Boy George

Boy George was born in Metal Ox - Hsin Chou Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

George Alan O?Dowd aka Boy George was born on June 14, 1961. He is an English singer-songwriter and his music was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His uses the glam influences of David Bowie and Iggy Pop in his current music. From 1981 to 1986 George sang the leads for Culture Club, a pop band. When Culture Club disbanded, George went his solo way and the bad came back together in 1998. During his solo years George was addicted to heroin and underwent treatment by electro-acupuncture in 1987. The addiction and the treatment almost killed him. Taboo, George?s musical was designated for a 2003 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award. George?s writing and renditions were chosen as the Hilton Awards for Best New Musical. He was also nominated for a Tony Award for the best score for Taboo. George?s drug problems in the 1980s carried through to 2005 when he was arrested on for possessing cocaine. He neglected his court appearance for the drugs charge and a warrant was handed out for his arrest. In August 2006 Boy George was sentenced to community service trash duty on the streets of New York. In 2007 he went to trial for charges of chaining a mail escort to a wall. He served 15 months in prison for this offence. Boy George was in a relationship with drummer Jon Moss of his band Culture Club which caused fan and band controversy. As a result of this relationship, George still suffers from depression. Boy George has been listed as one of the most influential gay men. Watch for Culture Club?s new single out this year, ??Your Kisses are Charity?? and a new album Don?t Mind if I Do.
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