Birthday Horoscope for November 21st

If your Birthday is November 21 and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 21st of November are believed to be rather intelligent, witty and chatty in addition to being more outgoing than most Scorpio's. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter making you very optimistic and lighthearted with a philosophical approach to everything. If you have this birthday your Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp zodiac sign strongly guides you to seek knowledge and wisdom regarding the true meaning of life. A tad complex and secretive you are usually quite flexible with a modern outlook but you can be extremely stubborn about your views. Adventurous and brave you are ordinarily a lover of travel and anything unusual and possess great confidence in your abilities to chase success and happiness. Individuals with a November the twenty first birthday are inclined to be full of competitive stamina, immense practicality and plenty of original ideas. A strong sense of pride and a flair for creativity means you are rarely bored but have a tendency to push yourself to the limits.

Work and Finances
Favored job choice to a person born on the twenty first of November is usually based on the importance of enjoyment of your work. A desire to advance your education as well as your practical and creative faculties can help direct popular profession choices. Keeping busy and being productive are two of your main working preferences and you will as a rule consider financial incentives not as important as doing something enjoyable. You are especially good at stretching any amount of money a long way. As you are predicted to be capable of living fairly lavishly on even a shoestring budget it is rare for you to experience problems financially.

Personal Relationships
For a Scorpio, the person born on the twenty first day of November is typically loving, thoughtful, romantic and supportive to a loved one. You crave and need emotional security along with a requirement to feel very happy and connected in a long term relationship. Quick witted and autonomous you tend to be a bit flirtatious with a craving for variety making you sometimes slow to settle down, but when you do you will stick to promises and commitment. Innovative, passionate, imaginative and spontaneous between the sheets a soul mate partner is promised an exciting time. Your intense curiosity and heightened sexuality combined can make you a somewhat demanding lover. Your deep and persuasive manner makes you effective at getting your own way and often taking the lead in a love partnership. If you are feeling unconnected emotionally to a partner you are likely to be overly critical or jealously possessive.

A belief in balance and moderation in all things often assists the usual fine health experienced by those born on November 21st. Your typical healthiness is usually a consequence of your care and skill at maintaining a balanced vitality within your mind, body and spirit. You are inclined to be fond of food but not always so keen on the preparing or cooking of it. Common sense and a fondness of wholesome foodstuffs usually stops you overindulging on unhealthy fatty or sugary snacks. People born on this day will often enjoy sports and anything linked to physical activity therefore they will rarely need extra encouragement to exercise regularly.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are expressed in your great imagination and intelligence as these positive qualities enhance your tasteful communicative spirit. Your sense of adventure, originality and yearning to learn are further fortes for making the most of life. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 21st are usually triggered by being fatigued, suffering from a bruised ego or having your opinions challenged. These type of circumstances have the inclination to prompt labile moods and displays of noticeably closed, pessimistic and obstinate behavior.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 21st of November is thought to grant you immense satisfaction from bringing joy and optimism to others. The majority of your goals are likely to be focused on helping in some way to make people's life's better. You are more than willing to make a sacrifice and put in lots of effort if it means achieving something you know will be highly beneficial to a worthwhile cause. Dreams have the likelihood to be audacious or sexual plus prone to featuring some of your futuristic wishes.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the twenty first day of the month the two and one in your birth date total to a Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' emphasizing your faculty for originative ideas and interest and passion for anything different or unique. In Tarot the 21st Major Arcana card representing the World is associated with your birthday. This highlights your ample level of responsibility along with your attraction to travelling. The lucky gemstone for November the twenty first birthdays is an Amethyst to be worn for the potentiality of a clearer head, equilibrium and contentment.

Astrologically speaking the personalities of all Scorpio's are imagined to be influenced enormously by the planet Pluto's power. The actual day you were born on, the twenty first of November, is governed by Jupiter's influence adding more probabilities to your anticipated individualism. Your practicable ethos, usual positivity and sharp communication skills make you great at getting things done. Your confident originality and proclivity for flexibility in most situations help you express yourself wonderfully and get along with almost everybody. If you can conquer your touches of stubbornness and pridefulness your occasional bouts of moodiness should be less noticeable. A finishing thought for people born on November 21st is to try and be around those that relax you and beware of the vices of self pity or greed.

Emmanuel 2016-04-22 17:28:02
I am a November 21th born and a lot of things told here, exactly fits me..

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Pele 2016-02-13 19:58:10
pretty accurate, maybe a bit more complimentary than is actually true, though...   !;)

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Barry 2016-02-04 15:03:15
Pretty accurate...fits my persona spot on  :)

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annoymouse 2016-01-11 20:44:24
My birthday is on Bday yay

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vanessa 2016-01-05 11:07:21
That's story its really happen this day..
but one story of my love its not yet happen..
I still waiting love here until now..
i can meet here again baby.

(I'll be right here waiting for u)
(Becouse u love me)
 :(  :bad:  :(

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Cbw 2015-11-24 20:37:54
I'm a November 21st bday. This is spot on.

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Joezbride 2016-01-23 04:34:42
Nov 21 also. Yep that's me too

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alefiyah 2015-08-04 12:36:50
Write some thing more for 21 november born scopion..

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Praveen Hegde 2015-06-10 20:35:59
That's me

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bree 2015-05-01 04:47:30
Pretty amazed being that I'm a critic

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annonymus 2015-04-24 13:19:41
exactly fits me...awesome,,,,never read a horoscope which is so much true... 99% true fo me

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ty 2015-03-28 16:02:02
The vice of self pity..

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mano kay 2015-03-09 14:18:05
asa fellow 21st nov, i can agree to what's written

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alifa patel 2015-03-08 10:24:24
A lot of things told here matches my persoality.

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darren summerbee 2014-12-24 23:15:27
Sounds awsome but it feels like there is more than that so if u people know somthing more plz let me know

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