fairly straightforward. The belief you possess in your talents and abilities drives you to be a big achiever who aims high in their pursuit of acquiring the comfortable lifestyle featured in your fondest dreams.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the twenty eighth day of the month your birth date generates you a Root number of One. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Drive' indicating the prominence of your abundant motivation and fondness of enterprise. In Tarot the 1st Major Arcana card in the deck with the symbol of the Magician is associated with your birthday. This is a sign of your diplomacy and shrewdness and also represents your love to entertain. The lucky gemstone for June the twenty eighth birthdays is a Ruby, to be worn for extra insight, finances, happiness and opportunities to shine.

The powerful cosmic forces of our Moon are thought to astrologically determine the probable characteristics of all Cancer personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty eighth of June is governed by the Sun's authority adding the significant differences from the typicalities of your zodiac group. Your directness and skill at laughing instead of crying in certain situations exposes your solid, reliable calm side. Your carefree imagination can assist you to make a difference by coming up with lots of original ideas. If you can conquer your worry of failing it should help you view and do things differently. A final contemplative thought for people born on June the 28th is that some things need to be taken seriously. Thinking before you joke about something is always advised.

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its so me on every scale

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daniel green 2014-10-07 00:24:08
its so me on every scale

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not me any

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so much me

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This is me; every word. Shoot I'm laughing right now!""

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mujtaba soomro 2014-07-20 21:10:06
I m cancerian, 28/6/1979(premature)

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Lauren 2014-07-11 17:56:36
Wow! This is completely me especially the artistic side

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This sounds like me every word of it. thanks

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