Michel Serrault

Michel Serrault was born in Earth Dragon - Mou Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Michel Serrault was born on January 24, 1928 in Essonne France. He died on July 29, 2007 in France of cancer. Michel was a well-loved French actor who made French films over the course of five decades. His one international role was that of a drag performer in La Cage aux Folle in 1978. Serrault was originally readying himself to join the priesthood when he realized he could not be celibate. He began performing in Paris on the cabaret stage and shifted to making film in the mid-1950s. His film debut was in Diabolique in 1955 starring Simone Signoret. He appeared in many character films and was a gifted and witty performer. Serrault rarely ventured outside French film and is not a known name in America He won the Best Actor Cesar award three times and continued to film into the 1980s with L?€™entrouloupe and Docteur Petiot in 1990. He played opposite Jeanne Moreau in The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea in 1991 and in The Girl from Paris in 2001. He married Juanita Peyron in 1958 and they remained married until his death on July 29, 2007. They had two children.
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