David Letterman

David Letterman was born in Fire Pig - Ting Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 12, 1947, David Michael Letterman is a famous TV talk show host who injects humor and independence in his show. He had an unremarkable childhood, but was always the class clown and always did what he wanted. He graduated from Ball State University in late 1960s, got married and worked as a weatherman and TV announcer. He was a radio talk show host from 1974 to 1975. During the 1970s Letterman worked as a stand-up comic at the Comedy Store and wrote for television shows. He wrote for The Peeping Times and Good Times in 1974. He performed on The Gong Show in 1976, and the Liar?€™s Club in 1976. In the 1970s Letterman became a permanent substitute for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. He was funny and irreverent and was handed Late Night with David Letterman in 1982. His show was unconventional. He was political, staged elevator races at Radio City Music Hall, made random calls, and talked about weird subjects. He made his guests feel uncomfortable with his abrasive style and everyone loved it. In 1992 Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show and most believed Letterman should be his successor. The battle between Letterman and Jay Leno was vicious but in the end Leno received the post and Letterman continued his show. Letterman trumped his competition until 1995 when Leno had Hugh Grant on his show. Grant discussed his arrest for being caught with a prostitute and cried on screen. The ratings for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno skyrocketed and Leno has consistently defeated Letterman in the ratings. Letterman has suffered through heart surgery, Drew Barrymore?€™s table dance, ditzy Farrah Fawcett interview and his appearance in Cabin Boy in 1994. He had a stint as host of The 67th Annual Academy Awards in 1995 and appeared in Man on the Moon in 1999. He is also a producer and has been executive producer of his own show, Everybody Loves Raymond in 1996, The Building in 1993, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn in 1995 and Ed in 2000. He was married to Michelle Cook form 1968 until 1978 when they divorced. He is currently married to Regina Lasko and they have one child.
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