Louis Jouvet

Louis Jouvet was born in Fire Pig - Ting Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on December 24, 1887 in France, Louis Jouvet was born as Jules Eugene Louis Jouvet. He was the king of French theatre when he debut there in 1910. He acted in films and in 1932 he played in Hotel du Nord and L La fin du jour. He was unforgettable due to his unique way of speaking. Jouvet taught at the Conservatoire de Paris as a teacher of theatrical history and acting technique. He loved the theater and took film roles to finance his theater company. Jouvet was the first actor and producer for the plays of Giraudoux. He used wonderful stage decorations and lighting effects in his works. Jouvet overcame paralyzing stage fright and stammering to become a very successful actor, director and producer. He was married to Else Collin from 1912. They had two children. Jouvet died on August 16, 1951 in Paris of a heart attack.
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