Alfred de Musset

Alfred de Musset was born in Metal Horse - Keng Wu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born in Paris on December 11, 1810, Alfred de Musset spend his life as a poet, novelist and dramatist. He wrote his autobiography la Confesson d?€™un enfant du si?cle, English translation: The Confession of a Child of the Century in 1836. From an early age, Musset?€™s talents were apparent. He loved to act in spontaneous childhood plays based on books he had read. His brother, Paul, kept these plays in a biography for Musset. At the age of nine, Musset won the Latin essay prize in the Concours general. He took part in the Cenacle, the literary club of Charles Nodier at the age of 17. He attempted careers in medicine, law and drawing, and piano. He quickly became known as a Romantic writer. His poems Contes d?€™Espagne et d?€™Italie (Tales of Span and Italy, written in 1829 brought Musset fame as a literary genius. 1840 Musset was the librarian of the French Ministry of the Interior. He was involved in polemics or arguments with superiors concerning the Rhine crisis of 1940. Basically France was trying to take over the left bank of the Rhine from the German citizens established there and Musset was protesting this action. Musset had a steamy love affair with George Sand from 1833-1835 and he wrote about it in La Confessons d?€™un Efant du Siecle. This book was made into a 1999 film, Children of the Century and another film in 2012. His writing Nuits from 1835-1837 embellished his emotions and love for George Sand. In 1833 he wrote Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess, an erotic lesbian novel loosely based on George Sand. In 1845, Musset was awarded the Legion d?€™honneur and was appointed to the Academie francaise in 1852. He had been denied entry into this body of intellects twice before. He passed away while sleeping, on May 2, 1857. The cause was heart failure due to alcoholism and aortic insufficiency.
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