Birthday Horoscope for September 23rd

If your Birthday is September 23 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 23rd of September are perceived to be charming, communicative and witty with plenty of the typical Libran tactful thoughtfulness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury bestowing you with good fortune and the ability to bounce back easily from difficulty. If you have this birthday your amiable, cheery and open temperament is usually energetic and highly curious and you are likely to be a lifelong learner. You are intelligent and insightful with a creative imagination and your interests often include cultural and artistic themes. Despite being talented at coping with the unexpected you are also inclined to be a bit of an emotional attention seeker. Individuals with a September the twenty third birthday are naturally affectionate and caring with a need to be accepted and respected. In addition you will ordinarily possess a strong dislike of disharmony and although seemingly indecisive you simply like to ensure you weigh up all your decision options first.

Work and Finances
Favorite occupation choices to a person born on the twenty third of September are those that are able to best utilize both your abundances of energy and curiosity. Working in the communications industry or dealing with the public are often second favored choices for an ideally satisfying job. Whatever profession you enter in to, an atmosphere of harmony among workmates is a common essential requirement. When it comes to finances you tend to adopt a careful attitude and have a preference to save rather than spend. You also have the inclination to choose saving up as an option for a big purchase instead of considering credit.

Personal Relationships
For a Libra, the person born on the twenty third day of September is typically someone who cannot be completely happy without a soul mate to share life with. In spite of this you will often have to balance your freedom loving independence with your tendency to think in terms of always sharing everything in a long term relationship. In a perfect love union you wish for an intimate closeness, friendship and a special intellectual rapport. Your refined tastes are usually reflected in your quietly bubbling sexuality and craving for a stylish home. You seem to find regular kisses and cuddles from your partner give you the emotion based reassurance you seek. Genuinely romantic you are an innovative lover who tries to make your loved one cherished and satisfied between the sheets. Your peaceable disposition makes it unusual for you to initiate arguments in a steady relationship.

The general robust well being experienced by those born on September 23rd is usually maintained by your usual common sense approach to looking after yourself. You are quite instinctive regarding healthiness and will soon spot possible signs of illness. Additional exercise can stimulate your appetite considerably as well as giving you an overall healthy glow. People born on this day could find that excesses of nicotine, alcohol or caffeine are especially bad for your health so should be avoided. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water should be another important beneficial part of your sensible personal healthcare routine.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are disclosed in your thoughtful charm and tact and your high level of creativity. These qualities and your very inquisitive nature help you to be continually learning while your affection and care of others earns you the respect you crave. All these positive traits are usually highlighted in everything you do. The personality weaknesses for those born on September 23rd are as a rule mainly sparked by you being troubled, annoyed or bothered by situations of discord. In these instances your tendencies for depressive, addictive and attention seeking behaviors can increase and intensify.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 23rd of September means that your love of knowledge and natural good luck usually ensures you are likely to achieve much in life. You tend to focus on achievement strongly and your orderly mind and meticulousness are wonderful attributes for keeping organized in the pursuit of goals. An unselfish accomplishment in a duo or team effort is frequently more meaningful and satisfying. Dreams are inclined to be connected to your independent free spirited side and your interest in the traditions of different countries. Other hopes may consist of envisioning being happy emotionally as this gives you the greatest contentment.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the twenty third day of the month your birth date figures add up to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' emphasizing the intensified curiousness of your disposition and your keen thirst for education. In the mystical Major Arcana Tarot deck the 5th card featuring the Hierophant is associated with your birthday. This identifies your need for recognition and regard along with your proclivity to really think over a decision before making it. The lucky gemstone for September the twenty third birthdays is a Diamond to be worn for absorbing negativity.

The planet Venus is thought to the primary influence astrologically on the probabilities of all Libra zodiac sign personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty third of September is governed by the celestial body Mercury's authority. Therefore these 2 planets account for the likelihood of your probable characteristics. Your wittiness, resilience, openness, amiability and insight work wonderfully well together to get you in and to the places you want to be. Your plentiful energy and inquisitiveness are valuable supplementary fortes providing further assistance. If you can become a little more accepting of chaos and clutter it should help minimize the appearance of your weaker idiosyncrasies. A concluding thought for people born on September the 23rd approves of and suggests the nurturing of your philosophy of being prepared.

Miss J. 2015-08-03 22:47:50
Omg!!!!!!! This is 100% me it's scary!!!!!!!

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Hi 2015-07-19 06:46:52
Wow this is me alright. I have struggles with finding true love. I think this is supposed to be added and also trusting people.  ?)

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cathycaCathycakes23 2015-07-03 05:06:57
Wow that hit it right for me it is scary.

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Sweeney 923 2015-06-21 03:47:24
I found so much insight from this and how a lot of the qualities and aspects of myself that i never thought about.thank you so much for this now i know more about ME.(I BELIEVE THAT GOD WANTS US TO MORE ABOUT OURSELVES,THERE ARE THOSE THAT THINK THIS IS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL) Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

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Lupe 2015-05-05 05:01:53
I grew up being a libra from different apps and people saying I was a libra and honestly I go with that because I have more things in common with libras than virgos. But I guess we're kinda both so that makes us unique. But if people ask me I'm a libra 100%

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DES 2015-04-23 11:17:28

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Dr Margaret Hughes 2015-01-16 12:25:14
THIS is one of the world's greatest descriptions of this birth day. Well done.

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britton 2014-12-18 20:03:24
this is bullsh*t, i'm born on this day and there are only a few qualities listed that i share, and this is based on superstition not logic.

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candy 2014-11-02 15:29:20
Wow I'm surprised  :D

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thankappan 2014-10-30 06:06:39
no.........oh my god.......

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Cool girl 2014-09-16 12:17:56
My b day is September 23.i love it because it is not hot or not cold  :D

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reader 2015-04-05 02:00:56
Are you indi..??

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gemini 2014-09-10 20:29:55
Im with a guy born on the 23rd of September. I was born on the 25th of May. Are we compatible? He hates my sudden bursts of anger but I'm mostly 'testing' him. He is so happy all the time, and acts like nothing bothers him. He loves giving 'politically correct' answers and this upsets me coz it feels like he can't be honest with me. urgh.

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harbal 2014-08-16 16:10:44
i like the article.  :like:

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harbal preet 2014-09-11 15:30:16
really your name is harbal?  :ups:

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anonymous 2014-08-03 20:28:45
yes, Iam surprised to find things about myself refletced here!

How to gain greater control over certain conditions and situations?

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