Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born in Metal Ox - Hsin Chou Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Renoir was born in Limoges, France on February 25, 1841. He began his career in a porcelain factory where he painted designs on fine china. He also painted hangings for missionaries and decorations on fans. In 1862 Renoir studied art in Paris where he became friends with Alfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille and Claude Monet. He began exhibiting paintings at the Paris Salon in 1864, but was not recognized for his talents until 1874. Renoir often sat on the banks of the Seine River painting and there were those who believed he was a spy, tried to throw him in the river and were generally critical and irritating. Renoir made his living with portraiture in the 1970s and one famous painting is Madame Charpentier and her Children. This portrait is on display at the Metropolitan Museum. At this time his technique included shimmery color and flickering light in scenes from the outdoors. His paintings The Swing and the Moulin de la Galette (1876) hangs in the Louvre. An exhibit Paris in 1883 established Renoir as a recognizable painter and established his finances. Renoir is noted for painting using vibrant light and saturated color. He focuses on people in intimate and candid settings. Female nudes were one of his most loved subjects. Renoir painted with freely touches of color and his figures fuse with one another and their surroundings. In La Grenouillere (1969) Renoir and Monet worked side-by-side and painted the same scenes. Renoir?Äôs later paintings used thinly brushed color that dissolved outlines. He concentrated on fleshy nudes and domestic scenes. His most notable work of this era is Girls at the Piano (1892). Renoir died on December 3, 1919 at the age of 78. He wife, Aline Victorine Charigot, was one of his models and was with him when he died.
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